ON MY RADAR | Wearable & Inspirational

Some days motivation doesn't come that easy. There are times when some of us need to be reminded to have more 'strength', to simply, 'believe' and to just 'love life'. What better way to have that constant reminder than with a piece of wearable inspiration. And while we're all stacking our bracelets and bangles, I say why not throw some words of wisdom in the mix?

Message Bracelets
(L to R:) Bcbgeneration 'Love Life' $18, Lisa Stewart 'Serenity Prayer' $123, Good Works 'Speak Kindness' $10
Twist & Tango 'Some Things are Not Important' $32 Disney Couture 'Believing is Just The Begining' $45, Cynthia H 'Love Who You Are' $55
Ettika 'Strength' $50, Jessica Kagan Cushman 'Don't Worry Be Happy' $113, Madison Belle 'Believe' $10

I recently purchased a BCBGeneration 'Fearless' leather bracelet. I figured I could use a little reminder to be more fearless with everything that I do.


SAY WHAT NOW | To Drink or Not to Drink

...yup that's me caught off guard drinking a corona...eek; don't cha like my teal nail polish though? :-)

Hi I’m Misha and I’m not an alcoholic but I do enjoy having a drink. Perhaps not just a drink but a couple. Alright, a few may be more like it. You got me. Yes, I like to moderately pile on the empty calories that alcoholic beverages pack on.

Granted, I’ve never really been concerned about my caloric intake nor my weight, that is until now. (Takes deep sigh.)  I am a Fab Chick of a certain age after all. (Age upon request if you ask nicely and is accompanied with a Starbucks gift card.) This only means that my metabolism that was once sky high is now making its descend back to earth.  Gravity is starting to affect me now, resulting in me watching what I eat more often and feeling guilty at times for my unhealthy ways. Well sort of, kind of.

But after reading an article online over at Women’s Health Magazine, I don’t feel too bad for liking to “put my drinks up” “blame it on the goose” “take shots, shots, shots, shots, shots” or for “drinking rum and Red Bull”.  Which are all lines from songs referring to alcohol in case I’ve lost you.  There actually might be hope for some of us cocktailers out here.  How about that, being able to drink and keep physically fit? 

Here’s an excerpt of that article that has me not feeling too bad for my cocktailing ways:
Researchers believe that the bodies of long-term moderate drinkers somehow adapt to metabolize alcohol differently than heavy or occasional drinkers. They use more energy, burning the calories in the drink—or even more than that—while digesting it, says Lu Wang, M.D., Ph.D., the lead researcher of the study and an instructor in medicine at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston. Researchers are still working out the specifics of how and why this happens, but they've figured out that for women who drink up to eight ounces of an alcoholic beverage a day, those calories simply don't end up as extra fat.
Whoohoo! Could this all be true? I can continue with my boozing ways and not have to let go of my waist? Be sure to read the complete article here if you are a drinker like myself. And remember to drink responsibly. Of course, it’s the Fab Chick way.


PS: I've have a slight love affair with Svedka Clementine flavored vodka after trying it out recently.  


ON MY RADAR | The Pleating Affect

There are a variety of pleats caught in my crosshairs: Accordian, knife, box and cartridge pleats just to name a few.

I remember the days when I hated pleats because I didn't like to iron them in my school uniform. And coming from a strict Caribbean background, my pleats had to be razor sharp.  But now that I'm sans the parentals, I'm totally digging the use of this fabrication. Why? I can now send my pleated garments to the cleaners. Take that mom! :-) 


1. Stylestalker - Open Back Pleated Shirt $163
2. Tibi - Pleated Skirt $170
3. Asos - Pleated Leather Collar Necklace $34
4. Oasis - Knife Pleat Dress $120
5. Fossil - Shirred Flap Crossbody Bag $55
6. Oasis - Crinkle & Button Tie Blouse $60
7. Topshop - Pleated Front Tee
8. Allsaints - Athene Top $175
9. Topshop - Pleated Full Skirt $60
10. Topshop - Structure Skater Dress $95
11. Carven - Pleated Short - Barney $120
12. Betsey Johnson - Peep Toe D'osay Pump $140


WANTED | A.L.C. Leather Moto Jacket

A.L.C. Hooded Moto Jacket
Geez, I really don't want to be thinking about fall/winter just yet, but this A.L.C Hooded Moto Jacket has me wanting to plan my fall 2011 wardrobe already. Everything from the color to the detachable hood makes this #fabchickapproved. It has made my WANTED list.


FAB THINKING | 4 Types of Guys to Stay Away From

Dating with The Fab Chick
In the fairy tales the princess had to kiss a frog before she got to see her prince. Apparently reality also has it that even us regular Fab Chicks will have to pucker up to a few frogs and toads before Mr. Prince Charming presents himself. Say it with me, UGH! How fricking annoying? Why can’t Mr. Right just show up on our doorsteps? I guess that wouldn't be reality huh? Well from experience, here are four types of frogs, I mean guys I would suggest no Fab Chick should date.

