NH Media's Sizzling Summer Social

Summer is just starting to heat up with many hot events happening around NYC. The air is filled with social events buzzing around attracting those who are not only looking to expand their networks, but also publicize their businesses.

Last night was definitely a great night for just that. The temperature was high and so was the energy in the city.

There was no time for sweating and complaining. I had to complete my event filled evening with NH Media’s Summer Social, who officially just launched their PR and marketing services.

The collaborative effort of NH Media, Orangejuiceandbiscuits.com and Youareonthelist.com produced a high-energy charged event of an eclectic group of movers and shakers. You could not help but to rub elbows with models, PR mavens, fashion industry insiders, stockbrokers, TV personalities hipsters and bloggers of course.
Even though I arrived about an hour into the event, it showed no sign of ending soon.


Kitty Bradshaw's 2 Year Blog Anniversary Event

Whenever an opportunity to meet new and exciting people presents itself, I jump at the chance with enthusiasm. I LOVE meeting new people.

You don’t? Maybe you are meeting the wrong people? Perhaps attending the wrong functions?

Last night, Kitty Bradshaw’s 2 year Blogiversary delivered a fab opportunity to meet new people. It was a great evening of socializing and commemoration.

In celebrating her 2 years in the blogsphere, Kitty Bradshaw hosted a networking event for 200 New York bloggers and social media influencers.

Ha! And I was one of them! She’s too kind to have included me.

But I thought, what a great way to celebrate a blog milestone than to include other bloggers? I think that was genius of her.

Right? I’d say.


A Fab Chick's First Blind Date
The Great Tweet-Up

It all started with a little tweet that went something like this:
@stylesaveur @fitforfash @_Obsessionista_ @addikt2fashion @TheFabChick @thebeautynista we should all meet up one of these days.
The @replies poured in: “yes we should” “most definitely” and then there was my response, “I’m down.” And this is how The Great Tweet-Up was born.

Yes, I named it that.

I’m not quite sure who sent the initial tweet, but somewhere along the lines I became head master of this thing. I was nominated and given the task to organize and find a place, set a date, and time we could all agree to meet up.

Just call me the Fab Organizer.

My mission became clear. I had to find a trendy spot where we would be able to enjoy a meal, have cocktails, and get acquainted. After suggesting 5 different restaurants, we all agreed on Nooch, a Thai and Japanese Fusion Restaurant on 8th Avenue in Chelsea at 6:30pm on Friday.
Yay! Perfect. Everything was set.


Having a Bad Hair Day?

Have you ever had a bad hair day in the summer?

If you haven’t had one yet this summer, you are bound to experience the “I hate my hair today, what am I going to do” moment.

I sure have!

And I’m sure we all agree: Wearing a headscarf, you know the one you wear to SLEEP, the one you keep bedside. Well it’s absolutely out of the question for any Fab Chick. If you catch yourself outside wearing one, hoping to try and hide a nightmarish hair situation, it just confirms to me one thing: I need to hurry up and write my Fab Chick Handbook.

Ok I’m not really writing one, but hmmm, let me ponder on that one for a minute.

Anyhow, back to the task at hand.

Don’t let the summer days catch you in the midst of a bad hair day. I suggest diverting from the crisis with one of this summers’ great toppers.

The fedora has proven to be a chic way to accessorize some of your summer looks as well as cover up extremely bad hair situations.

I say, pull your bangs forward, cock your hat back or to the side and throw on that fab strut and step confidently even if you hair isn’t at it’s best.

Hey, it works for me!


Striking Out w/ The James Beard Foundation

Last night I attended an event to bring awareness to The James Beard Foundation that celebrates, nurtures, and preserves America’s diverse culinary heritage and future.

The event, which took place at Brooklyn Bowl in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, was a night full of food and fun. Let me just tell you, the Greek Salad, to die for!

If you didn’t know, this Fab Chick enjoys good food and a great glass of wine, so there was no way I was passing up the invite.
Although I suck at bowling, I made the best of the night with the awesome buffet and great wine selection accompanied by two fab young ladies.

These young women informed me that they were two-fifths of an all female marketing consulting firm UP X ONE, which I thought was awesome and wanted to share with everyone.

L to R (2/5 of UPXONE Maria, Lena, and Me)
It’s great to see young professional Fab Chicks getting their entrepreneurship on and being great businesswomen.

