The Romper Makes Its Debut
I Wore It!!!

Remember the famous romper I’ve been trying to wear all summer? Remember how I expressed the challenge of keeping this garment on and actually leaving the house while wearing it? Did you forget that quickly? Well, let’s revisit here.

I have good news to share with you all. I’ve finally put that romper on and left my apartment without turning back to change. Yes, my Nanette Lepore romper has made its debut.

Yay! My summer challenge has successfully been completed.

To celebrate a dear friend’s 32nd birthday at a backyard bash, I decided to pull out my romper. I said to myself, “Misha this is your last chance to wear this thing.” It really wasn’t, but I had to psych myself up.

I succeeded and this was the end result.


Get Gorgeous with Color by Cynde Watson

When you’re a fab chick on the go like myself, you are always looking for new ways to multi-task and add more time to your busy schedule. I wake up at 6am and I’m not back home until around 11pm with little down time in the middle of the day. To keep my look fresh, I carry a few must have make-up compacts and products in my bag. Hey, a chick’s got to keep it fab you know.

But I’m that bag lady that needs to pack light. I’m constantly looking for ways to lighten my load. I figure ridding myself of my cosmetic bag would indeed help, but we know that’s not happening. But adding a few Color by Cynde Watson products just may offer some relief. Check out why.


Fall 2010 Statement Jewelry Trends
On Polished Image & Style

Have you been checking out my Fall 2010 Trend reports on Polished Image & Style? Well you're in luck, you can catch up here and here if you haven't.

Well, now I'm reporting about Fall 2010's statement jewelry trend.

What better way to punctuate a simple look than with statement jewelry?

When you need that perfect exclamation to a basic look, a statement necklace, cocktail ring, or bold earrings will get the job done. Perfect for this season’s tailored and clean silhouettes that we’ve seen on the runway for this fall season.

Read the rest on Polished Image and Style here.


Wear What Fits
Get rid of what doesn't!

Just last week I shared with you all my experience of getting measured for Levi’s new Curve ID Jeans. Did you miss it?

Well you’re in luck, you can revisit here for the scoop. But if you didn’t, you may remember how I fell in love with the Bold pair I walked away with. I also encouraged you all to go and get measured for your Curve ID.

Did any of you do that? If you didn’t, you’re in luck.

Check this out.

This Friday, September 27th, Levi’s® is giving away 1000 pairs of Curve ID jeans to women who attend the “Wear What Fits” event at Bryant Park in NYC. This sounds pretty cool if you ask me, considering I love the fit of my new Levi’s® jeans.

You’re probably wondering what the catch is, right?


DLUX Online Launch Event Now Open!

DLUX is a New Jersey boutique that prides itself on re-defining luxury. We all could use a little luxury in our lives.

Yesterday fab chick, Dorian Grace celebrated the launch of the store’s new online shop at the chic eatery, Delicatessen on Prince Street in NYC.

Supporters of all walks of the fashion and retail world came out for the boutique’s online shop celebration. As a New Jersey native and avid online shopper, I definitely wanted to go and offer my support as well.


Levi’s® Curve ID Jeans Event
Can you guess my Curve ID?

Yesterday Levi’s invited online editors and bloggers to their SoHo store to introduce us all to their first women’s global launch of Levi’s ® CURVE ID. CURVE ID is a new denim sizing system created to give you the perfect fit. It’s all about shape not size.

A perfect fit is what we all should strive for when shopping for any article of clothing.

Perfect fit as in, your clothing should not be too tight where you are showing bumps and grooves through the garment’s fabric, nor too loose where you’re exposing an immense amount of skin through gapes and gaps.

We all know when it comes to shopping for denim jeans, these are some of the fit issues many fab chicks face around the globe. I can’t tell you how many pairs of jeans I own that fit me from the hips down, but the waist, not so much.

Sure, we’re often encouraged to get ill-fitting garments tailored, but how fab would it be to just walk into a store and be able to buy your perfect fit?

I had to check this out.


Jones' Magazine Fall Issue Sneak Peak
Bloggers Only

Although many of us are actively involved in the shift and transition of media today, there still lies a special place in my heart for a large picturesque paper bound book. Yes, I’m referring to a magazine.

When it comes to fall magazines, fashion lovers either gravitate toward newsstands or stalk their mailboxes, waiting for their favorite September issues to be released. I for one am guilty.


