FEATURED | Essence's Forty Fab Fashion Bloggers - Who me?

I'm standing on the Starbucks line as I usually do every morning and I get a tweet alert from fellow blogger Caprece, "...I see you on @essenceonline". In my mind I'm thinking, oh really? I wonder for what? Well it looks like I've made the list of Forty Fab Fashion Bloggers.

How do I feel? Honored. :-) Thanks Essence! Check out the complete list here.


Tasha 31.8.11  


GlamNiki 1.9.11  

You definitely belong on this list!

Gigi 1.9.11  

Yay! Congrats to You! :)

Chari 21.3.12  

Wow! Congrats to you! What a wonderful honor! I know it feels great!!!

Many continued blessings to you!

Be inspired!