Fab Chick: Color Trend Alert
We're Tripping on Acid Yellow

Highlight your personal style with one of this season’s color trends: acid yellow. If you enjoy standing out in a crowd like highlighted words in a book, you're definitely going to want to add this fluorescent hue to your wardrobe.  What a fun color for Spring!
Fab Chick Tip: Ladies, let’s not over do it with the highlighter yellow.  Too much will definitely be overkill. To retain a chic look, it's best to choose one item as your focal point, (shoe, handbag, or dress) in this very bright color,  keeping all other components minimal and neutral.

Here are a few Fab Chick approved acid yellow items:


Fab Chick Trend Alert: Get Utilitarian Chic

Command attention this spring with some great utilitarian styles that have graced the runways and are showing up in all the stores. Channel your inner GI Jane with military inspired looks with shades of army green, khaki, and brown. Look for details and accents in studs, buckles, straps, and patch pockets for the ultimate utility feel.
Here are a few pieces that will help to give you that utilitarian feel.


Fab Chick: Need to Relax?
It's time for Spa Week!

"Relax, relate, release" -Whitley Gilbert on "A Different World"

How many times have you sat at your desk, whether at home or at the office, hunched over your keyboard with tired, worn out muscles? Just the other day, did you look in the mirror as you put on your make-up only to notice how exhausted and tired your skin looks?

If you’ve answered yes to any of those questions, then join the many women who time after time promise themselves a much needed body massage and/or facial but never deliver the goods.

Many times, as Fab Chicks on the go, we’re busy working a 9-5, taking care of families, and in between, propelling a hustle we love, and we tend to leave our bodies neglected. We fail to include the much needed ‘me’ time that’s vital to maintaining our wellness and sanity in today’s fast past society.

Well, I’ve got some exciting news that you are going to love. It’s time to hit the spa ladies. And this time you have no excuse!


Fab Chick: Introducing mySkin.com

The best accessory any fab chick can own is flawless skin. Possessing a radiant and impeccable complexion trumps owning a pair of Louboutins or getting your hands on that spectacular McQueen creation, wouldn't you say? Okay, maybe not completely. But I’m going to go out on a limb and say it's pretty darn close.

The first thing people usually notice about a person is their skin. Despite what you may want to believe, your face is always the center of attention, whether it's spotless or filled with blemishes. So let’s focus on achieving a spotless complexion. And if you can achieve that without tons of make-up, then big kudos to you!

Achieving great skin starts with acquiring a good skin care regimen. With so many different products on the market, it can be very frustrating to go through the process of finding what works for you. But don't give up. That superb complexion is out there waiting for you.

mySkin.com is a cool site created to help you achieve great skin. Instead of flocking to Duane Reid or Co. Bigelow to load up on a slew of expensive products you are unsure of, go to mySkin.com. There, you can get recommendations based on your very own skin type – and it’s super easy. All you have to do is enter your specific skin characteristics and viola; you’re presented with options that best suit your skin’s needs. Thus, reducing the dreaded trial and error process we all loathe. And besides, what could be better than using products recommended specifically on you?


Fab Chick: 82nd Academy Awards
"Who Sizzled & Fizzled" on the Red Carpet

Last night everyone took to twitter, including myself about all the looks that went down the red carpet of the 82nd Academy Awards. Sadly enough, the consensus seemed to agree with being very underwhelmed. I, for one was left still waiting for the big wow factor.

Where was all the glitz and fabulous glamour that the Academy Awards usually exude? I guess all the dresses we all were waiting to be in awe of were left in the designers' showrooms. Clearly, what made it down the red carpet was very lackluster and boring. Ill fitting in some cases. But hey, that's just my POV. Nonetheless, with the many fizzles that graced the red carpet, there were a few looks that sizzled. Check out what I thought made the cut, or just didn't quite measure up.


Fab Chick: The 411 on Spring Trends
Who's Ready?

Spring comes around and the average person is thinking green grass, blooming flowers, longer days and warm temperatures perfect for picnics in the park. Meanwhile, the fab chick is anticipating new clothes, shorter hemlines without tights, open toe shoes and sandals to die for, and of course, dewy skin to match.

Yes, it’s time to get our Spring wardrobe checklists out ladies. In a matter of weeks, Spring will be here! Aren't you guys excited?

Let’s face it, everyone is fed up with the brutal winter we’ve been facing, so we’re ready to jump right into the Spring mood.

Who’s with me? Let’s get our Spring ensembles in tip-top shape so we can look our best while strutting around the city.

Ready? Get your notebook and pens out. Time to take some notes.

This season, there are a few keys words to keep in mind when outfitting your closet: Safari, Tribal, Romance, Neutrals and Prints just to name a few. Putting these words to memory while shopping will keep your Spring wardrobes right on target this year.