MISHA FILES | My Weekend in Instagr.am

Here are a few random tidbits of my awesome Thanksgiving weekend. I spent majority of the time with so many of my favorite people. I ate. I laughed. I ate again. And I adored the moments I spent with all my family both old and new. I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving weekend.

my weekend in instagram
PS: Notice anything different about me? :-)


WATCH THIS | Milk & Honey Web Series : Episode 1 & 2

Episode 1
Last month, the Idris Elba executive produced web series Milk + Honey made its cyber debut. (Elba was featured on the November cover of Essence, which also includes a blurb of yours turly). The online series follows the adventures of a group of women trying to balance life, love and career - a struggle many of us can relate to.

With a bit of time on my hands I’ve been able to catch up and watch both episodes 1 and 2. I appreciate the show’s willingness to create a voice not often seen on television for young African American women. Although I wish the episodes were a tad bit longer, I will continue to support Milk + Honey to see just how both the characters and story lines develop.

Episode 1

Have you watched it yet? What are your thoughts on Milk & Honey?


ON MY RADAR | Sequin Ornamentation

During this time of the year my eye is attracted to anything shiny and shimmery, sequins being my shine factor of choice. Although including sequin details are common and can be a bit cliché for special occasions, dare to incorporate a bit of it in your everyday look. It's not only festive to wear during the holiday season, but it can also provide that little sparkle or twinkle that your look just might need in the dreary times of winter.

on my radar-sequin-shimmer-sparkle-shine
1. Sequin Sweatshirt - French Connection $128
2. Chained Sequin Bag - Nasty Gal $48
3. Sequin Collar Necklace - Asos $176
4. Sequin Suit Jacket - Mango $190
5. Long Sequined Skirt - L'Agence $350
6. Wallpaper Tank Top - Buckle $26
7. Sequin Bodycon Dress - Topshop $91
8. Sequin Skull Pump - Iron Fist $70
9. Sequin Clutch - Zara $60
10. Floral Sequin Tank - Old Navy $35
11. Black Sequin Brogue - Sam Edelman $115
12. Sequin Trouser - Topshop $235


SAMPLE SALE | Nicholas K - Fall 2011


CHECK IT OUT | The Hpnotiq Blog: Get The Look - Rihanna

When it comes to personal style, Rihanna tends to be on the inspiration board for many women. Although a few may feel they are too old or perhaps not fearless enough to pull off the Henry Holland suspender tights look, it can still provide a bit of casual inspiration for women of all ages. Check out how you can get this look from the fashion-forward pop star over on The Hpnotiq Blog here.

PS: What do you think about the pop star's newly released album Talk That Talk? Have you heard it yet?

Hpnotiq blog get the look-Rihanna


MISHA FILES | My Weekend in Instagr.am

Here's tidbits of my weekend highlighted with Instagr.am. Feel free to follow me at thefabchick. :-)

my life


SIGN-UP | ShoeMint Website Launch

ShoeMint,Rachel Bilson,Shoes
If the wedges Rachel Bilson is wearing in ShoeMint’s latest round of promotions is any indication of the styles to expect from the soon to be launch site, then many of us shoe lovers will be in trouble. BIG TROUBLE.

What exactly is ShoeMint?

Officially launching November 25th, ShoeMint is a members-only online shopping site created by actress Rachel Bilson and her stylist Nicole Chavez in collaboration with Steve Madden. The site promises affordable yet quality trendy shoe options for one price, $79.98 per pair. Shipping fees? Nope, there’s also free shipping! Don't you just love free shipping? I do.
ShoeMint,Rachel Bilson,Shoes
How does it work?

Like many other members-only shoes site, you are required to sign-up for membership; complete a style questionnaire, which will allow ShoeMint to put together a selection based on your personal style each month. If you should find a pair you just have to have, you simply buy them. If the selection is not to your liking, without any extra charges or fees, you just skip the selection for the month.

Simple right? Now go and sign-up. Click here for an invite to sign-up for access to ShoeMint when it officially launches this week.


RANDOM THOUGHT | How will you leave your mark?

After hearing and reading about Beyonce's new video for "I Was Here" -- a composed highlight piece showing tidbits of her life on and off stage, I finally sat and watched the video. Honestly, I was really just looking for the tiny portions of her life offstage. Oh yes, and I wanted to see that wedding dress of hers.

Of course it's private moments we are all fascinated with the most, self shamefully included. But I tell you what I did take away from the video, well actually the song on in general. I'm starting to question myself more and more about the footprints I'm leaving. When it's all said and done what will others say about me? What impact will I have left in this world? Whose lives will I be able to change or influence for the positive? Hmmmm. Just a random thought.


