Fab Chick: Get Printed Now!
Why Wait for Spring?

The weather has been drab and dreary with remnants of snow still on the ground from previous snow storms in many places. We're all wishing for Spring to hurry and make its grand debut. Many of us are just about sick of the cold and snowy weather. Not only are our complexions craving for some warmth and sunlight, but our wardrobes are screaming for it. 

Unfortunately, we have a couple more months to go.  According to the Mr. Groundhog, we'll have six more weeks of winter. So if the furry creature is correct, more snow, cold rain, and freezing temperatures for us. Ugh! How fun? Not!

With all the fab Spring and Summer items hitting retail now, we're all anxious to get out of our drabby winter duds and into some vibrant spring, fun prints and colors; specifically those of us who aren't lucky enough to vacation during resort season.  

Aren't you ready to put away the gray, brown, and olive greens of fall/winter, in exchange for getting into some rich corals, citrons, and cerulean? We most certainly are!

Printed dresses have shown up on runways for this Spring and will be all the craze.  We'll be seeing polka dots, floral, abstract designs, stripes, you name it, they'll be showing up on cute little dresses.  We're all dying to get our bodies into them now!

Do you have your eye on a cute little print dress?  Or, have you bought one already and it's tucked away nicely in the back of your closet with all your other Spring items?  Well I say go buy that dress or pull it out the closet immediately! Why not, why wait?

Of course you'll need some tights to save your legs from the harsh winds and brutal temps that are still lingering about. But you can definitely pull it off now.  Who says you have to wait till the sun is shining at it's brightest giving off warm rays, or for the flowers to bloom? Why not add a little print into your life now. Let's get the fun started into our wardrobes pronto, so once Spring hit, we'll be well into the swing of all the vibrancy and print mania.
Fab Chick Tip: To pull it off in these still cold temperatures, pair your dress with a cardigan. You can even add a cute brightly colored belt around the cardigan for a little jazz. Or, wear your feminine printed dress under a tough leather cropped jacket for a bit of contrast. You're sure to be Fab! And always remember, it's in the details!

Maybe a little wishful thinking will have spring here in no time. Meanwhile, let's have a little fun with some colorful printed dresses.