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Curel Itch Defense Lotion
Curél Itch Defense Lotion $7.99

Un-fab moment: Applying body lotion in the morning just to look down at your legs by noon to discover dryness. Ugh!

I suffer from extremely dry skin so I've experienced this for much of my life. Normally I apply body oil out the shower while skin is still wet followed by body lotion. Sadly, by lunchtime I’m smearing on a thin layer of Vaseline to combat the dryness on my legs and arms. In the summer time this can be uncomfortable and annoying. But walking around ashy while trying to maintain my fabness just isn't an option.

When given Curél’s Itch Defense Body Lotion for review I thought, “This ain’t gonna work”. But I tried it and guess what? I was very pleased by the results. For a full week of applying the body lotion I was ash free for the duration of a full day. No dry itch feeling. No grease monkey appearance. Score!

So if you suffer from extreme dry skin like myself, you might want to pick up a bottle of Curél Itch Defense Body Lotion. And if you suffer with bouts of eczema, this is a lotion worth buying, trying and applying as well.



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Hm this product sounds great! I don't thimnk it's available in the Uk though :(