Check out a little more about what they have to offer:


The Journey to Great Individual Style
with Carla Mathis

When it comes to having great personal style, it’s more to it than being able to afford the latest designer “must haves”, or acquiring what’s hot on the runways during fashion week. It’s about knowing oneself inside and out and finding what best works for you.
“There are no absolutes in art and there is no one way to get to art.” – Carla Mathis
Everyone’s recipe for great personal style involves different ingredients and measurements.
A few months ago, I had the pleasure of traveling to Boston, MA to attend a Psychology of Style Masterclass with one of the world’s top image consultants and stylists, Carla Mathis.
If you are unfamiliar with her, I suggest you open up another tab right now and Google her. She’s a fascinating woman, with a lot of knowledge to share.

She also wrote a great book, "The Triumph of Individual Style" that I highly recommend. It's a easy and great read for those looking to achieve great personal style and/or work in the industry of fashion and styling.
When I got word of the opportunity to attend this amazing class from my Twitter mentor Robin of Polished Image, I immediately put in for days off at the showroom to plan this quick informational getaway. I thought if this trip involves learning more about my craft, than it was definitely one I needed to make happen.

Sidebar: I don't think Robin knows I've given her that title in my life. Nonetheless, it's very befitting with all the great advice she's given me!

It was time to reserve a hotel room, rental car, pack a small bag, make sure the iPod was loaded with all my favorite tunes and make the 4-hour drive.


Get In the Mix
With Tribal Prints!

Make a bold global statement with this season’s hottest tribal inspired print dresses.

It's a great way to add some fun into your wardrobe. Don't be afraid to show your true colors and let them shine through in a tribal print.

Check out these fab chick approved tribal inspired dresses that I have my eye on! Fab right!?

JbyLisa $136.03,Boxing Kitten $269,naKIMuli $125

Here's one of my favorite tribal print inspired dresses.


SpaWeek's VIP Internet Week Retreat
The Big #Signoff

The Internet has become an integral part of my everyday life.

Let’s face it, how many of us can get through a day without checking emails, corresponding with social media counterparts, blogging, updating websites, and for me, as you all know by now, online shopping?

It’s definitely a struggle many of us face.

Constantly wanting to stay looped in on the who, what, when, where, and whys of what’s happening has completely taken over our lives. Updating our status every second of the day to continually brand ourselves has become as normal and frequent as breathing.

This can not be not a good thing.

It also doesn’t help that the mobile market bombards us with new smart phones and applications everyday. They definitely make it easy for us to stay signed in.

But last week, SpaWeek encouraged us all to simply #signoff.

I was invited to their VIP Internet week retreat event at the Manhattan House in NYC. With the stressful week I was having, the invite couldn’t have hit my inbox at a better time. I excitedly RSVPed with hopes to indulge in a day of relaxation and disengagement.

Sidebar: I got to meet fellow blogger Candice from La:Dolce:Vita


Blufly's Closet Confessions Guess Challenge
Guess the Celeb

I’m not good at guessing games. I never have been but if you are, you should definitely check out Bluefly’s Closet Confessions Guess the Celeb Contest.

Hell, even if you are bad at guessing games like I am you should still participate. It’s an easy and fun chance to win a $200 Blufly hook-up.

Who wouldn’t want to win that!? I sure would!

Here’s what you have to do:

Head over to the Bluefly’s Closet Confessions’ site and simply take a stab at who will be the next celebrity to reveal their innermost closet confession.

All you have to do is give your best guess by leaving a comment on Bluefly’s blog Flypaper, tweet using #bfclosets, or on their Facebook wall.

Simple right?

Not to worry, you don’t have to take wild guesses. Daily hints will be given on Bluefly's Facebook, Twitter, as well as on the Closet Confession site. Just be sure to make your guesses before the video closet confession premieres on June 16th.

I’m definitely going to take a blind stab and make a guess. Maybe I’ll get lucky this time around and win that $200 hook-up.

Good luck chicas!


My Spring/Summer 2010 Color Obsession

I’ve never been one to claim a favorite color. I pretty much love them all. But as the seasons change, so does my love affair with certain hues. I guess you can say I have color commitment issues.

This spring/summer, yellow has won over my heart and become the object of my affection. The brighter and more fluorescent the shade, the more my heart skips a beat. You name it and I’ve bought it in acid yellow.

I wonder how long I will be infatuated with this shade of yellow. I’m sure by season’s end, I will be over it and on to the next one.

Read all about my trend alert about this very color here.

By the way, is there a color you are obsessed with this spring/summer season?

PS: My obsession with this color is the exact reason why I was drawn to the Sweet & Punchy eye shadow from MAC's To The Beach Collection I told you all I purchased here.


