MAKE-UP BAG | Easy to Wear - Blue Eyeliner

I have been obsessed with rimming my eyes with Maybelline's MasterDrama by Eyestudio in sapphire. For me it's a simple and fun way to add color to my look. But for others, maybe not so easy. With that said, new contributor to The Fab Chick, Iv Valentine has a few tips on how to wear one of my current favorite make-up must-haves--blue eyeliner.

How to wear: Blue Eyeliner

I’m not a believer in the “do’s” and “don'ts” so when it comes to trying new colors my first question is why? I like to know the person's intention for trying the new color--whether it's to create a fun look for night or just for a pop of color during the day. Once the intent is established, then we can figure out what works best for the person's lifestyle.

Intention is everything.

Blue is a great color and has been very popular in all its varying shades for the last few seasons. It is also an effective color to add a bit of edginess to a look. It can also be used as a makeup trick to brighten the whites of the eyes to make you look more vibrant.

The best way to pull off blue eyeliner for day is to keep it simple. Try coloring the lids in neutral or skin tone shades that allow the blue liner to add a “wow” factor or a quick pop of color. This can be achieved by applying the liner to the upper lash line or even along the water line of the lower lid for a more a subtle contrast. Whatever the formula of choice; pencil, cream or gel, just have fun with it!

Happy face painting.



thefatandskinny 27.2.12  

I could try this. Why not? HMMM...

Melanie | O So Chic 3.3.12  

Blue shadow/liner on my lower lash line is my go-to when I want a simple & unexpected pop of color. It takes 2 seconds to apply & it looks great.