Fab Chick: Vanessa & Angela Simmons
Honey Mag Interview

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Honey Magazine got a chance to talk with the Simmons sisters, Angela and Vanessa. The Pastry Fab Chicks discusses their successful Pastry brand, becoming moguls, their lives in the spotlight and their personal style and take on fashion. Here's what the Fab Chicks had to say:

On expanding Pastry:
Angela: We’re re-launching. We had a little clothing out there and now we’re in the middle of remixing and changing it all up. And we have some really cool shoes coming out.
On personal style:
Angela: I don’t like to just go with what’s trendy right now. I’ll go back and pull stuff and say, “This was popular in 1995, I’m putting it on.” I’m all over the place.
On being in the spotlight:
Vanessa: I don’t feel very exposed. I stay as far away from places where I know there will be cameras if I’m going out with my boyfriend. I’m just private. I’m sure one day I’ll get caught out there, but I stay as far away from cameramen as possible.
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