BOTTOMS UP | Espolón - Hot New Tequila

espolon tequila
The Thomas Collective was very gracious to send me two bottles of the new Espolòn Tequila. Was I happy? Yeahhhh! *in my Lil Jon voice* I have to admit I was pretty eager to try Espolòn Tequila based on the look of the bottle alone. Although my initial thought of it was that it looked a bit scary, it had a cool factor that made me want to pull my shot glasses out for a swig. So I did. 

The Mexican tequila comes in two flavors; Blanco which is clear with notes of caramel, agave and lemon-lime citrus and Reposado, which has a golden color with notes of cooked agave, wood, vanilla and citrus. They're both flavorful. Now I just need to try them in a few cocktail recipes when having friends over.

Shots anyone? Who's drinking with me?