CURRENTLY | My Latest Hair Obsession...

Can I just share with you all my latest obsession with Project Runway Season 10 Sonjia Williams' blue hair? Besides the fact that I am really missing my super short 'do, lately I've been craving to do something out-of-the-norm for me--I'm thinking dying my hair blue would fit right into that "something new" category. Now if only I could strike up the nerve to actually do it. See, I've never been one to experiment with outrageous colors. Well, there was this one time during my freshman year of college, (far away from my parents) when I dyed my hair a Raggedy Anne fire engine red--yup, years before Rihanna ever stepped on the scene--but I had major guts back then. I'd love to try Sonjia's shade of blue, it's the perfect shade to me--it's not too loud, nor is it cartoon-like or childish looking, and most of all there's a chic fun factor! Sigh. If only I can get to that that same place way back when, when I was a little more adventurous and fearless with my hair. Until then, I'll continue to obsess over Sonjia's hair. Sidebar: This chick is pretty fab as well, love her personal style. And she's talented!


CURRENTLY | Still Loving Ash Sneakers!

After obsessing and purchasing these Ash's Bea suede kicks last fall season, I'm still loving them. And while many have gotten in on the trend most popularized by the Isabel Marant Bekket high top wedge, I'd have to say that for me, Ash's wedged version is a great budget-friendly alternative to the French design without loosing the quality I look for in all my footwear.  And seriously, there's no denying the high level of stylish comfort these wedge sneakers bring. Considering my love affair still runs deep, I'm thinking to rekindle that Ash flame for a second time around this fall--just with a more understated pair like the suede Bowie Bis Wedge in Midnight, the leather Bowie Ter Wedge in Dark Camel, or the leather Brooklyn Puffy Wedge in black. Hmmmm...decisions, decisions, decisions.


FALL 2012 | It's time to fall in line...

Now that the transition into fall is in full swing, it's time to fall in line. To get the season started, here are a few trends I'm considering as my must-haves. Stay tuned for more...

Leather: For me, leather is that one texture that has a way of making you feel strong, edgy, sleek, polish and glam all at the same time. Besides being one of my favorite textiles of all time, leather makes it on my fall must-have list because of its versatility and ability to make any outfit look absolutely Fab Chick Approved!
(shop the above: All Saints, KARL, Joe Fresh)

Grays: A great alternative to basic black, I love gray paired with many of this fall’s rich colors like violet, deep red, emerald green, and brown. I’m all about being in the gray area this season—of color that is.
(shop the above: Topshop, Alice and Olivia, JCrew)

Jewel Tones: Taking a break from the shock value of neon colors we all obsessed about this summer, still keeping it bold and fun, I’m looking to incorporate vibrant jewel tones to my fall wardrobe—less acid trip and more luxurious richness.
(shop the above: ZARA, Madewell, Rebecca Taylor)

Metallic: Even though I’m not a lover of science, for the last few seasons I’ve been having a lot of chemistry with all the precious metals of the periodic table—silver, copper, gold, you name it and I’m all about it for fall!
(shop the above: Coach, SheInside, Nanette Lepore)


BEAUTY ARSENAL | Coloring My World With Maybelline

Guess who will be coloring their world with Maybelline's Great Lash Limited Edition colored mascara? Yup, me of course. Ever since I found out about the colorful limited release, I've been on a serious hunt, stalking every drug store and mass retailer I come to pass.  With no luck, I've even put friends on the mission. But just when I was about to give up, there they were, right in front of my eyes in Target! Gosh I love Target!
Considering this fall is trending pops of color on the eyes, (a la the models who graced the fall runways for Anna Sui) Maybelline's Great Lash range of colors offered: Blink of Blue, Totally Teal, Pop of Purple, and Go Go Green will be the perfect addition to my beauty arsenal this season--can't wait to wear them.  And since they are only being offered for a limited time this month (can you believe August is over this week?) I suggest you make a mad dash to your local drug store and mass retailer now! Like right now!

In the meantime head over to to check out my list of a few fall beauty must-haves here.


