NH Media's Sizzling Summer Social

Summer is just starting to heat up with many hot events happening around NYC. The air is filled with social events buzzing around attracting those who are not only looking to expand their networks, but also publicize their businesses.

Last night was definitely a great night for just that. The temperature was high and so was the energy in the city.

There was no time for sweating and complaining. I had to complete my event filled evening with NH Media’s Summer Social, who officially just launched their PR and marketing services.

The collaborative effort of NH Media, Orangejuiceandbiscuits.com and Youareonthelist.com produced a high-energy charged event of an eclectic group of movers and shakers. You could not help but to rub elbows with models, PR mavens, fashion industry insiders, stockbrokers, TV personalities hipsters and bloggers of course.
Even though I arrived about an hour into the event, it showed no sign of ending soon.

With the combination of free-flowing cocktails, yummy appetizers, a chocolate fountain surrounded by a table of sinful goodies, in conjunction with the DJ spinning and playing some great tunes, who would want to leave?
If all those treats and goodies didn’t keep you occupied, there was a live twitter stream sure to garner your attention. In this day and age, who’s not twittering?
The live stream was a great way to actually see right in front of your eyes who was saying what.

How about that for stalker potential? But we’ll just say it offered a good opportunity to meet some people you probably tweet with regularly.

TV Personality Kela Walker, of "That's So New York", Me, Mikki, The Obsessionista

Sidebar: Don't you just love Kala's fedora. I'm not sure if she was having a bad hair day or not, didn't appear she was, but it definitely looked fab on her! Remember my Fedora post, if not revisit here.

Although I missed guest arrivals, I did manage to meet and greet the Fab Chick in charge of the night, NH Media’s own Natasha Huang before leaving Cult Studios.
Let me just express how much I loved her Rolando Santana maxi dress. She nailed simple and chic.

And how about that neutral color? It was definitely right on cue for this season’s neutral tone craze. She was definitely Fab Chick approved!

Some of the great sponsors on board included China Glaze, Pop Chips, Tarte Cosmetics, Oro Tequila, and BNI just to name a few.

Inside the gift bag. I will be reading my O mag on my way to Canada Thursday!

Overall I’d peg the night a success.


Jonathan Valdez 1.7.10  

GREAT POST! Thanks so much! -Jonathan Valdez of Orange Juice and Biscuits

Audrey Allure 1.7.10  

Great pictures, I was there too! :)

TheCubicleChick 5.7.10  

That is the fabulous thing about living in NYC---you guys get the best events the nightlife has to offer. It's hard to find events like these in St. Louis. Great pics and a good time. :)