Music Review: Robin Thicke's "Sex Therapy"
The Love Doctor
By: Shydel James

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Attention Ladies: does your man have you stressed out? Are you overworked? Feeling uptight? Constantly riled up? Well, look no further, because the doctor is in.

As if you all didn’t love him already, Robin Thicke unabashedly prescribes himself as the remedy for sensual deficiency on his fourth album Sex Therapy.

“Take you like Twilight I’ll bite your neck/you don’t have to stay in the rain I’ll get you wet/push you up against the wall/turn you out and turn you on” he insists in his infamous, breathy falsetto on the title track.

Hot, steamy sex not your thing? Don’t fret. Thicke is also clairvoyant and determined to make anything you wish his command.

“I can read your mind/fantasies in your head/you can look at me and see that I’m the man/I put a little romance and some action in your plans/you want a Mr. Big/Mr. Big is in your hands” he boasts on “Make You Love Me,” a slick, mid-tempo joint guaranteed to leave you questioning your loyalty.

In fact, there’s nothing Thicke won’t do to please his woman. His cocky promises include dreamlike vacations to exotic locations, which he brags about on “Mieple” featuring Jay-Z. And uninterrupted lovemaking sessions at sunrise on the Snoop Dogg collaboration “It’s in the Morning.”

But just when it starts to get good, Sex loses its mojo with the overly raunchy “Shakin’ It 4 Daddy” featuring Nicki Minaj and the synthesizer-driven “Elevatas” featuring Kid Cudi. Both tracks feel out of place, disrupting the soothing, melodic mood Thicke sets so well early on.

With help from singer-songwriter Estelle, Thicke rediscovers his stride on the surefire club hit “Rollacoasta” and rides out the rest of the album on a high note as his buttery vocals – floating on snare drum rim shots, hi-hat cymbals, bongos and maracas – give Sex a jazzy, Latin flair.

Single ladies, download this modern-day “Sexual Healing” to your iPods and let Thicke croon his way into your hearts – and panties.

Already got a man? Well, you may want to pick up an extra copy to slip into his stocking as a hint on what you really want this Christmas.

Shydel James is an actor/writer based in the NJ/NYC metro area.

He holds a BA in theatre from SUNY Empire State College and has acted in numerous film and stage productions.

When Shydel isn't busy learning monologues, he's hunched over his beloved MAC, pumping out stories for Upscale magazine where he's been a contributing writer for two years.

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