1. Mr. Pipe dreamer. He’s the guy with overly ambitious dreams. He’s is the guy always boasting about what he’s going to do, but you never see him doing anything in preparation of getting to those large goals he’s set. He spends his time creating an image that he’s about his business but at the root of it all, he’s just a good talker. A faker. He’ll make you think you’re dating Russell Simmons. Whatever. Don’t waste your time. You might find yourself putting your hard earn 9-5 salary into supporting him because he refuses to work since he has BIG DREAMS to focus on, of which no progress has been made ever.

On the flipside: Fab Chicks love guys who have aspirations and goals to do positive and major things, but we are more convinced of those things when we can actually see progress being made no matter how small they maybe. Right?

2. Mr. Angry man. The angry man is mad at the world for all his shortcomings. He’s mad at his mother, he’s mad at his father, he’s mad at the president, he’s mad at McDonalds. Everything and everyone you can think of, he has a problem with. Date him and he’ll lash out on you for all the things/people he’s mad at, thus making you one of the reasons he’s mad. And if he’s not lashing out on you, you’ll be stuck hearing him lecture about why he hasn’t done this or that. Ok sir, continue to blame the world for what you’re not doing, tell them why you’re mad, but in the meantime I’m out of here!

3. Mr. Social-networker. He’s the guy that belongs to EVERY single social network there is known to man. He spends his days and nights constantly checking, updating and commenting. He’s has a slew of shirtless pictures and randomly posts stuff just for the sake of getting a response. AKA the attention whore.  His whole life is based on his social-networking relationships. Date this frog and you will be competing with his status updating during phone conversations or evenings out on dates. You need to tell him some thing; you’ll just have to update your status and wait for a response.

4. Mr. Momma’s boy. We all know by now the damage dating a momma’s boy can have. He’s the guy that has relied on his mother to do everything for him. While you’re looking for a man, he’s looking for his mom to give him date ideas or even a few bucks to take you out. As if! With his mom in his ear you won’t be doing anything fun or lavish by any means. Can you say, cut the umbilical cord and grow some *bleeping* balls? And we know, as Fab Chicks we deserve to go out on fun and exciting dates! 

I could go on and on, but hopefully this little guide will help prevent some of you Fab Chicks from having to kiss a few unwanted frogs.  It won’t eliminate the tedious procedure we go through with dating, but hey, maybe a few red flags and warning signs will go off in your head the next time you meet a guy and he says, "I swear Obama is the reason why I refuse to look for a job and work." 


CHECK IT OUT | B. DeS SS11 Collection

Brittany DeShields
Three words came to mind when viewing Brittany DeShields' B. DeS SS11 collection for the first time; sexy, sassy and seductive. The body conscious driven collection is filled with hip-hugging silhouettes and daring sheer inserts that would make any Fab Chick want to hit the gym HARD, throw on a pair of Spanx and channel her inner vixen.
Brittany DeShields
Check out Brittany's complete B. DeS SS11 collection here. I for one could definitely find space in my closet for the six mini dresses I've featured. They're been deemed #fabchickapproved.



OFF DUTY | Beach Bumming It

I'm not usually a beach person. I don't like bugs. I can't swim. I'm scared of drowning. The water is usually cold. Ewww it's not the Caribbean. My hair is going to get messy. Grrrrrr, sand is usually everywhere when you leave. But I found myself wanting to go to the beach and so I did. Needless to say, I threw on one of my favorite bikinis (purchased at Target might I add, gotta love that place), grabbed my hat with some awesome people in tow to enjoy the sun.

PS: Smashbox's Photo Finish Foundation Primer was definitely my friend for the day.


THIS JUST IN | Naked Hearts

Naked Hearts
Special shout-out to the talented Fab Chick and fashion designer Raeana for the Goldmember Naked Heart Pin that just landed on my desk and now my chest. It's definitely a cute leather accessory to add that special little kiss to your everyday look. Be prepared to see me rocking mine everyday, well almost everyday.  
Naked Hearts
Get your leather handcrafted heart here at Nkdhearts.bigcartel.com.  



OUT & ABOUT | Bar 13 Rooftop
Style Scene Exhibit

Summer is THE perfect time for gathering on a rooftop with Fab Chicks. Perfect weather...good people...great conversation! Oh and of course a drink or two.

Style Scene Exhibit
Christina of LoveBrownSugar, Caprece of CapreceKnowsFresh, Me, Annika, Kai-Lee

And check out Caprece and I as we bask in chunks of vibrant color. 'Tis the season for color-blocking.

PS: Aren't we all loving the Tracee Ellis Ross a la Joan Clayton-esque oversized clutch she's carrying? Check here for the deets on that clutch-worthy bag.