Fab Chick: New & Fab Shoe Accessories
d e k k o r i

Are you a shoe lover with an overflowing shoe closet? Have you used all the space under your bed and can not fit one more pair but feel a need to want to add something new to your shoe collection? We are sure many of you Fab Chicks out there have this problem, especially if you are acting upon some our Fab Chick Shoe Crushes. Well there may be a solution for all of us shoe fanatics. Instead of getting rid of unwanted or older styled shoes just to buy new ones, d e k k o r i has been created to help you revamp and breath new life into some of your already exisiting shoe styles.
What is d e k k o r i?
The next generation of accessories destined to become a part of every wardrobe, d e k k o r i footwear styling pieces are a must for any modern style maven. The ultimate accessory to change your appearance at a moment’s notice, d e k k o r i offers infinite styling options by enhancing, transforming or simply styling any existing pair of shoes.
d e k k o r i was created and founded by Fab Chick herself, corporate attorney Stephanie Kim. The self professed shoe lover who rather than put a cap on her shoe shopping budget created shoe accessories that allows you to take and style exisiting shoes in your closet by dressing them up or down. Such a genius idea, it creates a whole new look and feel to that black pump that you may feel needs some sprucing up or replacing. This idea not only gives you a few shoes in one, it helps to cut down on the shoe shopping, especially for you Fab Chicks on a budget. And although we're sure nothing will quite satisfy buying a completely new pair of shoes and taking them out of the box to strut your stuff, it sure eases a bit of strain on the wallet and we all can use that help from time to time in today's economy. See more d e k k o r i styles.