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A Legend Falls - Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston
Although I know it's real and has been confirmed, I'm still waiting for reports to say that Whitney Houston's passing is false--some sort of sick, cruel prank someone has decided to play on us all. But somehow, I think I'll be waiting forever. She's gone.

My earliest memories of Whitney Houston was seeing a vinyl album laying around with a beautiful woman on the jacket cover with a very low haircut. I remember thinking, she's so pretty and she doesn't even have any hair. My father would blast the self title album and I would sing--actually scream "Saving All My Love" at the top of my lungs. Till this day, that is still is my favorite Whitney Houston album.

I remember graduating from 5th grade and singing"Greatest Love of All" during our commencement ceremony for our parents. I remember dancing to "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" in a red tank top stretched out to mimic the lavender bodycon dress she wore in her video. I remember watching the movie Bodyguard over and over and over on the weekends with my cousin, as we belted out, "I Will Always Love You". So many different memories of when Whitney Houston's voice and music influenced me. Sigh.

Rather than discuss or highlight her tumultuous battle with substance abuse, I will focus my thoughts about Whitney on the positive factors that have made her a legend and an icon. Those demons can never take away the great strides she has made musically.

Let us always remember how precious life really is before it's gone.



Channing 15.2.12  

I agree. There definitely was a Whitney song for every situation. I still can't believe she's gone.