Fab Chick: Introducing mySkin.com

The best accessory any fab chick can own is flawless skin. Possessing a radiant and impeccable complexion trumps owning a pair of Louboutins or getting your hands on that spectacular McQueen creation, wouldn't you say? Okay, maybe not completely. But I’m going to go out on a limb and say it's pretty darn close.

The first thing people usually notice about a person is their skin. Despite what you may want to believe, your face is always the center of attention, whether it's spotless or filled with blemishes. So let’s focus on achieving a spotless complexion. And if you can achieve that without tons of make-up, then big kudos to you!

Achieving great skin starts with acquiring a good skin care regimen. With so many different products on the market, it can be very frustrating to go through the process of finding what works for you. But don't give up. That superb complexion is out there waiting for you.

mySkin.com is a cool site created to help you achieve great skin. Instead of flocking to Duane Reid or Co. Bigelow to load up on a slew of expensive products you are unsure of, go to mySkin.com. There, you can get recommendations based on your very own skin type – and it’s super easy. All you have to do is enter your specific skin characteristics and viola; you’re presented with options that best suit your skin’s needs. Thus, reducing the dreaded trial and error process we all loathe. And besides, what could be better than using products recommended specifically on you?

Afraid of what brands they may recommend? Well just about every skin care option out there is on this site. The options are vast, but plugging in your info gives you a tailored regimen. How about that for a perfect fit?

Venture over to mySkin.com for a go at getting the perfect skin routine for you. Hey, it's worth a try to achieve a perfect complexion. I love when I get compliments on my skin tone, so I’m always seeking even better alternatives to take my skin to that next level and so should you.

I'm inviting all you fab chicks out there to head over to mySkin.com for a tour. Hey, it's on me. Just type in special code "Fabchick" and your access will be granted, as it’s currently on an invite only basis. How about that for a little exclusivity?
Remember the best accessory that will allow you to feel and walk with utter confidence is to have great skin. So go on, try it out. And as always, keep it Fab!