ON MY RADAR | Red, Red, Wine For Fall

As someone who's not usually attracted to red shades, I'm finding myself really loving the richness  of deep reds this fall season.  There's just something quiet enticing about the intense color that's very reminiscent of the broad spectrum of different red wines. Having already purchased one item for the season in this color, I predict I'll totally be locked and loaded in wine cellar for fall.

I'll take a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon please. Will you be joining me?

1. Falbala Hem Wine Red Shirt
2. Banana Republic Felt Panama Hat
3. Ash Prune Suede Bowie Wedge Trainers
4.Topshop Double Stag Sketchy Scarf
5. Maison Boinet Thin Calfhair Belt
6. Stella McCartney Cat eye sunglasses
7. Essie 'Fall 2012' Mini 4-Pack
8. Torn by Ronny Kobo Short Sleeve Pointelle Knit Dress
9. Juliet Platform Wine Suede
10. Hudson LouLou Tuxedo Crop Skinny
11. River Island Dark Red Leather Fit And Flare Dress


LIFE | Shopping In My 'Hood

What happens when I step outside my comfort zone and explore my neighborhood—I stumble upon all kinds of little shopping treasures. Who knew that just 2 miles north of my door step laid a shopping oasis filled with a few of my favorite contemporary designer brands, and all without having to trek to the mall. (Ohhhhhh the agita –as my Italian neighbor would put it.)   As if  I really need another reason to go shopping. Ugh. But I must say, it is super cool to know that I can take a long walk, clear my mind, pick up a cup of Jo, and shop till my wallet screams for mercy. Downtown Millburn, New Jersey you’ve been #FabChickApproved.

If you have never explored your neighborhood, I suggest doing so--you never know what gems you might find hidden right under your nose. And if you are ever in New Jersey and in the Millburn area, be sure to visit a few of the area's small boutiques for some big city flavor.


SEPTEMBER ISSUE | My Look Inside Marie Claire

By now we’re all face deep into the September issues of our beloved fashion magazines, perusing through pages of editorials. What went down the runways during last fashion week is now coming to life—to a store, and hopefully a closet near you. It’s the single most important representation letting us know that fall is indeed very near.

Marie Claire's editor-in-chief, Joanna Cole, put it best: the excitement of a new season is "a crisp promise of new beginnings." To that end, if you're anything like me, you've already started to make your “back-to-school”, or, in some cases, “back-to-fashion” wish lists, making sure every covetable item you come across has been tagged, or circled (I like to use those colorful Post-it pop up sticky thingies).

‪Bring it on fall, I'm ready for you--sorta!

So in the spirit of the approaching fall season, I will be sharing with you three of my favorites moments (fashion or not) from the pages of a few September issues. First up, Marie Claire.

I fell in love with this Burberry Prorsum peplum trench jacket at first site—tagged it! By now you will have noticed via my Pinterest, Instagram or right here on the blog, that I’ve joined the rest of the fashion world with a slight infatuation with this ultra femme silhouette. While I have been expressing that peplum love in leather, (see this post) this jacket sure does make me smile. I love the non-traditional aspect of this Burberry quintessential fall must-have. Of course at $2,495 I’ll have to not pay rent and live on the streets for a couple months. Since that’s not an option, this could make for a fab DIY project, right? (Perhaps a trip to the fabric shop is in order.)
I've ALWAYS loved Marie Claire’s What I Love About Me section in the beauty pages. It always forces me to stop and think what it is that I love about me. For me it’s a positive reinforcement exercise, a celebration of self. There's no love more important than the love we give ourselves. Inspired by this issue, here’s something I love about me:

I love the shape and fullness of my eyes and lips, both of which I’ve inherited from my mom—which I had to learn to accept. Now that I have fully accepted and love them both, I celebrate and decorated them in color any chance I get!

