It's All In the Details...
The Small Things Do Matter

Every impressive wardrobe requires more than just a few fab tops, bottoms, and dresses. Yes, it is important to own a classic white shirt, a simple blazer, perfectly fitting jeans in a dark wash, and a little black dress. But to achieve an accomplished wardrobe, a Fab Chick needs more.

An excellent wardrobe requires great finishing touches. I like to think of these touches as kisses that seal the deal to a stellar outfit; elements that will take any look from 0 to 10 with strategic use of a vibrant clutch or a graphic printed heel.

You ever see that glam chick walking down the street in a simple pencil skirt and blouse and wonder why she looks so amazing? You might want to take notice of her shoes or belt. Those items just might have been finishing touches to that glam look you loved.

This concept is called accessorizing. Accessorizing is definitely an important key to vamping up and completing any outfit. Great accessories are usually the final piece to the glam puzzle. They are great ways to breathe new life into what could possibly be a mundane look.

For example, an all black ensemble can be very chic and fab when accessorized correctly. A perfectly jeweled toned necklace, or a metallic shoe could easily brighten up an all black outfit, taking its chic-ness to another level. Without the addition of certain details and finishing touches, an all black outfit can easily transition into funeral territory. Definitely not Fab.

Accessories often allow for more personality to shine through, letting your true personal style sparkle. Let's not only master finding what works and fits our bodies, let's master the art of applying finishing touches to our looks.

Here are a few finishing touches that I feel every Fab Chick should invest in to achieve that awesome wardrobe:

Fab Chick Tip: Don't forget the small stuff. The small things are just as important.

Remember, love is in the details.

And quality accessories not only give your look the push it needs, but they will transcend from season to season without tarnishing or breaking. If you can only buy what is needed, stay away from overly trendy items. I also recommend purchasing a great all around bag that will always be fashion-forward while remaining classic. And if you happen to be able to spend a few extra dollars, spring for a classic luxury bag. It will definitely become an investment piece for you wardrobe!


Kerissa 12.9.10  
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Kerissa 12.9.10  

Amen & Amen. My guy friend would dap you over this post