My Spring/Summer 2010 Color Obsession

I’ve never been one to claim a favorite color. I pretty much love them all. But as the seasons change, so does my love affair with certain hues. I guess you can say I have color commitment issues.

This spring/summer, yellow has won over my heart and become the object of my affection. The brighter and more fluorescent the shade, the more my heart skips a beat. You name it and I’ve bought it in acid yellow.

I wonder how long I will be infatuated with this shade of yellow. I’m sure by season’s end, I will be over it and on to the next one.

Read all about my trend alert about this very color here.

By the way, is there a color you are obsessed with this spring/summer season?

PS: My obsession with this color is the exact reason why I was drawn to the Sweet & Punchy eye shadow from MAC's To The Beach Collection I told you all I purchased here.


So Obsessed 8.6.10  

that pink/yellow/grey combo is making me weak! I LOVE it!

Melissa 8.6.10  

Yes! I'm loving yellow this season as well. I picked up some acid yellow accessories last weekend. Some shades, earrings, bangles and stuff.

And I'm loving that grey skirt!! Go Girl.

Janique 10.6.10  

You look great! Yellow is definitely your color. The pink/grey/yellow combo is definitely a killer.

Living Fly on a Dime 17.6.10  

Those yellow pumps are super duper fly. And I love the black fringe skirt. I can't really say I have a favorite color either, but I do like adding a bold accessory just to spice my look up.