The Fab Chick Chats with Aliya S. King

Fab is not a word Aliya S. King uses to describe herself.

I know. I asked.

But you can’t be a mom, wife, successful writer, mentor, teacher, and friend and not be considered a “fab chick”.

For as long as I’ve known Aliya (Ms. King to me), seeing her in the halls of my high school, I always admired her personal style.

Could it be because she wasn’t far from me in age? I don’t know. But what I do know is, she would wear a navy blue shorts suit that I loved, accessorized with a pair of brown oxfords and coach bag. That was 1997.

She was a fly teacher and class advisor.

Aliya doesn’t know this, but I’ve always pegged her as a fab chick. Way before was created, Aliya S. King was Fab Chick Approved!

It's 2010 and Aliya is even more fab than she was when I first met her over 10 years ago.

I decided to grab some of her very limited time to ask her a few questions. She’s readying the release of her new novel Platinum, so you know she’s BUSY!

We talk about out why she’s doesn’t consider herself a fab chick, her favorite place to shop, her advise for writers and bloggers, and she dishes on her new novel Platinum and which famous fab chick she would love to hang out with.

TFC: Hi Aliya! So I was advised this would be the best way for a quick Q&A.

ASK: Yes ma'am! Hi lovely girl!

TFC: Hey! I wanted to ask you few questions with your new novel Platinum on the cusp of being released. I wanted to get to you before all the big names got to you and you didn’t have time for the little people like myself. (laughs)

Can I fire away with those questions now or is there another time more suitable for you?

(If you guys don’t know, Aliya is a very busy with the promotion of her new novel. Platinum. I’ve been trying to set up an interview with her for a few months. My last resort, Gchat.)

ASK: Go right ahead!

TFC: Ok. Awesome. Are you familiar with

ASK: Of course!

TFC: Yay! Great. Would you consider yourself a fab chick, why or why not?

ASK: Hmmm. Can I be honest?

TFC: Yes! Please do.

ASK: Fab is NOT a word I would use to describe myself, which is probably why I wrote PLATINUM. I wanted to go inside the world of fabulous chicks with fabulous lives and live vicariously through them.

TFC: Hmmm. Why not?

ASK: I'm quite plain and comfortable with that. But I love a sneak peek at how other folks live.

TFC: Gotcha! So how would you describe yourself in one word other than plain?

ASK: Tenacious.

TFC: Hmmm. Tenacious. Yes that word does fit you.

TFC: How would you describe your daily style routine? How would you describe your personal style and what’s your single most favorite item in your wardrobe this spring/summer season?

ASK: (laughs) A daily style routine?! Who me?! I don't have one! I work from home. So daily, I wear whatever. I will give you my going-out style routine. When I know I have to go into the city, the night before I'm meticulous about making sure I know exactly what I'm going to where and that everything, down to accessories is ready to go. I don't like not knowing exactly what I'm going to wear. I think I would define my style as classic.

TFC: Hmmm. I would say you are classic but with a touch of girlie & bohemian. So you are not a spontaneous dresser?

ASK: (laughs) NO! Not ever.

TFC: (laughs) Ah. Oh Ok.

ASK: I always know exactly what I'm going to where.

TFC: Hmmm. That is interesting. I would have never thought that about you. I’m definitely more spontaneous in my dress. I like to just go with a feeling most of the time.

ASK: I curate my closet very, VERY tightly. My closet looks bare. For the last few years, I've been strict about not hanging up anything I won't REALLY wear.

TFC: Ok, so if you don't hang them up what do you do with those items? Just fold them in drawers?

ASK: Yes. But all of my going out clothes needs to be hung up. My only folded clothes are loungewear and t-shirts. I even hang up my jeans.

TFC: Ah. Gotcha. Where are you favorite places to shop? Wait, I know already. Anthroplogie is one right? (laughs)

ASK: Anthropologie! (laughs)
TFC: Ha! How did I know? Perhaps a little twitter birdie gave me some clues. (laughs)

ASK: Yes. I live in that store. I'm on my way there today to buy a few things for the Essence Music Festival this week. I get compliments on everything I wear from there.

TFC: I’m sure, that store does fit your style needs.

ASK: I loooove their dresses, and I'm very big on dresses.

TFC: Yes, they have great pieces. So let’s touch on some writing, after all that is what you do. As a writer who also blogs from time to time, do you read other blogs?

ASK: Yes.

TFC: Which ones are your favorite?

ASK: I'm probably one of the few people who will admit to reading Mediatakeout. I read it every day!

TFC: (laughs) Really? Oh ok.

ASK: And Bossip, Necole Bitchie, ConcreteLoop and all the rest. It's my entertainment!

TFC: That's interesting. I wouldn't have thought you would read any of those gossip sites.

ASK: Really?! I love gossip! I read Us Weekly too and People, all that stuff.

TFC: (laughs) I can't front I pick up US Weekly from time to time. But I look at it to see who's wearing what, not really for gossip.

ASK: Suuuure you do.

TFC: (laughs) What about fashion blogs, do you read any of those?

ASK: Sometimes fashion blogs make me sad. They remind me of how little I'm doing!

TFC: Awww. Really? (laughs) That's interesting though. I’m sure you’re not the only one that feels that way. So you feel you need to step it up when you read fashion blogs and they create a bit of pressure for you fashion and style wise?

ASK: That would be an understatement. Here's where I am weak: the every day outfit.

