RANDOM THOUGHT | How will you leave your mark?

After hearing and reading about Beyonce's new video for "I Was Here" -- a composed highlight piece showing tidbits of her life on and off stage, I finally sat and watched the video. Honestly, I was really just looking for the tiny portions of her life offstage. Oh yes, and I wanted to see that wedding dress of hers.

Of course it's private moments we are all fascinated with the most, self shamefully included. But I tell you what I did take away from the video, well actually the song on in general. I'm starting to question myself more and more about the footprints I'm leaving. When it's all said and done what will others say about me? What impact will I have left in this world? Whose lives will I be able to change or influence for the positive? Hmmmm. Just a random thought.


Channing in The City 21.11.11  

Yas! I had the same come to Jesus moment with myself