OUTFIT | Ending Summer Brightly

Is anyone else not thrilled about summer coming to an end? As much as I love fall fashion, my body just hates the fall chill. Grrrrrrrrr!! I mean, don't get me wrong, fall isn't actually too bad, but it becomes that nudge on the shoulder that winter is near and next up in line. I guess I'll just keep positive and try to end things on a bright note.

Minor Details:
Cardigan - Nanette Lepore
Top - Nanette Lepore
Scarf as belt - Gap
Clutch - American Apparel
Jeans - Joes Jeans
Wedges - Sam Edelman


FEATURED | Essence's Forty Fab Fashion Bloggers - Who me?

I'm standing on the Starbucks line as I usually do every morning and I get a tweet alert from fellow blogger Caprece, "...I see you on @essenceonline". In my mind I'm thinking, oh really? I wonder for what? Well it looks like I've made the list of Forty Fab Fashion Bloggers.

How do I feel? Honored. :-) Thanks Essence! Check out the complete list here.


ON MY RADAR | Spotty Coverage - Leopard Prints

Leopard Print Accessories
L to R: 1. MICHAEL Michael Kors $160, Banana Republic $49, J Crew $60, Topshop $45
Yochi Cuff $60, DV by Dolce Vita $80, Alexander McQueen $260, Topshop $160

Leopard continues to be a purr-fect print to add to your wardrobe. I liked it before but now I am officially loving it. I am not usually drawn to animal prints when it comes to my own personal style. I'm used to admiring it on others. But for this fall season I can't seem to wrap my head around anything else. I'm all about the ferocious print. And so far my wild obsession appears to be contained in accessory form; belts, shoes, handbags, etc., for now. We'll see just where this infatuation for this print will take me for fall.
Leopard Print
Leopard Print
Leopard Print
Leopard Print
Leopard Prints


CHECK IT OUT | The Hpnotiq Blog - Labor Day Weekend Outfits

With Labor Day weekend around the corner, everyone's getting their end-of-summer plans in order.  I say, fun plans need equally fun outfits. Check out what I had to say about planning your outfits for all the Labor Day weekend activities over on The Hpnotiq Blog.  

Let me know you thoughts.


LIFE | Irene Is coming...Irene Is coming!

Everyone is on edge about Hurricane Irene hitting the east coast. Let me just say I woke up this morning to slight chest pains, which might have something to do with my anxiety about it all. Well let's hope I'm not passing off what could be a possible heart attack for my extreme uneasiness about Ms. Irene approaching.

Since we can't do anything about Irene's big arrival into town, I suggest we all just take heed to all the warnings, prepare ourselves the best way we can and stock up on ice cream and snacks! Oh, and don't forget the other important things like water, batteries, candles, non-perishables, first-aid products --you know, stuff like that.

While Irene holds us hostage this weekend, let's take the time to reflect on our lives, tackle our to-do lists and plan for the future.

Stay safe people! 


PHOTO OP | Say Cheese Misha!

Smashbox event
A few months ago while attending a Smashbox event I had the pleasure of getting my make-up done and having my photo taken by Davis Factor, one half of the Factor duo responsible for creating Smashbox Photo Studios and Cosmetics. And yes, I was a little nervous as I’m not the most photgenic or graceful in front of a camera that’s not being directed by myself. The verdict: I definitely couldn't do the modeling thing, but it was fun!!


SHOPPING LIST | Not Quite Back-To-School

This time of the year screams BACK-TO-SCHOOL SHOPPING! Although it's been some years since I've bombarded my mom with a list of my so-called "must-haves" for school, the love and nostalgia of it all still lingers. I miss the days of getting excited about going back to school with a new wardrobe. *sigh* Even though I am no longer subconsciously showing off my new wears in the hallway right before homeroom, I still mentally compose my "back-to-school" list as a working adult. This year it would look a little like this...


1. Leather railway rucksack - Madewell $235
2. 1969 mid-weight legging jeans - Gap $69
3. Jaque Cardigan - AllSaints - $195
4. 'Sunshine' Loafer - Jeffrey Campbell $115
5. Leopard 'Uma' Bootie - Sam Edelman $250
6. Cream eye-liner palette - Smashbox $32
7. Perfect shirt in leopard - J Crew $78
8. Tartan wallet pouch - Comme Des Garçons $96
9. Round aluminum bracelet watch - DKNY $175
10. Vernis Nail Colour in Peridot - Chanel $25
11. iPad - Apple $499
12. Vintage Miss Lee Denim Jacket - Free People $98

What would be on your back-to-school list?


OUT & ABOUT | Gap & Vogue Magazine Party

Gap 1969 Vogue Magazine party
Am I a denim and jean lover? Of course! Am I a Gap 1969 consumer? Yup. I sure am. And do I on occasion read Vogue Magazine? Uh huh. I would be lying if I said I didn't. So I spent my Tuesday evening partying with Gap & Vogue Magazine for a Gap 1969 experience while taking in all what the brand is offering for this Fall.

In the midst of the crowd shopping, cocktailing and schmoozing I spied all the great things Gap 1969 is known for; premium denim at affordable prices in a variety of silhouettes and washes.

The Legging Jean is back again this season with no signs of leaving with cool colors choices from muted shades of mauve and taupe to vibrant and bold, red and green. And while we all may not be a fan of the Legging Jean (of course I am), Gap 1969 goes forward this fall with the current denim obsession -- the retro inspired wide-legged jean. Love them! And of course Gap wouldn't be what it is today without always offering great complimenting separates and basics.

What were my favorite pieces? These two of course! Together they combine for a classic Misha fit.
Gap 1969 Vogue Magazine party
It's safe to assume that these two pieces are on my radar and shopping list.

Always a fun time with one of my favorite Fab Chicks and friend Annika.
Annika-Freelance Writer & myself (twitpic-ed by @Gap)


FAB THINKING | 4 Items You Shouldn't Wear To Meet His Parents

You meet a cool guy. You end up liking the guy. The guy in return likes you back. You start dating. You both agree to become exclusive. Things are becoming serious. What's next? It might just be time to meet his parents. He's ready to bring you home to mom.

For some this is easy, but for others this might ignite a serious bout with anxiety like myself. Well, what can you do? You really like this guy so you do your woosahs, breathe deep and make sure you look every part of the Fab Chick that you know you are in order to make a great first impression. After all, you don't want his mom saying, "Lawd, what kinda of jezebel did my son bring home?"

Here are four items you should not wear when you are meeting the parents for the first time.

Body-con Dresses/Skirts - Many of us love them. We feel sexy when wearing them. But, there's no place for sexy when your significant other is bringing you home to mom and dad. And we all know anything body-con can exude a great deal of sexiness, even if you're not really trying. Leave these form fitting pieces for another occasion, say Friday night? We wouldn't want anything exposed just when mom asks, "So what do you do for a living?"

Short shorts - Let's leave the daisy dukes for heading to the beach or weekends just chilling. Short shorts are WAY to casual. Even though the atmosphere in which you may be meeting the parentals is of a casual setting, show up to this meet and greet with these on and watch his mother's eyebrows raise a la The Rock.

Platform High heels - As fab as we know they are, his unfashionable mom might mistake them for stripper shoes. My mom has done it, and she knows a thing or two about fashion/trends. God forbid there be some Lucite action going on. She'll be telling all her friends, "My son's in love with a stripper".

Sunglasses - I would hope this would be obvious. Leave the shades for posing in the club if you so wish to wear them indoors. Having an important conversation is definitely a no-no while wearing dark shades. That is, unless you're your Jay, Ye, or Diddy. I'm sure the parents will want to look you in your eyes when asking you questions. Not to mention they'll want to make sure their child isn't bringing home some drug addicted chick.
I suggest skipping anything exposing too much skin. This means no cut-outs, extreme minis, sheer fabrics or anything backless. Leave the party gear home, cue your good girl tendencies and impress his mother with your great sense of style. Think of it as an interview. ;-)

Do I need to share what you should wear?


INSPIRED | Channeling Kanye West's Red Bottoms

Leave it to the always influential Mr. West to ring the alarm on my radar with his red bottoms-pants that is in the newly released video from the debut Watch The Throne album, "Otis". He's always on trend. I've already been a fan of red pants/trousers, but since ruining one of my favorite pairs, Kanye has my radars up and my wallet out.

Here are four different red pant silhouettes that are all Fab Chick Approved.
Nanette Lepore Boot Cut Pants $248
KSUBI Super Spray-On Skinny jeans $170
Whistles Liza Cotton Wrap Trouser $105
Alice + Olivia High Waist Wide Leg Pants $198

PS. How about that Otis video? Better yet, the Watch The Throne album?


