The Fab Chick's Spring Favorites

It’s Spring guys! Yay! Flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, temperatures are rising, slowly, but they are, more skin is showing, and Misha loves every bit of it - except the dreaded bouts with allergies. Ugh. But with my roots embedded deeply in the Caribbean, it’s no wonder I get excited and happy when warm weather comes around.

With my love for warm weather comes my infatuation with a few spring trends and items that become staples in my closet. Check out what this Fab Chick has been going crazy over this season.


A Fab Chick's True Confessions

Hi, my name is Misha and I'm an emotional shopper.

When I'm happy, I want to shop. When I'm sad, I want to shop even more - and this is the problem. In some odd way, shopping has been a stress reliever for me. Or has it?

As long as I can remember, I've always loved to shop. I don't know one female that doesn't enjoy the adventures of shopping.

Who doesn’t enjoy the thrill of scoring that awesome dress on sale and finding the perfect shoe to go with it, in just the right shade for the season?

Or how about casually sifting through sales racks to find a DVF dress that you’ve coveted at 50% off? Those shopping adventures are to die for! Wouldn’t you agree?

But when I'm emotionally distraught, I immediately grab my wallet, pull out my credit card, place it strategically between the home row keys and head to my favorite online shops to see what I can buy to make myself feel better.

What triggers my need to shop?


Fab Chick: Shoes Trend Alert
Will You Join the Chain Gang?

Adding chains to any look is a great way to combine simplicity with a bit of edge to your wardrobe. It’s usually a great bold metallic way of incorporating some fun detailing.

Many of us are used to wearing chains as necklaces and bracelets layered as the jewelry trend has dictated. But I see many shoe designers are adding this detailing in with their shoe designs.

The best example of this, so far, has been the Lanvin Pump with the chain ankle strap. Lanvin did an amazing job with creating a classic silhouette that’s timeless while updating it with the hardness and street edge that chains provide.
The next time you see a shoe with a little chain detailing, you may want to try it on. It is sure to give your wardrobe the edge you’re often looking to include in an instant.

Let’s all join the chain gang and add some chains around our feet.

Here are a few other Fab Chick approved styles that include chain detailing: