Fab Chick: New Video-Amerie
More Than Love

Check out Fab Chick Amerie's new video for the single "More Than Love" featuring Fabolous.


Pile It...Layer It...Make it BOLD
Around the Neck

When it comes to necklaces, for the past couple of seasons, the theory has been to pile it on, layer it and make it bold. What Fab Chick doesn't enjoy punching up her fab-ness with a little glitz and glam to make a statement. Accessories are a great way to layer on more glamour while adding a few dimensions to your look. Necklaces have taken over as statement pieces to outfits that may otherwise be looked upon as dull.
Bib necklaces have been all the craze. These large jeweled creations have been great ways of adding a bit of attractiveness. If not bib necklaces, we're seeing pearls and chains of all different lengths mixed and layered on top of each other for a luxe appearance. For example, a basic turtleneck top could be transformed into a stunning look with incorporating a great bold piece around the neck.
The problem. You might feel like you are channeling Mr. T with some of these bold necklace choices, but we urge to you to think less Mr. T and more Egytian Goddess.

Check out how a few of our favorite fab chicks who incorporated the use a bold necklace choice.


Fab Chick: *UPDATE* Mary J. Blige
"Stronger With Each Tear" Bonus Tracks

If you haven't checked out our review of Mary J Blige's new album "Stronger With Each Tear" make sure to check it out here. Don't forget to go and purchase the album. It's currently being featured as an Amazon Daily Deal where you can download the complete album for only $3.99 on Amazon.com as an MP3 download here. There are 2 Amazon MP3 exclusive tracks, so it's definitely worth it for a little more Mary. Now that's a Fab deal. Check out the tracklisting with the bonus tracks.


Fab Chick: Alicia Keys
Covers Giant Magazine

With the latest drop of her new album, Alicia Keys covers Giant Magazine's January 2010 issue, the last print issue to hit newsstands. Be sure to pick up the issue to see what Ms. Keys is revealing in her cover story.
Check out more pictures from her spread.


Fab Chick: Corinne Bailey Rae
New Video "I'd Do It All Again"

We've missed her, and she's finally back! While out of the spotlight for a bit, the beautiful song bird, Corinne Bailey Rae took some time to grieve her late husband while preparing her new album "The Sea" due out early 2010. Here's her new video for the first single "I'd Do It All Again".


Music Review: Mary J. Blige
"Stronger With Each Tear"
By: Shydel James

Having released a new album every two years over the last decade, Mary J. Blige’s success as a music artist is hard to miss (combined first week sales of her last two albums topped over one million units sold), but it’s her evolution as a person that’s even more appealing.

To many, Blige is like a big sister who they’ve watched grow from a bratty, unruly teenager, into a refined, seasoned woman with all the trimmings of a Hollywood star – and this journey has been documented in her music.

Flip through her eight-album catalog and the titles of her work – No More Drama, The Breakthrough, Growing Pains – read like self-help books. And in a sense, that’s what Blige has become: an advocator of strength and female empowerment, never afraid to vocalize her own personal struggles.

Therefore, it’s no surprise that her ninth studio set would be called Stronger with Each Tear, a fitting addition to her you-can’t-keep-a-good-woman-down body of work. All the ingredients are there: powerful ballads, preachy anthems and collaborations with the rapper of the moment. There’s only one thing missing: songs!


Winter Boots...
What are you wearing on your feet?

The cold weather is definitely in full swing with today marking the official first day of winter. The windchill factors have already hit very low temps and we've seen our first big snow fall. During these times, many find it hard to get dressed for the cold weather while maintaining their chic-ness. It can pose a huge challenge when you need to take the brutal elements into account before leaving out in the morning. How are you keeping your feet Fab while staying warm and dry?

If you're not privilege to be chauffeured around avoiding snow filled sidewalks and large puddles when crossing the streets, then 9 times out of 10 you're going to have to loose the heels and put on suitable footwear. For trekking through the snow and walking in icy puddles you must be prepared. Yes, we know. It can be hard to look your best while wearing big furry or clunky rubber boots. But we can all agree that wet, cold feet are not fab.

When it comes to winter footwear, you don't have to sacrifice your fab-ness or loose the cute factor for comfort and warmth. There are many options for you Fab Chicks out there that will allow you to maintain your stylish demeanor while weathering the storms against the brutal elements without the usual Ugg options. And we all know what Ugg option we are referring to.


Fab Chick: Mary J blige
"Words & Music"

The Queen of Hip Hop Soul, Mary J Blige is back with another album for the ladies and she's out promoting it. Yesterday she performed in all her Mary J. glamour and fab-ness at BET's Words & Music. The performance is scheduled to air December 22, 2009 at 7:30 p.m./ET on BET., so look out for it.
Stay tuned as friend to the Fab Chick, writer Shydel James reviews her new album "Stronger With Each Tear". It's no question by the sounds of the first two singles that she continues to ride for us ladies.


Fab Chick: Arm Candy
Fiona Paxton 'Trixy' Bracelet

How about this bracelet for a bit of arm candy?

Although not so sweet, This Fiona Paxton 'Trixy' ($216.00) bracelet is definitely a cool piece to have in your accessory collection. The patent leather and fringed chains are great for an edgy dramatic effect. Let's say it's a bit of hard candy.


Fab Chick: Nicole Richie's House of Harlow
1960 Holliday Collection Launch

Nicole Richie launched her House of Harlow 1960 accessory collection this weekend in Bloomingdale's South Coast Plaza. The very successful yet affordable collection consists of bangles, necklaces, rings, and cuffs all inspired by the 60's era. There are definitely a few very fab pieces you may want to add to your jewelry collection.
Look out for Nicole to be launching a new women's contemporary clothing line February 2010.

Check out a few pictures of the jewelry collection.


Fab Chick Feature: Holiday Make-up Looks

In a little over a week we'll be exchanging gifts, celebrating Christmas and then clinking glasses of champagne ringing in the New Year. Are you ready? We've already covered a few festive looks and ideas so now we're going over a few holiday make-up looks.. Fab Chick Mac make-up consultant Jihanne gave us a few pointers. Let's see what she did. Check it out!

Check out a few still shots of the girls and an outline of what was used.


Fab Chick: Shoe Crush
Brian Atwood

This week's Fab Chick Shoe Crush is brought to you by Brian Atwood. Talk about downtown chic. The 'Wagner' suede pumps are undoubtedly a great shoe. The all over rivets add a little extra something to what would be a basic black platform peep-toe pump. It's all in the details! Simplicity with a bit of edge. And at 6 inches high, can you say sexy? Check out more images.


Music Review: Robin Thicke's "Sex Therapy"
The Love Doctor
By: Shydel James

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Attention Ladies: does your man have you stressed out? Are you overworked? Feeling uptight? Constantly riled up? Well, look no further, because the doctor is in.

As if you all didn’t love him already, Robin Thicke unabashedly prescribes himself as the remedy for sensual deficiency on his fourth album Sex Therapy.

“Take you like Twilight I’ll bite your neck/you don’t have to stay in the rain I’ll get you wet/push you up against the wall/turn you out and turn you on” he insists in his infamous, breathy falsetto on the title track.

Hot, steamy sex not your thing? Don’t fret. Thicke is also clairvoyant and determined to make anything you wish his command.


All about the LBD!

Every Fab Chick should own a 'little black dress'. A "little black dress" widely known as an LBD is an essential and key item that will complete your wardrobe. Why? It's timeless, affordable, and versatile. Season after season it will never go out of style. Women of all ages can wear a 'little black dress' and look great for any occasion. A neutral color like black allows you to play with accessories, different shoe colors and different layering pieces like blazers and cardigans, which can transform the dress into multiple different looks. Add a cardigan, and stockings for work, or how about a cropped leather jacket for a night on the town with you girls. Whichever way you decided to style it, you will be chic.
So if you haven't completed you wardrobe with that perfect 'little black dress' yet, we suggest that you start the search for a silhouette that compliments your body shape. If you plan on only having one black dress, we recommend going with a simple shape like a sheath or shift. If you are anything like the Fab chicks here, you will have a more than one 'little black dress' in different textures and shapes. Whatever you choose, make sure the fit is correct!

Ciara happens to be a fan of the little black dress as we can see here.

Here are a few different LBD's that we found for you all.


Would You Rent the Runway???

With the faltering economy, fashionista Fab Chicks are always looking for great ways to save money and still maintain their Fab-ness. Many of us are turning to online retailers like Gilt.com, HauteLook and Rue LaLa just to name a few, to purchase those brands we all love for a fraction of the cost. In addition to those off price sites of which most you must become a member, there's now RentTheRunway. RentTheRunway.com is an online site that allows you to rent high end designer dresses for as low as 90% off the retail price for up to 4 days, 8 days max for a higher rental price. So if you always wanted to wear a Hervé Léger bandage dress or a stunning creation from Badgley Mischka without dipping into your living expenses, RentTheRunway.com maybe perfect for you.

Perhaps Lily Allen was foreseeing a wave of new retail opportunities in the rental clothes business when she decided to open a new boutique which will incorporate some of the same practices of renting clothes? Read here if you missed that post. Let's not forget Jennifer Hudson's character in Sex and The City The Movie where she rented high-end handbags instead of trying to buy a bag she couldn't afford. With the economic environment changing so does shopping habits, maybe rental ensembles are the way to go for some of you. Hmmmm. We wonder. Again Fab Chicks we ask, would you rent an article of clothing? 100% of you said NO last time. Does RentTheRunway.com change your views? Well Vote Now!!


Fab Chick: Corinne Bailey Rae
She's Back! New Album coming soon

She's back! And we're happy to see that the "Put your Records On" singer has returned to give us some new music. She was out to promote and preform her new album, The Sea along with her multi-platinum selling self titled debut at the Hiro Ballroom in NYC earlier this week. We're definitely excited to hear what's to come from this Fab Chick.

Check out more pics from her performance this week taken by Joseph Bayot.


Fab Chick: Mary J. Blige - "I Am"
New video

The Queen of Hip Hop Soul is back to give us her 9th studio effort Stronger with Each Tear. The album is set to hit stores Decemeber 21st, just in time for the holiday season. We must say that a Mary J. Blige album is undoubtly a great Fab Chick stocking stuffer who wouldn't love a little more Mary in their playlists. We look forward to hearing what Mary has in-store for us this go round. Check out the video for her second single off the album, I am.


Fab Chick: Sara Jessica Parker
Movie Premiere -"Did You Hear About The Morgans?"

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Sara Jessica Parker stepped onto the red carpet of her new movie premiere of "Did You Hear About the Morgans" in a strapless fuchsia mini dress. The Sex and The City star looked Fab in this body conscious number, talk about sexy! And the shoes. We definitely love the purple suede pump with fuchsia platform and heel.


VEVO Launches Premiere Destination for Premium Music Video

VEVO the premiere music video website launched its premiere yesterday in NYC with the help of some music industry heavy weights.
Not sure exactly what VEVO is?
Vevo is an online music video website owned by Sony BMG, Universal, EMI and Abu Dhabi Music Company, that is developed and hosted by YouTube, Sony, and Google, with content being initially provided by Universal Music Group. The concept for the site is described as being a Hulu for music videos and the plan may have arisen from the goal of attracting more high-end advertisers.
"Like a Star" singer Corinne Bailey Rae also made an appearance as she's been out of the public eye since the tragic loss of her husband. We hear that she's working on her next studio album for a 2010 release. We definitely hope she is.

Check out the Fab Chicks who came out looking great in support of the launch.


Fab Chick: Vanessa & Angela Simmons
Honey Mag Interview

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Honey Magazine got a chance to talk with the Simmons sisters, Angela and Vanessa. The Pastry Fab Chicks discusses their successful Pastry brand, becoming moguls, their lives in the spotlight and their personal style and take on fashion. Here's what the Fab Chicks had to say:

On expanding Pastry:
Angela: We’re re-launching. We had a little clothing out there and now we’re in the middle of remixing and changing it all up. And we have some really cool shoes coming out.
On personal style:
Angela: I don’t like to just go with what’s trendy right now. I’ll go back and pull stuff and say, “This was popular in 1995, I’m putting it on.” I’m all over the place.
On being in the spotlight:
Vanessa: I don’t feel very exposed. I stay as far away from places where I know there will be cameras if I’m going out with my boyfriend. I’m just private. I’m sure one day I’ll get caught out there, but I stay as far away from cameramen as possible.
Read the full interview over at HoneyMag.com. Check out more pics from their shoot.


Fab Chick: Kerry Washington's Holiday Look

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Fab Chick Kerry Washington attended the after party for opening night of the Broadway show "Race" in this very chic holiday look. She looked Fab in fuschia. As we get into the holiday season, this look is great for holiday parties and dinners. It's very festive without the over the top shimmer and shine.

Fuchsia is a very fun color for the holidays. Pair your fuchsia dress with metallics, like gold, platinum or silver as Kerry did. If your dress doesn't have an embellished neckline feel free to punch up your look with a necklace. Check out what we found to help you achieve a look much like Kerry Washington's.


Fab Chick: New & Fab Shoe Accessories
d e k k o r i

Are you a shoe lover with an overflowing shoe closet? Have you used all the space under your bed and can not fit one more pair but feel a need to want to add something new to your shoe collection? We are sure many of you Fab Chicks out there have this problem, especially if you are acting upon some our Fab Chick Shoe Crushes. Well there may be a solution for all of us shoe fanatics. Instead of getting rid of unwanted or older styled shoes just to buy new ones, d e k k o r i has been created to help you revamp and breath new life into some of your already exisiting shoe styles.
What is d e k k o r i?
The next generation of accessories destined to become a part of every wardrobe, d e k k o r i footwear styling pieces are a must for any modern style maven. The ultimate accessory to change your appearance at a moment’s notice, d e k k o r i offers infinite styling options by enhancing, transforming or simply styling any existing pair of shoes.
d e k k o r i was created and founded by Fab Chick herself, corporate attorney Stephanie Kim. The self professed shoe lover who rather than put a cap on her shoe shopping budget created shoe accessories that allows you to take and style exisiting shoes in your closet by dressing them up or down. Such a genius idea, it creates a whole new look and feel to that black pump that you may feel needs some sprucing up or replacing. This idea not only gives you a few shoes in one, it helps to cut down on the shoe shopping, especially for you Fab Chicks on a budget. And although we're sure nothing will quite satisfy buying a completely new pair of shoes and taking them out of the box to strut your stuff, it sure eases a bit of strain on the wallet and we all can use that help from time to time in today's economy. See more d e k k o r i styles.


Fab Chick: Arrivals at Timberland's Album Release

Yesterday Producer Timberland celebrated the release of his new album "Shock Value II" at Miami Beach's LIV nightclub. Many came out to celebrate with him including Fab Chicks Brandy, JoJo, Serena Williams, and more. They all seemed to have been following the same dresscode. It was all about the LBD's on the red carpet.


Fab Chick: Hilary Duff Cover Nylon Mag

Hillary Duff covers Nylon's January 2010 issue. The fresh faced Nylon cover girl dishes about her clothing line venture with DKNY, being famous and her guest staring role on the hit show Gossip Girls.

Hillary on her clothing line, Femme for DKNY Jeans:
“I got to bring in textures that I loved and tell them about the shapes that I like. I designed clothing that I feel are staples for my closet. I think that’s really helpful to girls who need to know they can mix high-end with low-end, and you don’t have to buy a complete outfit the way it’s shown in the store. Every girl needs a great leather jacket, and every girl needs a skinny pair of black jeans.”
Check out the rest of the preview interview here. And be sure to pick up next months issue for the full story.
Check out a few more shots from her photo shoot.


Fab Chick: Budget Friendly Collection
Target Teams Up With Rodarte

The newest GO International collaboration will be from fashion label Rodarte. The Rodarte brand has definitely been making huge splashes since debuting their line in 2005. The brand has dress Fab Chicks from Natalie Portman, Rihanna, and even our First Lady, Michelle Obama. With the new joint efforts with Target, now all you Fab Chicks on a budget can own a piece from the design duo. The collection is set to hit Target retailers on December 20. So get ready as these designer Go International Collections usually go fast. We predict this one will definitely be no exception.

Check out a few more looks.


Fab Chick: Alicia Keys & Beyonce
"Put it in a Love Song"

When two Fab Chicks like musical powerhouses Alicia Keys and the undeniable Beyonce you have to stop and take a listen as to what they cooked up. "Put it in a Love Song" is a collective effort from the two singers set to be released on Alicia Key's new album, "the Element of Freedom" due to hit stores December 15th.

Alicia Keys Ft. Beyonce-"Put It In A Love Song"

So what did you think of the collaboration? Vote inside.


Fab Chick: Lily Allen Takes Time Off
Opening New Boutique

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Fab Chick Lily Allen is set to take a 2 year hiatus from her music career to channel her energy and efforts elsewhere. The face of Chanel has announced she will be opening a boutique, Lucy In Disguise with her sister. The ideology behind the boutique will be to make designer labels more affordable by offering up clothing for a renters fee. Although we love a Fab Chick that has her hand into many different pots stirring recipes of greatness, we can't help but to think twice about the renting clothes idea. Hmmm. Could she be onto something?

The Fab Chick wants to know if you would go to a boutique to rent an article of clothing? Vote Now!! We want to know. Vote inside.


Fab Chick: Shoe Crush
Raphael Young Fall/Winter 09

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
This week's Fab Chick Shoe Crush comes from Paris shoe designer Raphael Young. Fairly new to the shoe business, the son of YSL's head shoe designer from the 70's and 80's era, is definitely out to make his mark in the industry. We're loving these edgy, futuristic suede/leather platform booties. They scream look at me I have character and I'm a Fab Chick! We look forward to seeing much more from Raphael Young.

What do you guys think of this Shoe Crush? Vote Now!


Fab Chicks: Grammy Nomination Concert

It's Grammy season, which means the Fab Chicks that will be attending are preparing to make their grand statements on the red carpet. Yesterday the nominees were named and a few were at the Grammy Nomination Concert in LA. Check out some of last night's looks.



Fab Chick: Gabrielle Union
Hennessy Black Orlando Launch

The beautiful Gabrielle Union was out and about yesterday in Orlando, Florida as she made an appearance for the Hennessy Black Launch. She really took her LBD (little black dress) to another level with a vibrant yellow. She displayed a great way of adding color by using accessories to punch up what could be a boring outfit.


Fab Chick: Alicia Keys
World Aids Day Charity Concert

Yesterday marked World AIDS Day and to bring awareness to the day, the very beautiful and talented Alicia Key's put on a Charity Concert yesterday at the Nokia Theatre in NYC. Alicia is the co-founder and Global Ambassador of Keep a Child Alive, a non-profit organization that provides medicine to families with HIV and AIDS in Africa.
So for a great cause, Ms. Keys took to the stage and put on a great show. Check out more pics from the night.