WANTED | A.L.C. Leather Moto Jacket

A.L.C. Hooded Moto Jacket
Geez, I really don't want to be thinking about fall/winter just yet, but this A.L.C Hooded Moto Jacket has me wanting to plan my fall 2011 wardrobe already. Everything from the color to the detachable hood makes this #fabchickapproved. It has made my WANTED list.


Candace 14.7.11  

I can so see you in this.. loll

Neahle IzĂ© 14.7.11  

I don't want to think about Fall yet either ... but it is my favorite season, hands down. That jacket is so fab, I love that it's not a traditional color!

Caprece 16.7.11  

I love fall and am already thinking about leather jackets and distressed boots. #fabchickapproved, cosigned 00fresh :)