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The Chic Guide: All The Spring Trends You’ll Want To Wear

Spring 2012 Trends You'll want to wear now
Yes, it's a bit chilly out right now, but spring's here. Head over to Uptown Magazine to check out this week's chic guide detailing all the spring trends you'll want to wear this season. See complete post here. So far my closet it filling up with neons and I have my eye on a few sporty-chic items. What trends are you ready to wear?


WATCH THIS | Spring According to Solange & Time Out New York

Spring trends according to Time Out New York and fab chick Solange --prints galore, floral explosions, tangerine shades, brilliant brights and super fun accessories. Who's ready? Tomorrow is Spring!


INDIE-SPOTLIGHT | Yumnah Najah Hand Painted Jewelry

Yumnah Najah Hand Painted Jewelry
I love finding new treasures and thanks to Channing In The City's two year anniversary soiree, I'm now a fan of Yumnah Najah Hand Painted Jewelry. The small pieces of wearable art are super cute ways to incorporate a little print and color into your everyday look--talk about making a fun and bold statement with your jewelry. Check out the full line of earrings, rings and necklaces on the site here. I'd love to hear what you think of the collection.
Yumnah Najah Hand Painted Jewelry
Which pieces are my favorites? After perusing through the whole site, I'm in love with so many. Here are a few of my favorites from the line.
Yumnah Najah Hand Painted Jewelry


TIDBITS | Little bits of color...

In the neutral zone with little bits of color for a chilly Thursday. And of course Metallic Elements are still on my radar--I'm loving my gold metallic jeans.



ON MY RADAR | In The Neutral Zone

I'm all for choosing a side, but sometimes staying in a neutral zone can yield great opportunities to let your brilliant neon accessories be the star attraction. Don't forget those prints we're all loving--a neutral palette can also highlight your favorite animal and abstract print. While I'm loving the bright neon trend for spring, I see a lot of neutrals invading my spring/summer wardrobe, makes for a great wardrobe foundation.

In The Neutral Zone
1. Topshop -
2. J.Crew -
3. Madewell -
4. French Connection -
5. Splendid -
6.Costume National -
7. J. Crew -
8. T by Alexander Wang -
9. Joe's Jeans -
10. Vince -
11. Hush Puppies -
12. Zara -
13. Chloe -
14. Vince Camuto -


MAKE-UP BAG | Spring Clean Your Make-Up Now

Spring clean your make-up bag

While I prepare to spring clean my home and my closet, I think it's time for me to take inventory of my make-up stash, chucking everything old and unusable. With new products on the market everyday, some of you (self included) product junkies become make-up hoarders--holding on to everything. But if you're like me, sometimes you don't know when to throw things away. With that said, Iv Valentine has a few tips on how to spring clean your make-up and when is a good time to depart ways with your beloved make-up.

How To: Spring Clean your makeup bag
Every now and again you should sit and sift through the monster that might be your makeup case and begin to throw out products that are expired, dated, or just ready to go on to the color cove in the sky. Out with the old and in with the new.

Products like foundations and concealers which do have shelf life should be tossed between 12 and 18 months depending on their base. When any base product, it gets old and loses its benefit and effectiveness.

Products like eye shadows, lipsticks, and pencils, it's best to use the 3 year rule. If you had them for more than 3 years it's safe to say that it's time to toss it!

Be sure to also clean your brushes regularly and sharpen your pencils to prevent germs from harboring and becoming one with your skin. Clean application tools will help keep your products clean and free of bacteria.

Happy Painting.



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The Chic Guide: Spring Closet Cleaning

Now that we've sprung our clocks forward, (don't you just love the extra hours of sunlight) it's almost that time to start the big closet switch over. But before spring and summer clothes begin to raid your closet, it's usually wise to perform a spring closet clean out. While I'll continue to master cleanse my closet, be sure to head over to Uptown Magazine to check out a few tips and tricks to help you get through the dreaded spring cleaning. See all my tips here.


TIDBITS | TGIF - Even if it's not spring yet

With creamy pastels still on my radar, I woke up this morning incorporating a few pastel shades with a touch of animal print. Doesn't feel like it, but I only have spring on my mind. And of course I had to slick on a little Three Custom Color Specialists' Vivavious Violet lip gloss on my pout--I got a little matchy matchy with the gloss and t-shirt combo, but eh, it works. Don't forget you can enter to win a tube of this pretty violet shade here.