RANDOM THOUGHT | Ask Yourself This Question...

Here's a random thought. When was the last time you’ve taken a risk?

While asking a friend this very question, I turned it around on myself and drew the biggest blank ever. I simply could not come up with an answer. I could not figure out the last time I’ve taken any real risks in my life.

I don’t mean risks like jay walking in NYC on a busy street, wearing a bold lip color or mixing patterns and textures to create an outfit. I think many of us have mastered those. I’m talking about risks that could possibly make you happy. Risks like being bored with a monotonous job, drafting a resignation letter, handing it in and just doing whatever it is you enjoy. You know, those real risks that are necessary to assist in achieving ultimate happiness in life. Risks that ignite a passion for something you consider important.

When was the last time you’ve jump out of the window figuratively without knowing quite where you’d land with just a small safety net of, this is what I really want to do, below you? It can be scary --leaving something you've known all your life to be safe. But what if playing it safe just doesn't make your heart beat anymore?

I’ve recently read this quote from James Baldwin.
“You have to go the way your blood beats. If you don’t live the only life you have, you won’t live some other life, you won’t live any life at all.”
These words have stuck with me. And it hit me yesterday that my interpretation of what Mr. Baldwin was saying was about taking risks in life, doing what it is that you love and not being afraid to do so. So often fear of trying something new, trying something we think others might not approve of, or feeling you’re not good enough overcomes us.

Well the funny thing I’m learning about life is that you truly only get one shot at it and we all owe it to ourselves to “go out and grab the world by the labels” just as one of my favorite quotes from Maya Angelou suggests. Risks have to be made for the payoff you might be seeking. It’s time to take some risks in life!

Note to self.


Style4Curves 4.11.11  

The last risk I took was dating a guy that was finalizing a divorce ....they were seperated but still technically married ...everyone thought it was a huge mistake...he ended up being my soulmate and we are planning to get married soon and start a family ( neither of us has kids).


Kerissa 11.11.11  

What am engaging post. As you know finishing grad school is a BIG goal for me so I can take that career change risk. Somedays I'm discouraged but I can't see myself in the same job forever.