Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week
What Misha Thought of Spring 2011 Part 2

Just as promised, here's part two of what I thought of a few collections that showed during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.

Did you happen to miss part one? Not to worry, check it out here.


Mackage, I Want This!!

Ok, no this is not me, but don't we all agree this dress would look just as amazing on me? Yes it would! I'm in love with this leather mini dress by Mackage. It's simple with just the right amount of sexy and edge. Perfect for me! Sigh. I think it's time to start the Fab Chick Christmas list. Don't you?


My Fall 2010 Color Obsession

Misha pictured here wearing olive & army green top & cardigan while drinking Naked's Green Machine.

Once Labor Day hits we all anticipate the official arrival of fall. We've been readying our closets for the big change over, scanning fall collections, scoping must-have trends for the season, and shopping the stores to incorporate those very trends into our existing wardrobes.

Yesterday marked the official first day of fall and I’ve already realized my Fall 2010 color obsession. Remember how much in love I was with yellow this past spring? No? Revisit here.
Image Hosted by
Well by the looks of a few early fall acquisitions, I’ve gone completely green. Hmmm. I’ve already gotten over 10 fall pieces in this color. I guess my army and olive green obsession is right on cue for the military trend for this season, which made it as one of my favorite must-have fall trends.
Image Hosted by
Stay tuned to see just how I incorporate this color into my wardrobe.

What colors are you obsessing over for fall?


Out & About: Sick & All
American Apothecary Launch Event

While wearing my favorite pair of boyfriend jeans with my bestiest boy-friend Del The Urbane Urbanite in tow, I attended a launch event for new avante garde t-shirt company American Apothecary. Although I was under the weather, I wanted to go and support my fellow fab chick Nikki in all her PR efforts. I think the sponsored Given Mojitos helped my sinuses and cleared my throat a bit. Ok, not really but they were good!


OPÉ's Fashion Week Tweet-up

With all the randomness we all tweet daily, every now and then you come across a good meaningful quote or words of wisdom that somehow just brightens your day, adds a little pep to your step, or keeps your eyes steadfast on your life dreams. I must say following @opethestylist on twitter has definitely done that for me a time or two.

As New York Fashion Week kicked off, the Wednesday before, Opé hosted a Fashion Week tweet-up where she encouraged fashion enthusiasts to come out to network. Although I couldn't stay long, I was happy to attend. I not only got to met her and all her fabulousness, but a few other awesome fab chicks I've tweeted with and will be tweeting with.

@thefatandskinny, me & @kaileeinthecity

@opethestylist & @funkyfannys

me & @ivvalentine
Here's a funny little story about @Ivvalentine who I know as Lauren. We used to work together at Sephora as product consultants way back in the day when we were forced to wear red lipstick all the time. Way before Twitter and @ThisThatBeauty came along and made the red lip something we all want to achieve everyday. *Laughs* She was the first one to show me that I could actually wear a red lip and look good.

We won't say exactly how far back that was, but it's been something like 10 years. Ouch! Shhhh. Now she's an uber-talented make-up artist and we've been reunited!

Yay Twitter for constantly connecting me to great people. Remember my first tweet-up? Reminisce with me here.


Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week
What Misha Thought of Spring 2011

New York Fashion Week came and took Lincoln Center by storm. I'm a little reluctant to change at times, so, initially I didn't like the move from Bryant Park for my own selfish reasons.

Bryant Park is a mere hop, skip and a jump away from my office, which meant it was always easier for me to head out and run in to catch shows during the day. Oh well. With the change I gladly hopped on a 1 uptown train any chance I was afforded. Nonetheless, the transformed space at Lincoln Center was refreshing.

Now for the fashions from my standpoint.

Rather than give the typical fashion week synopsis, simply check out my top 3 favorite looks from a few designers I covet and love. And believe me, just picking only 3 was a challenge, but here it goes:


The Beginning of New York Fashion Week
IFB Conference & Fashion's Night Out

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week is in full swing. Fashion shows, presentations, after parties, dinners, meet-ups, where does it all end? Ha, who am I kidding, it never really ends.

The moment I picked up my press credentials, my life went from slightly busy to downright chaotic. Between balancing my day job in the showroom, TheFabChick, covering New York Fashion Week and pursuing other career endeavors; life has been one big ball of fashion consumption - and I dare not try to have any sort of personal life in the midst of all this.

Nonetheless, I live for all of this so here’s how I kicked off New York Fashion Week this season.


Fab Chick Kela Walker Covers New York Fashion Week

While we are still in the middle of the hustle and bustle of New York Fashion Week, make sure to check out the talented Kela Walker of That's So New York's Fashion week coverage. Get a glimpse of Fab Chick Kela as she goes behind the scenes of Fashion's Night Out, as well as get the low down of Lincoln Center becoming an awesome venue for fashion week.


Leather Motorcycle Jackets
My Fall Must Have...

Don't you just love this Rick Owens leather creation?

This weekend the temperatures have definitely given us a reminder that fall is just around the corner. It’s time to get prepared and get our fall jackets out of storage. My favorite jacket to wear during the weather’s transition would be my leather motorcycle jacket. I love the sleek fit with the combined texture of the leather for an edgy and chic look.

Here I am in one of my favorite leather jackets.

