LIFE | Irene Is coming...Irene Is coming!

Everyone is on edge about Hurricane Irene hitting the east coast. Let me just say I woke up this morning to slight chest pains, which might have something to do with my anxiety about it all. Well let's hope I'm not passing off what could be a possible heart attack for my extreme uneasiness about Ms. Irene approaching.

Since we can't do anything about Irene's big arrival into town, I suggest we all just take heed to all the warnings, prepare ourselves the best way we can and stock up on ice cream and snacks! Oh, and don't forget the other important things like water, batteries, candles, non-perishables, first-aid products --you know, stuff like that.

While Irene holds us hostage this weekend, let's take the time to reflect on our lives, tackle our to-do lists and plan for the future.

Stay safe people! 


Kerissa 26.8.11  

Hi Misha, be safe and put it out here that you are well as soon as it is over. South Florida received some mean rain yesterday.