OUT & ABOUT | Carol's Daughter & Sephora Premiere The Monoi Collection

Last night Carol’s Daughter premiered their new hair care line, The Monoi Collection at Sephora’s 34th street location. The VIP event also celebrated with the unveiling of the new “I Am,” campaign-featuring spokeswomen, Solange , Cassies and Selita Ebanks.

Carol's Daughter
After hearing such great things about the Monoi product line, I can't wait to give it a test run.
Carol's Daughter
I have to say that all three ladies looked great. But of course the shoe lover in me couldn't’t help but to scope out the fab pairs they were all sporting. Can you guess who's wearing which?
Carol's Daughter
Answers right after the jump along with a
few more pics I snapped of the Fab Chicks before having to leave the party. And yes, I missed Mary J. Blige. *inserts sad face*


ON MY RADAR | Shades of Glory

...fab chick & friend Deeandra sporting a dope pair of Gucci Aviators...

A Fab Chick's warm weather wardrobe just isn't complete without a few pairs of killer shades that will give her edge, mystery, and glamour all at the same time. Hey, it's the Fab Chick way.

Fab Chick Approved Shades
(l to R:) Gucci Oversized Sunglasses $295, Ray-Ban Metal-frame Aviator $240, Alexander Wang Zip-detailed $390
Cutler & Gross $485, House of Harlow 1960 Sasha $149, Carrera Janis $145
Topshop Peach Large Round Sunglasses $38, OC Shades Mogul Round Frame $10, H&M Aviator $8


AND I WONDER | No Girls Allowed? Boys Only?

...I wished I remembered where I found this pic so I could credit properly...but I love it...

“I can’t deal with chicks. They always hating on me.”

I once heard a girl say that she didn’t get along with other females and that she would much rather deal with guys because there’s never any competition. She expressed that having females as friends just opened her up to experiencing hate. Part of me understood, but the other part just couldn’t comprehend the whole thought.


JOIN IN | The Sole Society

Sole Society...loving my new leather caged Kalypso's...

Have you signed up for Sole Society, Hautelook’s new members only shopping site specifically for shoe lovers? Why not? It’s quite simple.

First you take a brief style survey that will assist in creating your "personal" style profile. Every month after, Sole Society will send you shoe selections based on the info they’ve gathered about your personal style. And it’s only $49.95 per month with no obligations to buy. Oh, and shipping is free.

If you don’t like the personal style profile created for you, you’re free to take the quiz again. I did, twice. If you don’t like your selection you can request a new one. I did this twice as well. You can also choose not to purchase anything at all for that month by skipping the selection altogether by the 5th of each month. Easy.
Sole Society
Hey, why not join? You might find something you really like and for that price it’s a no-brainer. This is perfect if you are a shopper on a tight budget.

So if you are ready to join the Sole Society, the invite is here. Hope you find something. I did.


ON MY RADAR|Non-Athletic Sneakers

glitter chucks
I've given up my slight sneaker obsession a few years ago. I wasn't quite a hardcore sneaker-head, but I did enjoy a cool pair of kicks every now and then. Now that I’ve traded in my Nike Dunks and Jordans for ultra femme glitter chucks and 4inch heels, I’m revisiting my sneaker craze with a few less athletic but Fab Chick approved options.
Fab Sneakers
(l to r:)Nike Blazer Mid Macro $80, Topshop Suede Hi-Top Trainers $56, Converse All Star Hi-Top $75
Madewell Bensimon® high-top $85, TOMS Pink Cousteau Organic Cotton $69, Adidas by Stella McCartney Fortasse Jersey Sneaker $90
Maison Martin Margiela Hi Top $650, Lanvin Canvas Sneaker $495, Giuseppe Zanotti Python Print Hi Top $595

And judging by the prices of a few I love, friend and fellow blogger, Xbubble was right when she expressed her need for a sugar daddy to cop the Isabel Marant pair here. Can you say, sponser needed?


I TRIED IT | Curél Itch Defense Lotion

Curel Itch Defense Lotion
Curél Itch Defense Lotion $7.99

Un-fab moment: Applying body lotion in the morning just to look down at your legs by noon to discover dryness. Ugh!

I suffer from extremely dry skin so I've experienced this for much of my life. Normally I apply body oil out the shower while skin is still wet followed by body lotion. Sadly, by lunchtime I’m smearing on a thin layer of Vaseline to combat the dryness on my legs and arms. In the summer time this can be uncomfortable and annoying. But walking around ashy while trying to maintain my fabness just isn't an option.

When given Curél’s Itch Defense Body Lotion for review I thought, “This ain’t gonna work”. But I tried it and guess what? I was very pleased by the results. For a full week of applying the body lotion I was ash free for the duration of a full day. No dry itch feeling. No grease monkey appearance. Score!

So if you suffer from extreme dry skin like myself, you might want to pick up a bottle of Curél Itch Defense Body Lotion. And if you suffer with bouts of eczema, this is a lotion worth buying, trying and applying as well.



INSPIRATION | Minnie Ripperton-Les Fleurs
Spring Florals For The Lady?