This fall, the leather jacket continues to be a great piece to add to your wardrobe. The motorcycle style provides the perfect downtown flavor to mix with flirty skirts and dresses. And when it comes to the usual fall denim and cords, what better way to take your look from drab to fab than with a chic biker jacket.

Check out a few fab chick approve motorcycle leather jackets I wouldn’t mind adding to my collection:
Image Hosted by
(L to R): Rachel Rachel Roy $249.00, MICHAEL Michael Kors $275, Diane von Furstenberg $695, BB Dakota $238


I said yes to WHITE After Labor Day!

No white after Labor Day?

Well, guess what? Tuesday September 7th, a full day after Labor Day I wore, you guessed it, white pants. I woke up in the morning, grabbed my white pants which are more on the off-white side and said to myself, to hell with the old fashion rule.

I consider white after Labor Day to be very acceptable. I say, wear your white as long as you want. But I would encourage you to put away all your white garments that are of spring/summer-like fabrics. Perfect example would be linen fabrics.

White after Labor Day works best in heavier fabrics like denim and gabardine.

So be brave, ditch the after Labor Day rules and keep wearing your white if you want.


Ginger + Liz Fall 2010 Colour Palette
Launch Party at Carol's Daughter

When you mix a great product, fab chicks, cocktails, and mini manicures in one room, it’s bound to be as the young kids say, epic.

Last night Ginger + Liz celebrated the launch of their Fall 2010 color palette with a private event to preview the new line colors by offering complimentary mini manicures while sipping on Ciroc sponsored cocktails.

As invited supporters and fashion/beauty bloggers poured into Carol’s Daughter Backroom Hand & Foot Spa in Harlem, the room quickly filled with fab chicks! The energy was great!


Happy Belated Blog Birthday to

For the past year, The Fab Chick and I have been in a very serious, committed, blogging relationship. Most times I’m head over heels in love with it. And then there are times when I’ve wanted to just take a break for a few months. But just like in any regular relationship, often times there’s no coming back from a break. The relationship expires and ends.

Well I’ve stuck with my boo, for a complete year now. Yes, Monday would have marked a full year we’ve been together in this blogging relationship. And might I add the love is still going strong.


Who's Ready For Fashion's Night Out???

Fashion’s most anticipated night is only one week away. This time next week, September 10th, the fashion industry will host its biggest soiree, the second installment of Fashion’s Night Out. Aren’t you excited for all the fun that’s about to go down? I am!

While last year I didn’t indulge as much as I wanted, this year The Urbane Urbanite and I will be hitting the streets fabulously and in his case, urbanely.

Watch out for us! We gone party and bullsh-- umm I think you know the rest. Will you be out for Fashion's Night Out?


Spring Shoe Store Opening Event
Shoes, Booze, Gift Cards & Chaos

Image Hosted by
Yesterday Spring Shoes Store, the sister company to Aldo Shoes celebrated the launch of a new store in the Manhattan Mall. Hosted by Shine Media PR and Call It Spring, the celebration attracted many invitees to check out the collection while sipping on refreshing cocktails, partaking in delicious appetizers, and shopping with the $150 gift card that was gifted to us all.
Did someone say shopping? And with a free gift card? Let’s get it!


The Fab Chick Prepares for New York Fashion Week S/S 2011

As everyone prepares for fashion week by strategically playing their outfits, I'm figuring out how I’m going to survive every for the week. See, this fab chick ship is a one-man operation, or should I say one-chick operation. That being said, scheduling and choosing which shows and different events to attend is a major task.

The moment my credentials were approved is the moment I smile and sigh at the same time.

Where’s my assistant? Intern? Clone? Stunt double? Anybody?

See, I maintain a career in the fashion industry besides being a fashion blogger and I work over 8 hours a day Mon-Fri. And just like every other fashion company, we are very busy during this time of the year. We also show at the tents. So balancing my day-to-day life during this time of year is always a challenge.

But guess what? The more I complain to my friends about how tired I am and the amount of money I spend upgrading from grandes to venttis at Starbucks, nothing beats the excitement of New York Fashion Week. Nothing beats seeing designers' visions come to life and scoping out trends for the next season.

How do I ready myself for the hectic scheduling? I do a lot of praying for strength and drink loads of coffee and water. My Blackberry calendar and I become the best of friends. I get into the habit of constantly checking and inputting shows and events into my schedule.

I’ll survive.

This Spring 2011 season, I will be kicking off my New York Fashion Week with the IFB Evolving Influence Fashion Bloggers conference, which I’m really looking forward to attending.
There are some great guest speakers scheduled. And the rest will be history.

Want to know which show I’ll be attending? Want to know how will I survive it all? Come along for the ride as I cover all that I can get my hands on this Fashion Week.

PS. See you all for Fashion’s Night Out!


Ports 1961 Spring 2011
NYFW Sneak Peak


A Fab Chick's Un-Fab Moment
My Sandal Flipped & Flopped

Last night as I exited the Hudson Hotel on W 58th Street and said my goodbyes to a friend, I made my way to the station to hop on a downtown C train. Remembering I needed to add some money to my metro card, I swiftly walked in the sweltering subway heat to the machine to add a few dollars. And then it happened. Grrrrr!