FAB THINKING | 4 Items You Shouldn't Wear To Meet His Parents

You meet a cool guy. You end up liking the guy. The guy in return likes you back. You start dating. You both agree to become exclusive. Things are becoming serious. What's next? It might just be time to meet his parents. He's ready to bring you home to mom.

For some this is easy, but for others this might ignite a serious bout with anxiety like myself. Well, what can you do? You really like this guy so you do your woosahs, breathe deep and make sure you look every part of the Fab Chick that you know you are in order to make a great first impression. After all, you don't want his mom saying, "Lawd, what kinda of jezebel did my son bring home?"

Here are four items you should not wear when you are meeting the parents for the first time.

Body-con Dresses/Skirts - Many of us love them. We feel sexy when wearing them. But, there's no place for sexy when your significant other is bringing you home to mom and dad. And we all know anything body-con can exude a great deal of sexiness, even if you're not really trying. Leave these form fitting pieces for another occasion, say Friday night? We wouldn't want anything exposed just when mom asks, "So what do you do for a living?"

Short shorts - Let's leave the daisy dukes for heading to the beach or weekends just chilling. Short shorts are WAY to casual. Even though the atmosphere in which you may be meeting the parentals is of a casual setting, show up to this meet and greet with these on and watch his mother's eyebrows raise a la The Rock.

Platform High heels - As fab as we know they are, his unfashionable mom might mistake them for stripper shoes. My mom has done it, and she knows a thing or two about fashion/trends. God forbid there be some Lucite action going on. She'll be telling all her friends, "My son's in love with a stripper".

Sunglasses - I would hope this would be obvious. Leave the shades for posing in the club if you so wish to wear them indoors. Having an important conversation is definitely a no-no while wearing dark shades. That is, unless you're your Jay, Ye, or Diddy. I'm sure the parents will want to look you in your eyes when asking you questions. Not to mention they'll want to make sure their child isn't bringing home some drug addicted chick.
I suggest skipping anything exposing too much skin. This means no cut-outs, extreme minis, sheer fabrics or anything backless. Leave the party gear home, cue your good girl tendencies and impress his mother with your great sense of style. Think of it as an interview. ;-)

Do I need to share what you should wear?