BEAUTY ARSENAL | Vivaciously Violet + GIVEAWAY!!!

Three Custom Color Specialists-Vivacious Violet

Since receiving Three Custom Color Specialists' new Vivacious Violet lip gloss, I get tons of compliments and inquiries every time I wear it. It has quickly become one of my go-to lip colors and I'm not usually a gloss type of girl. But the easy-to-wear, high-shine vibrant shade has a delicate pink sparkle that's perfect for wearing solo or layered over my favorite pink lipstick. I usually opt to wear it alone and I love it! It's a great lip color spring.
Vivacious Violet
Now here comes the best part of me telling you about this awesome tube of violet lip gloss. Three Custom Color Specialist will giveaway three, yes THREE, lucky winners a chance at being Vivacious in Violet. Exciting right?

Here's how to enter to win a tube of Vivacious Violet lip gloss:

1. You must be following me on Twitter ( &
2. You must be following Three Custom Color Specialists on Twitter ( &
3. Leave a comment here with a few words explaining what makes you feel vivacious.

You must do all three. Simple right? Now Enter! Three winners will be chosen Friday, March 9, 2012.


wellington'smom 29.2.12  

What makes me feel vivacious 1. A new hair style 2. Sexxy pair of heals and 3. A killa lip gloss or shine

TaTa 3.3.12  

My Vivacious checklist...

Camera ready hair, beat face, fierce handbag and shoes that make a statement. Most important an attitude that can pull it off.

Dlori 4.3.12  

I am brand new to your blog. I have to say that you look absolutely stunning in the 3CC Violet Lip Gloss. What a knock out. I accidentally ended up on your site and I am so happy that I did. I am a 3CC junkie and own almost their full collection. Lately, money has been very tight so I haven't been able to purchase some items I really love like this violet lip gloss as well as their pink lip gloss in the same category, both new glosses. I also am dying to purchase their new day palette, which costs $75 I think. Even though it's expensive, 3CC products last forever and you can create a multitude of looks with this palette. I got the Pan Am palette over Christmas and if you don't have it, you simply must. The colors in that palette would be extremely flattering on you and wherever you go, all eyes will focused on you.

As for the contest, I now follow you on twitter and retweeted this contest on my twitter page, username is @DianeLori, and the link is:!/TheFabChick/status/175627256176181248

I also "LIKE" you on Facebook and my username on facebook is kleimanlaw

I follow Three Custom Color Specialists on Twitter and retweeted the contest again on my twitter page, @DianeLori, and the link is:!/threecustom/status/175279241699655680

I also "LIKE" 3CC on Facebook, username is kleimanlaw.

What makes me feel Vivacious? When I take care of myself, exercise, eat well, my skin is glowing, I feel like I can conquer the world and I look and feel beautiful and confident. Looking vivacious is a state of mind. When you're confident in yourself, you will always look vivacious and will always be the center of attention because the positive energy you're giving out to the world draws people to you. You look and feel FABulous both inside and out.

Thank you for offering your fans the opportunity to possibly win this incredible prize. I, for one, would wear it all the time because I love this color and greens and purples are my favorite colors. If I could look half as good as you do with this lip gloss, I'd purchase a case of them once I started making some money again. Good Luck To All!

kleimanlaw at aol dot com

vonnie (socialitedreams) 4.3.12  

i feel most vivacious with a bold lip, push up bra/good cleavage, and a sexy top/dress to show me off

RevealingBeaute 6.3.12  

I'm loving Vivacious. I feel vivacious the most when I'm rocking a gorgeous smokey eye and bold lip!

Tia Dantzler 6.3.12  

love that lipgloss!! Might have to check it out!!!

LilyBiscuit 7.3.12  

I follow you both on Twitter @dragonfly777. I think I feel vivacious when I look my, makeup and outfit. A good hair day especially, can make a big difference in how good I feel :)
vac 924 at gmail dot com

DRTVrMoi 7.3.12  

Nothing makes me feel more vivacious than a man whose attracted to my mind.

I follow you and 3CC on Twitter as @DRTVrMoi

happypulitzer at hotmail dot com

Channing 7.3.12  

OMG, you always have the best lippies! This color is no different!

I always feel vivacious when my hair and skin are on point or when I take time out for myself to recharge.