Go Green Go by Phillip Lim
Barneys Exclusive

Phillip Lim's new Go Green Go Collection exclusively for Barney's New York has definitely caught my attention.

The moment I saw the above ad, I fell in love with the two featured pieces! The twisted mini; love it! The sienna lambskin motorcycle jacket; to die for!

If it's one way to be eco-friendly and go green, I say effortlessly chic is the best route. Phillip Lim definitely knows how to capture just that.
Wouldn't you agree?

Head over to Barneys New York to check out the full collection.


"Exclusive" Shopping Continues
Coming Soon: Beautystory.com

In the world of shopping, E-Commerce sites have definitely taken over.

I'm noticing online members-only sites popping up all over cyberspace.

With so many, it's hard to keep up with all the daily sales alert. Well, maybe I should say, it's hard for my wallet to keep up.

My favorite; the ever-so-stressful Gilt.com where you are given a fraction of time to browse, make a decision, lock in your size, get your credit card out, and hit the confirm order button.

And it's so hard at times to keep up with all the daily sales
alerts. Well, maybe I should say, it's hard for my
wallet to keep up.

But I welcome them all. Who doesn't welcome a sale?

Well, here's a new one. Editorscloset.com has launched a new division for private beauty sales. BeautyStory.com. Yes, all my beauty and cosmetic peeps, there's a premiere online destination for you that offers members-only sales in cosmetics, skin care and spa services.

I for one can't wait to see the caliber of beauty products that will be offered. The site officially launches on June 7th so be sure to add it in your shopping calender. Use your current Editor's Closet login info and your access will be granted.


Get the men in your life Fab Chick Approved
Pre-Father's Day Gift

Father’s Day is right around the corner, which means it’s time to get all the dads in our lives a little something to show our appreciation.

I’m currently racking my brain to come up with a few great gift ideas for my dad. He’s definitely a tough one. But if the man in your life is a simple guy only requiring a small amount of pampering and maintenance, this might be something for him.

Starting June 4 to the 10th, Lab Series Skincare for men will be hosting an event filled with complimentary grooming services at Bloomingdale’s on 59th street, NYC.

Sounds good right? Well listen to what’s being offered.

- Chair massages
- Facials
- Manicures – Nail Buffing
- Shoe shines

Definitely sounds good to me! Hell, I wonder if I can go and partake in all this pampering? I mean I have shoes I want to get shined too.

Ok. I’ll let the men have this one.

As Fab Chicks we want our guys to have great skin just like we set out to accomplish. This is a great way to possibly introduce your dad or beau into taking better care of himself and his skin.

If they already have that covered, then it’s a great drop-off spot for you to leave them, keeping them occupied as you head to the shoe section.

If they love their experience, here are some cool Lab Series gift set ideas.


Step in the Jungle Fabulously
Trend Alert: Safari Inspired

What better way to prepare for the concrete jungle of fashion this season than by slipping into a fab safari inspired look?

I say, channel the late Steve Irwin with this season’s hottest safari trends by putting your khakis, greens and other neutrals together to create an urban outback look.

This is how I took the trend and made it my own.


Sales, Sales, Sales
Ralph Lauren Stock Sale Event

On of my favorite people at the Ralph Lauren corporate offices has informed me of their Womenswear Ready to Wear Stock Sale event that take place at Soiffer Haskin. The sale will feature a combination of Collection and Black Label products.

It's sure to be some fab items in this sale from thier Cruise, Spring and Summer Collections.

When: TUESDAY, JUNE 8th through FRIDAY, JUNE 11th
Time: Tuesday - Thursday: 9:00am to 6:30pm, Friday: 9:00am to 5:00pm
Where: Soiffer Haskin, 317 West 33rd Street, NYC

So who's shopping?


BCBG F&F 30% off + MAC "To the Beach"
= Memorial Day Weekend Emotional Shopping

Friday was a tough day for me emotionally. Hell, the entire week was rough.

What’s the one thing I tend to do when I’m not in good spirits? You guessed it: I shop! I mean what else is there to do, eat? I guess I could’ve gone home, baked a cake and sat in front of my TV and ate the whole thing.

Yeah right, so not good for my figure.

Remember, I’m an emotional shopper. If you missed it, read about it here. The natural thing for me to do was to “throw it in the bag” a la Fabulous & The-Dream, on a much smaller scale, of course.

After leaving work for the Memorial Day weekend with a host of feelings and emotional baggage I’ve been carrying around, I decided; why not buy myself something nice?

After making stops in Bloomingdales and Zara and not being moved to buy anything, I ended up at BCBG MaxAzria.