...take a listen first...
Everytime one of my favorite Minnie Ripperton songs pop up on my iPod (Les Fleurs), I imagine walking through green meadows filled with brightly colored flowers, hand in hand with someone I adore. And then I think of my allergies and shake my head bringing myself back to reality.

With the song currently stuck in my head, I'm thinking of adding some florals to my wardrobe. April showers bring May flowers right? The only problem is, although I like this print on others, I'm not usually fond of floral prints for myself. But in my quick search to incorporate botanical inspired items, I did manage to find a few I could easily work into my existing wardrobe while still staying true to my style.

PS. I love that Zara floral skirt, but I think a grey boyfriend tee will make it work for me.
floral items
(l to r:)Zara Floral Mini $60, AllSaint Lost Game Top $40, Topshop Floral Denim Hot Pants $70
Free People Lace Inset Pullover Sweatshirt $88, J.Crew Campbell Liberty Floral Oxfords $250


ON MY RADAR | Stripe Skirts

PhotobucketYea, yea, yea. Stripes are a huge trend this spring. Everyone's loving the linear print as it shows up on everything. Even I expressed a slight infatuation for stripes here, remember?

Anywho. Ever since I grabbed this Torn by Ronny Kobo striped mini at the Ferality Show Boutique, now Blake Scotland on the LES, my radar has been picking up striped skirts everywhere.

Here are six I have in my cross hairs now. I. MUST. Have them all. Ok, maybe at least two out three will end up in my closet in the very near future. I'm on a budget.

PS: Mus by Mali Ro has a dope multi-colored stripe mini coming soon for her next collection. I. Need. It. You will too. Be on the look out for it! Follow her on twitter for updates here.

stripe skirts
(l to r:) Sammy B $50, A.L.C $295, Robert Rodriguez $198

stripe skirts
(l to r:) Free People $78, Sparkle & Fade $49, Velvet $107


MISHA FILES | Ready For New Hair...I Think

For the past couple of years since I chopped and screwed my mid-length tresses for a second time around, my hairdo inspirations have come from Fab Chicks with short and sassy dos.

Now I want a change. I’m ready for something new.

I’ve experimented with my hair quite a bit growing up. I’ve been Rihanna red, yea I did that. I’ve been Foxy Brown weaved-out, yup did that too. Oh, and I’ve even gone natural ala Solange, TWA and all. Can you imagine?

But I’ve been missing a little more length these days. So in my quest for something new this summer, I figured I’d go against the warm weather hair trend and grow my hair out a tad bit. Grrrr. It’s definitely not the easiest thing to do after a super short cut and not wanting to rock a wig or weave. Let’s hope I can hold out and stay away from the scissors and shears except for needed trims. This will definitely be a challenge.

Anyone have any ideas, tricks and tips to help ease the frustrations of growing my hair out without adding any hair extensions? I sure could use some. Check out images of me with extensions and pre-haircut.


CLUTCH WORTHY | American Apparel Meduim Leather Carry-All

the elle files' fashion fete
Annika, Me, Sandrine at The Elle Files' Fashion Fete
Usually, I save my clutch action for nights out partying where my need to carry everything but the kitchen sink isn’t necessary. That’s when I’m able to wink, flirt with the bouncer and make a quick dash to the ride for wardrobe changes, like swapping out shoes.

If you were to peek into my clutch you’d see maybe a lip gloss, a credit card with a couple of bills folded around it, my driver’s license, keys and that’s about it. But again, that only works for nights out. I could never get away with packing that light and carrying a clutch during the day.

One, I carry way too much stuff. Two, I carry way too much stuff. And three, yeah, I just carry way too much stuff. But I found one that works for me for day. Go figure. Of course I still would need to lose a few items that would normally fit into my daily suitcase, aka my tote bag. The extra pair of shoes: sorry not this time. The spare cardigan: perhaps around the neck prep-style. And the Nylon magazine: eh, read you later.
american apparel meduim carry-all
American Apparel Meduim Carry-All $50
Thanks to American Apparel’s medium size leather clutch, I can pack light and not skip a beat during the day with a clutch. And get this, there’s even a bigger one. I might have to cop that ASAP!
PS. I personally know two other Fab Chicks who swear by theirs as well. Yup, those two up there. :-)


Misha Files|5 Things I did this weekend

1. Tried to drown out The Royal Wedding, but couldn't escape it even while picking up a few things at Target. Hmph! When is my royal wedding!?! Now that'll be news. Hmph! *laughs*


2. Said farewell to my mentee for a Sister 2 Sister program I joined last year. *sobs* It's such an awesome feeling to give back and become a mentor. I eagerly await this summer to do it all over again and continue to build a bond with her. She's definitely a young Fab Chick.

3. Attended The Elle Files Fashion Fete 2011 and played dress up in Samantha of OMO Writes' Tnemnroda Eyewear. I loved her “Shards of Glass" Ring too. I need one! Check them out here.
And I can't forget the amazing pieces from designer Shayla Cox. Check out her dope pieces here. I forgot to take a pic before leaving. Grrrrr.

4. Went to Terminal 5 to check out Clipse's performance. Drinks, music and good company always equals a great time for me. Here's one vid I caught of Clipse performing 'Grindin'.

5. Spent time with the parentals and began reading the music issue of ELLE.

What did you do, anything fun?