NEW STORE VISIT | Joe Fresh New York

Joe Fresh - TheFabChick
Joe Fresh has officially hit American territory. The successful Canadian brand has entered the US –New York, Long Island and New Jersey to share its affordable sensibility with us. The moment I read about the new store openings, I’ve been eager to pay one a visit. And now that I have, I am a fan.

The brand is not only thriving on offering affordable clothing, but they are providing simple basics infused with stylish pieces that will transition effortlessly in your closets as you deal with the ever revolving door of fashion trends. Here's my Joe Fresh wishlist.
Joe Fresh New York Wishlist
My wardrobe is built on basics, so Joe Fresh will definitely see more of me and my wallet. Visit Joe Fresh now and you’re bound to grab a few fall/winter basic must-haves without stepping outside of your budget too much!

Here are my absolute favs you can find in-stores now --two perfect metallic ways to usher in the holiday season. I fell in love with the fringe mini (also available in black) after trying it on. In my closet I can't lose with a cute mini!
Joe Fresh - TheFabChickJoe Fresh - TheFabChick


ON MY RADAR | Colored Corduroy Bottoms - Corduroy Appreciation Day?

Who knew there could be a day set aside to appreciate the pattern and fabrication of corduroy? And get this, there's even a members only club --The Corduroy Appreciation Club where they "seek to create a community and, in turn, a sense of fellowship rooted in the historic and culturally significant fabric known as Corduroy."

It all sounds pretty serious, no? So with today being 11-11-11, the date that closely simulates the corduroy pattern, corduroy lovers prepare for commemoration. Although I am not throwing confetti in the air nor will I be signing up for membership, I for one have grown to appreciate cords since my days of a corduroy resistant child. I'm glad they can be found in cool colors!

Here are 10 colored corduroy bottoms to wear now!

brightly colored corduroys 11/11/11
(L to R:) By Malene Birger $207, Current/Elliot $188, Sandro $225, AG Adriano Goldschmied $168, Free People $68
brightly colored corduroys 11/11/11
(L to R:) Forever 21 $17, Esprit $80, SONIA by Sonia Rykiel $375, J. Crew $60, Antropologie $30
Check out this New York Times article all about how Courduroy fan prepare for today's Corduroy Appreciation Day here. Hmmmm.


OUT & ABOUT | Dr. Miracle's Celebrates an "Evolution of Beauty"

Dr. Miracles Relauch #DMRelaunch
The Dr. Miracle’s brand has always provided an array of different products to affordably aid and abet in repairing, maintaining and styling your hair. So last night I was more than willing to attend their "Evolution of Beauty" relaunch held at the Sky Room Times Square.

New from Dr. Miracle's is an improved website, different packaging, new formulas allowing for new hair and personal products—updated styling, cleansing and conditioning products included—as well a new scent. The eucalyptus medicine-like aroma synonymous with many of the products has been replaced. Also new to the brand is an “Ask Dr. Miracle’s” mobile app for Android phones. Although I won't be able to test out the app, I can’t wait to test out the new Acai Thermal Protection Styler in my hair. I'm all about maintaining a high shine factor.

See images from the night over on Wireimage.com.
Dr. Miracles Relauch #DMRelaunch
Me, Dr. Miracle's PR and Promotions Exec. Joelle Sayed & Freelance writer Annika


CHECK IT OUT | The Hpnotiq Blog - 9 Winter Must-Haves

Don't let the warm temperatures of the past couple of days fool you, winter is definitely on its way. Now is the perfect time to make sure you have the neccessary items to keep you fashionably correct while keeping winter's chill at bay. Check out nine must-have items where you won't have to sacarfice your style to keep warm. Head over to the Hpnotiq Blog now for the complete list!

hpnotiq blog winter must have items


OUTFIT | Casually Cape-ing It Around Town

After many reservations in wearing, I finally broke out my cape for the season. My reservations were more so because of the color not the style. Ugh, one drip of coffee on this thing and I will not be a happy camper.

As one of fall's must-have outerwear trends, the cape is not the easiest garment to wear venturing around town. Let me just tell you that driving while wearing one can be a bit of a task. Not to mention your handbag options are limited --shoulder and cross-body bags for me is a challenge. But needless to say, when you can find a great one and you're able to make it work for your personal style, it can be comfortable and cozy. This one, I LOVE! I think I could sleep in it.