TFC: Hmmm. It sounds like you might need to have the “FabChick” to come in and help you out with that. (laughs)

ASK: As a full-time freelancer, there are many times when I don't leave the house at ALL, except to take the kids to school and pick them up. I don't want to get all gussied up just to run out of the house. But I don't want to look a mess either. I need go-to pieces that are casual but still pulled together.

TFC: Ah that's easy!

ASK: I wandered around American Apparel the other day and I really like what they had going on.

TFC: We'll have to chat about that another time. I’ll hook you up! (laughs)

ASK: I don't know if those clothes are too young for me. At 36, I'm starting to realize that certain styles don't befit my age.

TFC: Well, it’s not like you’re old. I’m right behind you. But I would say, if you question whether something is too young for you, most chances are it is. But there are ways of taking some items that ordinarily appear younger and making them age appropriate. So Aliya, what do you struggle with most when creating and writing?

ASK: Great question.

TFC: How do you overcome those struggles to push through and create great pieces?

ASK: I'm pretty disciplined when it comes to writing. I mean, you have to treat it like a 9-5 job. Sometimes you'll be inspired, sometimes you won't. No matter what, you have to push through and get it done. I have to give myself a lot of pep talks and I have writer friends that keep me moving.

TFC: Ahhh yes. But what about when you already have a 9-5 and writing is your 6-9, what advice would you have for us in pushing through?

ASK: You have to treat it the same way!

TFC: Got you! Makes a lot of sense.

ASK: If you had a part-time job at the Gap, you would not say, I'm not inspired to fold t-shirts today.

TFC: Yes, very true.

ASK: You would get fired.

TFC: That’s an awesome way to look at it! So word is you have a new novel coming out, when does it hit bookstores? Tell me more about it, what motivated the story behind the soon to be bestseller? Although I think you kind of went over that earlier.

ASK: July 6th! PLATINUM will be in stores!
Sidebar: THAT’S TODAY! Got out and get it!

ASK: It's about four women who are in relationships with rap artists and what their lives are like. The scandal, the money, the groupies and all that juicy stuff. I was motivated by a story I wrote for VIBE in 2006 about the secret lives of rappers' wives.

TFC: Sounds very good! I'm so getting it for more reasons than one.

ASK: It is, if I should say so myself!

TFC: Yes you should. So what are your hopes for Platinum realistically?

ASK: I want it to sell a trillion copies, realistically.

TFC: Wow! Hmmm. Way to think positive! I think you can do it! (laughs)
I’ve heard through the grapevine there might be a sequel, is that true?

ASK: Yes! I am halfway done with the sequel now and I like it better than PLATINUM!

TFC: Wow! Why is that?

ASK: I think because I tried something I never have before: writing from a man's point of view.

TFC: Hmmm. Oh ok.

ASK: I was scared I couldn't write in man's voice and really have it be authentic but I think I did it.

TFC: I'm sure you did! And did it well! What is one thing you set out to accomplish as a writer that you haven't yet?

ASK: Lemme think.


TFC: Ok we can come back to it if you want to.

ASK: No!

TFC: (laughs) Ok.

ASK: I haven't yet written more books, that is all I can think of. I want to see a shelf full of books with my name on them! Right now, I only see three. I wanna see thirty!
TFC: I hear that! Hell, let's make it 50! (laughs)

ASK: (laughs)

TFC: Almost done here. If you had one solid piece of advice for writers and those wanting to enter into the field of journalism what would it be? What about us fashion & beauty writers and bloggers, would the advice be the same?

ASK: My advice is the same to anyone who wants to write/blog: write something every single day. I don't care if it's a page, a paragraph or one. Single. Sentence. Get into the habit of writing every single day.

TFC: Does twittering, count? (laughs) I know, I know, it doesn’t .

My last question would be...If there was one "Fab Chick" living today that you would want to have a ladies day out, shopping and spa treatments, who would she be?

ASK: Like a Fab Chick I'd like to hang out with?

TFC: Yes.

ASK: Besides you? (laughs) You've been fly since ninth grade.

TFC: Wow! Thanks!! (laughs)

ASK: I remember your beaded gown from senior prom. I said well damn!

TFC: I loved that dress. Still do! Ha! Would you believe I tried that dress on last month and it still fits the SAME!! (shakes head)
ASK: You little bitch! I hate you!

TFC: (laughs hysterically) But yes, besides me.

ASK: But let's see, who else?

ASK: I couldn't get my prom dress past my ankles if you paid me. ANYWAY, I'd like to spend the whole day with Beyonce.

TFC: Wow, Bey...interesting!

ASK: I heart her. And I don't trust anyone who tries to say she's not the baddest to ever do it.

TFC: She is a fab chick! No one can deny her of that! She’s definitely talented and driven.

ASK: Lots of people do. Not sure why.

TFC: Yea they do, as much as she annoys me, I can't deny her of that! I wouldn’t mind spending a day with her as well. She would be interesting to interact with. So I get it!

TFC: Well Ms. King, you'll always be Ms. king to me. Thanks so much for your time, I know you are a busy lady and you are still a fab chick regardless what you say!

ASK: Awww. Thanks! That actually COUNTS coming from you!!!

TFC: Awesome! Well I need to get back to work! (laughs) Before “she” kills me...will chat with you soon. I will definitely be getting that book, Platinum. And I will tell everyone I know to get it!

ASK: Yay! Thanks girlie!

Be sure to follow Aliya S. King at to see all the fab adventures her new novel Platinum takes her on. Don't forget to run to book stores to pick it up!


O So Chic ! 6.7.10  

Great interview! I've been following Aliya on Twitter for a while now. Platinum is definitely on my Summer reading list.