Fun, Fab & Affordable Accessories
PNK Style Soiree

pnk party
Last night was all about fun, affordable accessories, mini manicures by Ginger and Liz, cocktails and snacks with a group of accessory loving chicks in one room.
The ever-growing accessory company PNK Elephant Accessory hosted a style soiree to officially celebrate the launch of The site is perfect for fab chicks that are looking to add great trendy of the moment accessories to their wardrobe without having to skip paying a few bills.

The very affordable line consists of necklaces, earrings, rings and bracelets in many different styles and finishes. At prices between $5 and $30, you simply can’t beat it.
I’ve actually made a few purchases in the past from the company. Here’s one that I love to wear from PNK Elephant.
my bracelet
I actually encourage all to seek retailers like when purchasing super trendy pieces. As trends make their way in and out of our closets and wardrobes before we can even make it into the stores, it’s wise not spend a lot for uber-trendy objects. Plus it leaves more money to buy other things like SHOES!

I can't wait for my gifted item to arrive. There were so many cool items to choose from, it was definitely hard to make a decision. This is what I chose. Fab right?
Make sure to visit to check out their current selection and grab a statement piece while you’re at it. Stay tuned for their holiday collection, as I was told it’ll be shiny and filled with lots of sparkles and we all like shiny and sparkly right?


TheSeventhDistrict 22.10.10  

love that necklace! As you would say: #fabchickapproved! Definitely checking the site out. Thanks!

Charli 22.10.10  

Ooh lala! I have found a new place to shop for accessories. This looked like a fun event and the necklace you chose is Haute! Thank you and I'll definitely be ordering soon.

BeautyXchange 22.10.10  

I love the piece you chose. Geez! I need more disposable income for all these fabulous things :-)

LoveBrownSugar 23.10.10  

I am so mad we missed each other Misha :(

But glad you enjoyed! And that necklace is sexy. Here's my recap:

I went for the hammered ring with diamond cross. Can't wait for it to arrive!