Minor Details:
Cape - Nanette Lepore
Scarf - Nanette Lepore
Pants - Zara
Boots - Steven Steve Madden



my go-to lip colors of the moment
(L to R:)Make Up Forever - Pearly Violet #15/YSL - Fuschia Pink #19/CoverGirl - Eternal #350/MAC- Violetta/CoverGirl Ruby Slipper #Q430/MAC- Chilli/MAC- Rebel

While going through my make-up stash, I realize I use the same 7 lip colors in my regular rotation regardless of season. They all look the same, no? Well similar in shade and color family. Hmmm. I think I'm ready to introduce some new colors into the lip line up; even though I just can't seem to escape my love for a fuschia lip. I guess it's my safe color. The hunt for something new and exciting in lip color begins.


RANDOM THOUGHT | Ask Yourself This Question...

Here's a random thought. When was the last time you’ve taken a risk?

While asking a friend this very question, I turned it around on myself and drew the biggest blank ever. I simply could not come up with an answer. I could not figure out the last time I’ve taken any real risks in my life.

I don’t mean risks like jay walking in NYC on a busy street, wearing a bold lip color or mixing patterns and textures to create an outfit. I think many of us have mastered those. I’m talking about risks that could possibly make you happy. Risks like being bored with a monotonous job, drafting a resignation letter, handing it in and just doing whatever it is you enjoy. You know, those real risks that are necessary to assist in achieving ultimate happiness in life. Risks that ignite a passion for something you consider important.

When was the last time you’ve jump out of the window figuratively without knowing quite where you’d land with just a small safety net of, this is what I really want to do, below you? It can be scary --leaving something you've known all your life to be safe. But what if playing it safe just doesn't make your heart beat anymore?

I’ve recently read this quote from James Baldwin.
“You have to go the way your blood beats. If you don’t live the only life you have, you won’t live some other life, you won’t live any life at all.”
These words have stuck with me. And it hit me yesterday that my interpretation of what Mr. Baldwin was saying was about taking risks in life, doing what it is that you love and not being afraid to do so. So often fear of trying something new, trying something we think others might not approve of, or feeling you’re not good enough overcomes us.

Well the funny thing I’m learning about life is that you truly only get one shot at it and we all owe it to ourselves to “go out and grab the world by the labels” just as one of my favorite quotes from Maya Angelou suggests. Risks have to be made for the payoff you might be seeking. It’s time to take some risks in life!

Note to self.



Inspiration can always be found all around you and during the fall season, a cool way to find wardrobe ideas is to take in the different sights of autumn's color change. The foliage provides a great go-to color palette for the fall season. From shades of red to yellow, brown to green and all the likes in between --mix and match them for some fashion foliage of your own.

fall folliage inspiration

1. Fatigue Finery Cape - Anthropologie $80
2. Prairie Boot - Madewell $215
3. Turtleneck Sweater - J.Crew $78
4. Wool-Felt Fedora - Rag & Bone $150
5. Pumpkin Opaque Tights - Topshop $16
6. Corduroy Skirt - H&M $24
7. Madison Leather Jacket - Coach $698
8. Corduroy Pants - J Brand $215
9. Leather Railway Messenger - Madewell $168
10. Glam Suede Court Shoes - Topshop $92
11. Cable-knit wool sweater - MARC by Marc Jacobs $250
12. Moto Skinny Jeans - Topshop $80
13. Corduroy Shorts - MIH Jeans $155
14. Chunky Knit Scarf - Charlotte Russe $12
15. Lita Boots - Jeffrey Campbell $190
16. Duffle Coat - Topshop $178
17. Wood Bangles - Topshop $35
18. Leather Bowling Bag - Zara $129
19. Leather Slouch Boots - Frye $328


I WANT THIS | Rachel Roy Day-To-Night Palette

Rachel Roy Beauty Day to Night
Rarely do I find an eye shadow palette where I can say I love or even like all the colors being offered. Finally with Rachel Roy’s Day-to-Night new eye shadow palette, I can admit that I like every color. Containing 10 different shades that have strategically been divided into two separate looks for day and night, it’s definitely a palette for every beauty girl.
Rachel Roy Beauty Day to Night
For day you have muted neutral shades while for night the colors are much darker and jeweled toned. Both the day and night colors are very cohesive with my usual eye shadow options –perhaps making this a must have palette for me to purchase. And for only $32 it’s very reasonable. It hits Macy’s store November 14th. I will be adding this palette to my beauty arsenal.

Shop for it on Macys.com or Rachelroy.com.