ON MY RADAR | Sequin Ornamentation

During this time of the year my eye is attracted to anything shiny and shimmery, sequins being my shine factor of choice. Although including sequin details are common and can be a bit cliché for special occasions, dare to incorporate a bit of it in your everyday look. It's not only festive to wear during the holiday season, but it can also provide that little sparkle or twinkle that your look just might need in the dreary times of winter.

on my radar-sequin-shimmer-sparkle-shine
1. Sequin Sweatshirt - French Connection $128
2. Chained Sequin Bag - Nasty Gal $48
3. Sequin Collar Necklace - Asos $176
4. Sequin Suit Jacket - Mango $190
5. Long Sequined Skirt - L'Agence $350
6. Wallpaper Tank Top - Buckle $26
7. Sequin Bodycon Dress - Topshop $91
8. Sequin Skull Pump - Iron Fist $70
9. Sequin Clutch - Zara $60
10. Floral Sequin Tank - Old Navy $35
11. Black Sequin Brogue - Sam Edelman $115
12. Sequin Trouser - Topshop $235


Caprece 24.11.11  

Who doesn't love a little sparkle! I've got my eye on the French Connection sweatshirt.

Kerissa 24.11.11  

Oh my gosh. My older sister would love this post. I do own a few sequin things and can't wait to break them out of the holiday season.

Eclechick 25.11.11  

Ahh, that sequin suit jacket has my name written all over it.

WendyB 28.11.11  

Ooh, I love the rainbow-sparkle dress!

RevealingBeaute 2.12.11  

oh la la la la la!!!! I love anything that sparkles!!! xoxo

Anonymous 6.12.11  

Loving it!