Trend Alert: Lace-Up Boots for Fall 2010
These aren't my granny's laces!!

I am in love with lace-up boots for fall. The style lends itself to the popular military and utilitarian trend that’s on my Fall 2010 favorite trends list. Check it out here if you’ve missed it.

Last fall I stocked my closet with a few pairs of the new millennium granny boot style in a variety of lengths. Needless to say I wore them to death!
For fall 2010 the love affair is still going strong. I definitely will be rekindling the flame and bringing out all my lace-up boots to stomp the NYC pavement in as I venture out and about. I’m sure you’ll be catching me laced up.

Since my closet has a couple pairs already, does this mean I can’t purchase a few new pairs that I’m in love with?

Hmph! I think not!

Here are a few pairs that are on my must have list along with a few I'm lusting over:


Nine West Steps for Fashion Targets Breast Cancer

There’s nothing more fab than to step in great footwear for a worthy cause. Talk about making your steps count for something other than weight loss.

Starting this month, Nine West is taking a great opportunity to partner up with the CFDA’s charitable organization Fashion Targets Breast Cancer to raise money and bring some much-needed awareness to the illness. Also partnering up to take part is the noted fashion photographer Nigel Baker, Sony, IMG, Omron along with a few others.

Sounds cool right? Raising money for a good cause is always fab in my book. Wait, there’s more.


FALL 2010 Handbag Trends On Polished Image and Style

Last week I encouraged you guys to head over to Polished Image and Style for my Fall 2010 Shoe Trend Report for the polished woman.

Did you do that? If not, it's ok, you can do it now here!

Since you'll be over there, be sure to catch up and read my Fall 2010 must have handbag trends. Check to see which handbags I have deemed fab this fall!


New Accessory Line & Statement Pieces
House Of Versatile Styles

Fashion designer Bukola Are, the brainchild behind House of Versatile Styles has re-launched her website to introduce a new line of accessories for fab chicks looking to make a statement.
"Accessorizing I love; it's that final element that makes any look Fabulous. I always knew I would add accessories to the line. The inspiration came just at the perfect time.” - Bukola Are
Inspired by her travels around the globe, she has taken tidbits from American, African and European cultures and infused them into her eclectic accessory designs.
Image Hosted by
I definitely love these statement necklaces from the collection. Be sure to check out the full line of accessories over at


Why Can't I Wear This?
My End of Summer Challenge

Since last summer I’ve been trying to wear this particular romper.

Of all the rompers I own, three to be exact, this one poses a real challenge for me. I don't know what it is about this romper. Every time I put this onsie on I end up taking it off, reworking my whole look completely.

I have been contemplating giving it away. I mean the tags are still on it and like I said before, I’ve had it since last summer. My rule is, if it’s hard to wear, you should not hold on to it. Well, that’s what I tell and encourage others to do. Whether I follow that advice is another story.

But how can I give it away? I love how I look in it. There’s just something about this garment that will not let me walk out the house with it on my body.

Friday night as I got ready for a night of drinks and fun with my friend, I told myself that I was going to wear this romper. I just have to.

Guess what? I failed. I didn’t wear it. I put it on three different times and to no avail I ended up wearing something else. This. Grrrr.

What is it about this romper that won’t stay on my body?

I don’t know but I’m challenging myself. I will wear this romper finally before the end of summer 2010. I. Must. Wear. It!

Stay tuned to see if I ever get this romper to make its debut outside.


The Fab Chick Preview:
Nine West Spring 2011 Collection

Last week I had the pleasure of going to the Nine West showroom to preview their Spring 2011 collection. Yes, you read that correctly, I said Spring 2011.

I know, I know, we are still in the midst of Spring/Summer 2010 while gearing up to transition into Fall 2010. In less than a month we’ll be viewing Spring 2011 RTW collections from all of our favorite designers.

This only means, it’s time to take those mental notebooks out in order for Spring 2011 preparation.

Nine West is a great brand that constantly provides Fab Chicks on a budget with affordable and fashion forward footwear. This Spring 2011 collection proves to be no different. Creative Director Fred Allard and his team have been steadily working hard to bring fab styles to our feet.


The Fab Link Round-Up
You missed it? Here it is again!