Try it. What is it that you love about yourself?
In the life section of the mag, Anna Pursglove reports about a disorder called FOMO, an acronym for a form of social anxiety better know as “Fear of Missing Out”. Sounds weird right? After reading this I immediately took to my iPhone and texted a couple of my girlfriends encouraging them to read it. I so desperately wanted to see if I was alone in this self-diagnosing of FOMO. Here’s an excerpt from the article explaining symptoms:
“A nagging suspicion, fueled by the forensic details of other people’s lives we are privy to on social media, that our own existences are somehow lacking. If we’d made the right decisions, we berate ourselves, we’d have the fascinating careers/relationships/opinions/offspring/social lives that we perceive others all around us to have.”
How many of you have a few of these symptoms, even in the slightest bit? (Hangs head, and raises hand) Well I encourage you to check out Marie Claire’s September issue to find out how to let go of FOMO, I plan to start my recovery now. I’d also love to hear your thoughts. Tweet me @TheFabChick and let’s discuss.

Until the next September Issues…



Thank you to all who entered the below two giveaways. Winners were choosen at random. Please email me with shipping information by Tuesday, August 14th to recieve your items.

Socialitedreams, you have won the LA Space NY 'I'm A Marilyn' Tank!!!  Please email me with your shipping info to claim you item!

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SHOP THIS | Joe Fresh Wax Jeans

Since hitting US territory, I've been a little short of obsessed with Joe Fresh and their basic offerings. And now that they have wax denim for $49--who wouldn't want to embrace the slick trend on a budget? As a fan of wax coated jeans, it looks like I need to find myself in-store now.


GOTTA LOVE HER | Solange For Madewell's Fall 2012 Shoot

One, I love Madewell. Two, I love Solange. So naturally I would love the partnering up with two of my favorite entities.  The perfect marriage?  I'd say yes. As we continue to love Solange for her fearless approach to fashion and ability to mix prints like no other, check out Madewell's behind-the-scenes video of their fall campaign with the style maven. Am I the only one ready to shop for fall because of this?


ON MY RADAR | Add Some Leather Pep-lum to Your Step

Why wouldn't I want to add a little pep to my step with a leather peplum top? Serving as the perfect juxtaposition between soft and hard, this leather silhouette delivers a healthy dose of edge and femininity in one shot.  So as I join the rest of the fashion obsessed world with a love affair of peplums, I'll take mine in leather please.  *Shop for the above: CÖ Vegan Leather Peplum Tank, Tinley Road Vegan Leather Peplum Top, Rebecca Minkoff Leather Hi-Low Peplum Tank (A FAB CHICK FAVORITE!!), Embroidered Faux Leather Top w/ Peplum Frill.

A Lil Leather Peplum Inspiration
via Tessted
via The Haute Pursuit
via beccalexis' Instagram


INSTA INSPO | In the spirit of the Olympic -- She's A Winner

Who cares what this Olympic champion's hair looks like, Gabby Douglas is a WINNER--an Olympic Champion making history as the first black woman to win gold in the all-around competition.  To think her hair is a topic up for discussion when she's busy racking up gold medals in a sport many of us couldn't even think to do.  I can remember my short stint as a gymnast like it was yesterday, crying and squealing when I had to stand on the balance beam all alone. Needless to say, I begged my mom to take me out of the class. I look back now and wish I had 1/3 of the gumption Gabby has, she definitely has inspiration flowing through her little body.

Instagramers (L to R):


BEAUTY ARSENAL | Don't Forget To Take Your Face Off! Make-up Of Course!

More important than applying the correct foundation color and creating perfectly blended faces is taking it all off every night. Even though it’s easy to fall into lazy mode after a long day, not removing the grit and grime that can be found on your skin should not be an option. Other than ruining your sheets, going to bed with your makeup on is a surefire way to wreak havoc on your skin. But thank goodness for make-up removing products that make taking the day's face off super easy. Even the most laziest person (I'm sure I'm in the running for that title) can take their makeup off with ease.

I rely on Lierac Paris Diopti Démaq gentle eye makeup remover for those days when I like to pile on the eye makeup. For my regular everyday routine, I usually reach for Neutrogena Makeup Remover Night Calming Wipes. How do you take your makeup off at night?

Check out how a few of my fab friends in fashion and beauty remove their make-up.