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Why Wait for Spring?

The weather has been drab and dreary with remnants of snow still on the ground from previous snow storms in many places. We're all wishing for Spring to hurry and make its grand debut. Many of us are just about sick of the cold and snowy weather. Not only are our complexions craving for some warmth and sunlight, but our wardrobes are screaming for it. 

Unfortunately, we have a couple more months to go.  According to the Mr. Groundhog, we'll have six more weeks of winter. So if the furry creature is correct, more snow, cold rain, and freezing temperatures for us. Ugh! How fun? Not!

With all the fab Spring and Summer items hitting retail now, we're all anxious to get out of our drabby winter duds and into some vibrant spring, fun prints and colors; specifically those of us who aren't lucky enough to vacation during resort season.  

Aren't you ready to put away the gray, brown, and olive greens of fall/winter, in exchange for getting into some rich corals, citrons, and cerulean? We most certainly are!


Fab Chick NYFW Review: Fall/Winter 2010
Donna Karan

If you are looking for a collection to bring you effortless chic, then Donna Karan's Fall 2010 will be one of the go to collections for you. Known for giving women sophisticated, exquisite and easy to wear garments, Donna Karan has continued her efforts to dress the common women in this collection.

There was definitely no child's play here. The mostly all black line was filled with sleek silhouettes and bodies that just about the average woman could appreciate. There were lots of great mixing of textures and shapes. Coats of sac-like shaping exhibited tactful volume and tailoring. The little bit of color that was introduced in magenta and teal were a nice break for the eyes, but many of the stand out pieces were done in black.

I must say, the collection successfully continues her pursuit to give the working woman functional, chic, power dressing garments.


Fab Chick NYFW Review: Fall/Winter 2010
Marc by Marc Jacobs

Marc by Marc Jacobs is fun, simple, casual clothing at it's best and this Fall 2010 collection proves just that. The cult followers of the brand will definitely be buying these pieces in volumes as there were tons of great looks in this collection.

Fall 2010 for Marc by Marc Jacobs brings about a military and utilitarian sensibility. Easy and functional. Not obviously pretty, but very cute in a regimental kind of way. Many of the pieces were very uniform-like, twisted and revamped in a cool, stylish manner. The color story further evoke just that.

I'm sure all the kids will be wishing their school uniforms were this cool.


Fab Chick NYFW: Fall/Winter 2010
Tracy Reese

Two words come to mind in describing the mood of Tracy Reese's Fall 2010 Collection, pleasant and practical. There were no huge splashes, or big bangs on the runway, just easy, wearable, attractive pieces.

Tracy continues to display a need to give women wearable items that are convenient, simple in shape, with lady-like touches. Very smart in today's climate where fashion is forever changing in an economic future that is a bit uncertain. Trendy isn't always the way to go.

I'd say Tracy delivered a very smart collection for Fall 2010.


Fab Chick NYFW: Fall/Winter 2010
Diane von Furstenberg

Diane von Furstenberg knows exactly what fab women want to wear. They want to be in clothes that are chic, stylish and comfortable. They want there clothes to say, "Hey look at me, I'm beautiful." She always manages to skillfully deliver just that, and this Fall 2010 collection definitely did not fall short.

The collection had her signature flowy and flouncy dresses in vibrant, bold prints. There was great harmony of glamour and charm. The collection was expertly mixed with lots of textures, balancing soft delicate chiffon fabrics with heavy velvets and knits.

A few pieces even embodied a bit of strength. Take the gray cropped pant suiting for example. She easily marries her uber-feminine style to a classic double-breasted suit for a sweet twist. DVF hits the mark right on target for another season.

I loved everything about this collection.


Fab Chick NYFW: Fall/Winter 2010
Hervé Léger

It's a wonder how the Hervé Léger brand manages to rise above challenges of staying fresh and recreating such a specific and somewhat restricting style.

The BCBG higher-end brand's Fall 2010 collection stays true to it's body conscious roots. Consistency has to be the key. They've taped into a customer, continuing to give their 'girl' what she wants. And that's to look hot.

The collection was filled with their signature bondage silhouette of mini dresses in nude, pale gray, and black with bits of color blocking done in such a sleek manner. The vibe; straight out of a glamorous, science fiction, space odyssey movie.

I love the peek-a-boo moments in a few of the dresses. Their placements added even more sex appeal to the already provocative nature of the 'one with skin' creations. Confidence is what you'll need to wear a Hervé Léger creation, and a Fab Chick has just that!


Fab Chick NYFW: Fall/Winter 2010
Rachel Roy

The Fall 2010 collection for Rachel Roy was all about luxury with a balance of subtle comfort. The pieces that flowed down the runway had great sophistication while maintaining loose and fluid sihouettes. She showed women as being strong and confident while being feminine.

The girl Rachel Roy is dressing in this Fall 2010 collection is not afraid of a little color and texture. I loved her color palette, a great range of gold metallics to hues of turquoise, rose and deep purples.

This girl is waking up bright and early with a full agenda on her plate. She's heading into the office to lead important business meetings and making appearances at her favorite charity event at the end of the day.  Balance is what this line displays.  There's a bit of casual chic, corporate chic, and evening chic.

Loved it all! 


Fab Chick NYFW Review: Fall/Winter 2010
Rebecca Taylor

Innocence is what appeared to have been walking down the runway of Rebecca Taylor's Fall 2010 Collection. The models processed a young, girlish quality that went perfect with the all the looks shown. The mood appeared to be light and airy with her color palette choices. There were pastels with splashes of gray, which is a great alternative to black. In this collection, it worked well.

Many of the shapes were classic and fundamental for the fall season, which provides great wearable pieces for the average city girl. Some items did have a redundancy feel to them, like a left over from last Fall. For instance the cream fur vest. It didn't quite feel fresh or new to me.

All in all, everything on the runway, more or less, could easily worked back to one another, giving the collection cohesion for me. With a slight junior appeal, I thought the collection was very cute.


Fab Chick NYFW Review: Fall/Winter 2010
Alexandar Wang

The cult following that Alexandar Wang has acquired with pass collections will undoubtedly continue to grow with his Fall 2010 effort. He presented his usual cool contemporary girl with a little more sophistication. He's giving her cool, chic, trendy suiting. There were lots of menswear inspired looks that were deconstructed and recreated into something hip.

Texture was big with Alexandar's Fall 2010 collection. He managed to mix and layer fabrics that wouldn't necessarily work together into a few pieces that were just creative and genius. Plush velvet, lace, with pin stripes just were awesome and rich. I'm definitely a fan.