Affordable Beauty Class With AJ Crimson

In a small room at Spa Catchi on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, an intimate group gathered to expand their horizons and knowledge of all thing beauty and make-up. The group consisted of both professional and non-professional make-up artists.

Can you guess which one I fell under?

I’m definitely no professional but I do enjoy learning new things and I love putting on a fab face every now and then. Don’t you?

I figure, who better to look to than a professional when it comes to learning great tips for application and product usage?

Wednesday evening AJ Crimson, celebrity make-up artist who has worked with Brandy, Latoya Luckett, Fergie, Amerie, Adrienne Baillon, and others hosted a make-up class he calls Affordable Beauty.


Her Shoes vs Her Dreams
Which one would you choose?

How many times have you skimped and saved, or even neglected financial obligations to buy that dynamite pair of designer shoes?

I’m sure many of you have lost count by now.

When it comes to women and their designer shoes, there is no parting ways, no sacrificing, and no letting go. There may even be some skipped lunches for a few days to offset the cost of the season’s hot shoe. Point is, we will find a way to achieve that must have shoe.

The lengths many of us go to in order to strut fabulously are borderline crazy. I'm also guilty of the insanity.


But when my Twitter buddy Trasi, tweeted about letting go of one of her favorite pairs of Louboutins, I had to inquire!

Why would she do this?
Is she on the verge of homelessness?
Does she have another costly addiction besides shoes and coffee?

TheFabChick was on the case. I had to find out more.

Read more... celebrate Exclusiveness
& I Spied Denim Cut-offs is an entertainment and lifestyle site known for giving you the scoop on all things exclusive.

Yesterday, they hosted an invite only celebration at the chic Armand de Brignac loft on Greene St. in Manhattan.

Shout out to Javid of theLIFEFiles for the invite.


Dr. Miracle's New Products!
Launch Party for New Skin Care & Follicle Healer

Wednesday night I attended Dr. Miracle’s launch party for a few new products they’ve added to their successful brand. The launch’s focus was geared toward the new Follicle Healer Collection and products expanding their skin care division, My Miracle Face Care.
The fab event was hosted at the trendy Midtown Manhattan Dream Hotel. As guests poured in from the sweltering summer heat, a variety of drinks and cocktails were served. Being the wine drinker that I am, I immediately grabbed a chilled glass of red and took a seat to cool down. Man was it hot!


It’s Personally Mine!
M Just For Misha!

What fab chick doesn’t love a cute piece of jewelry? Especially one that’s personally yours!

Accessories are very important to any outfit. They assist in expressing your personal style at times when your wardrobe maybe lacking a little statement.

Whether it’s a necklace your grandmother gave you that holds sentimental value or the ever so trendy YSL cocktail ring everyone is coveting, they both can create a personal touch synonymous with who you are.

If I must quote myself:
“Accessories often allow for more personality to shine through, letting your true personal style sparkle.” -Taken from an early Feb 2010 post It’s All In The Details…The Small Things Do Matter.


Meet a Fashion Blogger on Sample Sale Forum
Who? Me Of Course!

I was asked by to participate in their Meet a Fashion Blogger segment.

Can you believe it? Little of Misha from has peeked someone's interest.

Being beyond flattered, I obliged the request for the short interview.

Check out my interview on here. Get to know a little bit about me.


The Fab Link Round-Up
You missed it? Here it is again!

In case you missed out, take some time to catch up with a few other bloggers I've joined for a weekly Fab Link Round-UP...

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Platinum Release Party with Aliya S. King
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Platinum Release Party with Aliya S. King


Last week July 6th, Aliya S. King released her third book, first novel Platinum.

Since it’s release, I’ve been toting it in my bag, trying to find time in between my commute to read the juicy and entertaining story. And boy is it a page-turner.
A full week later and some of NYC’s tastemaker, movers, and shakers gathered at Bo Concepts on Madison Ave. to celebrate Platinum’s book launch.


Celebrating Bastille Day at The Phyto Universe

When you receive an invite to attend an event where you’re able to not only meet great women in the beauty and fashion business, but to get a chance to learn about great products and services, you’d be a fool not to accept. Misha’s definitely no fool, so to the Phyto Universe I headed after work.
In celebration of Bastille Day, Al├Ęs Group, the house to brands; Phyto USA, Lierac Paris Skincare, and Carcon Fragrances held an informational yet fun event outlining some great products.

What is Bastille Day?


Expand Your Wardrobe with His!

Why limit your wardrobe to just your closet? The Fab Chick says, expand your wardrobe with his! Channel you inner tomboy.
"I have a very strong character and I like to be challenged. Men's clothing makes me feel empowered so I often wear a man's suit. Sometimes I think I should have been born a guy!" - Zoe Saladana
The fellas might get a little upset with me for saying this, but since many of us fab chicks are “wearing the pants” anyway, why not grab a pair of his?


A Bit of MAC In The Groove Collection

MAC ‘s In The Groove helped to get me in a better mood.

After hearing the buzz from all my fellow twitter and blogging beauties, I decided to head to my favorite MAC counter to visit my friend and make-up artist to check out the new In The Groove Collection.

As always, Jihanne gives me the scoop on the new collections, shows me what colors work for my skin tone and gives me pointers on how to use the new products. She keeps me in the MAC loop with the low down on what to look out for from the brand. I love being in the know! What fab chick doesn’t?


The Fab Chick Chats with Aliya S. King

Fab is not a word Aliya S. King uses to describe herself.

I know. I asked.

But you can’t be a mom, wife, successful writer, mentor, teacher, and friend and not be considered a “fab chick”.

For as long as I’ve known Aliya (Ms. King to me), seeing her in the halls of my high school, I always admired her personal style.

Could it be because she wasn’t far from me in age? I don’t know. But what I do know is, she would wear a navy blue shorts suit that I loved, accessorized with a pair of brown oxfords and coach bag. That was 1997.

She was a fly teacher and class advisor.

Aliya doesn’t know this, but I’ve always pegged her as a fab chick. Way before was created, Aliya S. King was Fab Chick Approved!

It's 2010 and Aliya is even more fab than she was when I first met her over 10 years ago.

I decided to grab some of her very limited time to ask her a few questions. She’s readying the release of her new novel Platinum, so you know she’s BUSY!

We talk about out why she’s doesn’t consider herself a fab chick, her favorite place to shop, her advise for writers and bloggers, and she dishes on her new novel Platinum and which famous fab chick she would love to hang out with.