SIGN-UP | ShoeMint Website Launch

ShoeMint,Rachel Bilson,Shoes
If the wedges Rachel Bilson is wearing in ShoeMint’s latest round of promotions is any indication of the styles to expect from the soon to be launch site, then many of us shoe lovers will be in trouble. BIG TROUBLE.

What exactly is ShoeMint?

Officially launching November 25th, ShoeMint is a members-only online shopping site created by actress Rachel Bilson and her stylist Nicole Chavez in collaboration with Steve Madden. The site promises affordable yet quality trendy shoe options for one price, $79.98 per pair. Shipping fees? Nope, there’s also free shipping! Don't you just love free shipping? I do.
ShoeMint,Rachel Bilson,Shoes
How does it work?

Like many other members-only shoes site, you are required to sign-up for membership; complete a style questionnaire, which will allow ShoeMint to put together a selection based on your personal style each month. If you should find a pair you just have to have, you simply buy them. If the selection is not to your liking, without any extra charges or fees, you just skip the selection for the month.

Simple right? Now go and sign-up. Click here for an invite to sign-up for access to ShoeMint when it officially launches this week.


Allycia 21.11.11  

OMG, I cannot wait for this site to launch. I need those leopard wedges in my life!!


Kerissa 24.11.11  

Braces self because I too NEED those leopard wedges, lolol. I do hope it is better than others sites I've registered for.