In case you missed out, take some time to catch up with a few other bloggers I've joined for a weekly Fab Link Round-UP...

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The Fab Chick Out & About
Blog Café 2.0

Wednesday afternoon Arie Rich of KMP Blog hosted her second annual Blog Café 2.0, a networking event 'Where Bloggers Meet Readers'. I love meeting new people, so Shydel of The Urbane Urbanite and I took a stroll over to Park Avenue's PS 450 to sip and chat with a few fellow bloggers.


Fall 2010 Shoe Trends on Polished Image & Style

Head over to Polished Image and Style for my Fall 2010 Shoe Trend report for the polished woman. Find out what basic shoes trends you will need to pull your look together fabulously this season.


Trend Alert: Matters of Gray
A Cool Neutral Zone

I’ve been seeing a lot of gray, and I don’t mean in my hair. This Fall 2010, grey matters! When you’re all blacked out, gray is the perfect neutral shade to add to your wardrobe. Replace your everyday black with a bit of gray for a subtle and sophisticated switch.

Fall Runway 2010 (L to R: Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs, Cynthia Steffe, Chloe)

For those of you that are drawn to neutral shades, grey is great to incorporate with other neutral and earth tones. And for my fab chicks that love a jolt of color in their look, gray is also a great shade to pair with bold and bright colors.

Here are a few fab chick approved items that fall in the gray area I love:

(clockwise: Elizabeth and James, Camilla Skovgaard, Plastic Island, 7 for all mankind)


Trend Alert: Clogging Into Fall 2010
Clog Boots

If you loved the mule style clogs this spring, chances are you’ll fall in love with the updated twist. The clog style has been winterized for fall 2010 in different boot variations. If you clogged around this spring, you’re sure to be clogging around this Fall season.

While this shoe style wasn’t love at first site for me, I did manage to find a pair, BCBGMaxAzria that I loved. Unfortunately they weren’t the most comfortable and killed me feet, just as I remembered they did when I was 12 yrs old.
But I will admit, I’m in love with the boot versions for fall. And the Open Ceremony pair, I can attest to as being super comfy!

Here a few fab chick approved styles. Will you be clogging into fall?

1. Steve Madden
2. Marc Jacobs
3. Open Ceremony
4. Sam Edelman
5. Dsquared2


Polished Image & Style
My Fall 2010 Accessory Report

Be sure to check out my Fall/Winter 2010 accessories report on the Polished Image and Style blog. For the next few weeks I'll be dishing the 411 on the must have accessories for the polished woman.

Be sure to follow Polished Image and Style on twitter @polishedimageandstyle for all the updates and great styling tips for the everyday woman.


Fall 2010 Trends
My 10 Fav Fall Trends

We’re still in the midst of summer battling record high temperatures. I must say I love it! It’s nothing like the warm air across my back and face. (SIGH) But as much as my body loves the summer heat, my personal style thrives in the cool crisp air of the fall. At the first sign of the fall collections walking off the runways and on to shelves and racks, I get pretty excited.

Let the count down to fall shopping begin!

Aren’t you just as excited? Check out my favorite Fall 2010 must have trends.


Beauty Influencer Event
w/ Dr. Jeannette Graf

Wednesday afternoon, I had the pleasure of taking an elevator to the 30th floor of The Metropolitan Club to a chic outside terrace overlooking a gorgeous view of NYC. As awesome as the view was, I wasn’t there to take in the sights. I was there to attend a Beauty Influencer Event with guest speaker Dr. Jeannette Graf, sponsored and presented by Genevieve Santos of Goregous on the go and Karen Oliver and Associates.


Butter LONDON Manicure w/ TJ!

My mom always says you can tell a lot about a woman and how she takes care of herself by looking at her hands.

Last week I looked down at mine and realized that I wasn’t giving an accurate representation of myself. Lord knows I’ve been hiding them and praying to not be judged solely on the unfabness of my hands.

So what did I do? I scheduled some time with TJ.

Remember him? He gave me that awesome GingerandLiz polished manicure. Still don’t remember? Revisit here to jog your memory.

Yesterday afternoon I packed up, hopped on the subway and ran to meet TJ at the Ryan Darius Salon, a chic and quaint hair studio on W12th Street. Get this, the Ryan Darius Salon happens to be the only NYC salon offering Butter LONDON manicures and retail of the nail polishes. Score!