Now Open for Business: Funky Fannys
Fabulous...Fearless...& Funky Online

The Fab Chick Funky Fannys
Ever since discovering Funky Fannys after having the pleasure of meeting a couple of the fab chicks behind it all a few months ago, I've been anticipating the official launch of their e-commerce online shop.

The wait is over. The vintage mecca has hit the cyber airwaves! Yup, here's another reason to keep us all shopping online, but we don't mind right?  I don't.
The Fab Chick Funky Fannys
Having the chance to cruise the site this morning, I've already got my eye on a few things. 
The Fab Chick Funky Fannys
I'm loving the off the shoulder Mickey Mouse sweat shirt. It brings back so many childhood memories. And those that know me from childhood know exactly why.  

Perhaps I'll have to make a few purchases soon.

Head over to to check out all things funky, fabulous, fearless and vintage. And while you are adding your favorite items to the shopping cart, keep this in mind.  For the holidays, Funky Fanny is offering you vintage lovers a holiday discount.  Get 10% off with discount code FFLUVSYA until Dec. 31, 2010 at 11:59 EST.

Go on, go check it out now.


Funky Fanny's 9.12.10  

To THE Fabbest Chick! :)

Huge hugalicious BK hugs from Team Funky Fanny's for the love today!! We're so very proud of our labor of love and appreciate you for the feature!

Great sharing tons of laughs with you at Ope's Fashion Week Fab Chicks have to stick together after all!! :-p


- Feisty Fanny