OUT & ABOUT | Guest of A Guest Goes Global

Guest of A Guest Global Launch Party
Last night I joined one of my favorite Fab Chicks Pristina as her guest at the Cabanas at the Maritime Hotel to celebrate website Guest of A Guest's new expanding market set to go live this fall. They're going global with an international sector covering the five W's around the world.  So of course there needs to be a cool party to celebrate it all. Great food and refreshing drinks coupled with a cool venue makes for a very fun and interesting summer evening.  Congrats to Guest of A Guest with their efforts to take over the world, one guest at a time.  
Guest of A Guest Global Launch Party
Guest of A Guest Global Launch Party
Check out more pics of the launch over at Guest of A Guest here.



CHECK IT OUT | The Hpnotiq Blog

Check out what I had to say about one of summer's hottest trends over on The Hpnotiq Blog. No for real go check it out and let me know your thoughts.


BOTTOMS UP | Espolón - Hot New Tequila

espolon tequila
The Thomas Collective was very gracious to send me two bottles of the new Espolòn Tequila. Was I happy? Yeahhhh! *in my Lil Jon voice* I have to admit I was pretty eager to try Espolòn Tequila based on the look of the bottle alone. Although my initial thought of it was that it looked a bit scary, it had a cool factor that made me want to pull my shot glasses out for a swig. So I did. 

The Mexican tequila comes in two flavors; Blanco which is clear with notes of caramel, agave and lemon-lime citrus and Reposado, which has a golden color with notes of cooked agave, wood, vanilla and citrus. They're both flavorful. Now I just need to try them in a few cocktail recipes when having friends over.

Shots anyone? Who's drinking with me?


If you didn't know, now you know...

...that I am on Tumblr. After vowing to only be socially networked with Twitter and Facebook, I got in on the Tumblr action. Ughhh! Peer pressure got me at this late stage of my life. SMH. Eh. Well I figured, why not share a little bit of my randomness with the rest of the world. *Shrugs* Oh and occassion you might catch a glimpse of what I'm wearing.  You know you want to see. 


WEAR THIS | 9 Cherry Bomb Pops of Color

Why not add a little cherry red hot-ness to a super cool look this summer? And a cool way to incorporate the color of great emotion is with cute accessories. Since red is a color of intensity, it's a perfect hue to take a simple and plain look up a notch from plain Jane to severely FAB CHICK APPROVED.

fab chick red accessories
1. Carvela Grass Platform Wedges, Asos $241
2. M&M Earring, Macys $8
3. TOMS Shoes Calculus 101, TOMS $54
4. Red Plastic Oversize Shades, Topshop $32
5. Jeffrey Campbell Rizzler Backpack, Idontlikemondays $268
6. Jennifer Ouellette Headband, Barneys NY $29
7. Rebecca Minkoff Propsal, StefaniBags $295
8. Red Wrap Multi Row Collar, Dorothy Perkins $20
9. DV by Dolce Vita, Nordstrom $90


QUESTION | Are you a dateless fashion/ beauty blogger?

Dateless Fashion bloggers
Five reasons why being an obsessed fashion/beauty blogger can prevent you from having a healthy dating life and keep you from meeting Mr. Right, or even Mr. Okay For Right Now.

You’re too busy attending events. Who has time to go on a date, much less find one when most of your days are spent previewing collections and attending launch parties? Let’s not forget when fashion week rolls around. When you finally have a moment to yourself, the only thing you feel like doing is sleeping. Oh, and don’t even think about meeting someone at any of these functions. They really don’t make for great meeting grounds for single men.

You appear too high maintenance. Many fashion/beauty bloggers are product junkies. You’re always receiving products to be reviewed and often find yourself buying items you’ve been dying to test out. To guys it can appear as if you are a high maintenance beauty product and clothes hoarder. You’ve watched Hoarders right? Yuck!

And keep in mind, many guys aren’t the biggest fans of make-up; foundation and lipstick seem to be the most hated. So when you are gushing about the latest matte foundation or that new lipstick color, you might very well be turning them off. Not to mention being caught on the train in the midst of retouching that bright fuchsia lip you love, he might be saying to himself, “Yea, she’s too much for me.” In other words: high maintenance.

You wear man-hating trends. Many fashion-obsessed bloggers often find themselves wearing and obsessing over the latest fashion trends. Well duh! But what many of us don’t realize is that some of the trends we love, men tend to shy away from because they don’t understand them. Harem pants and wedges may be two of the most disliked styles by guys. According to most men that I speak to, there’s nothing sexy about either of them. I even once heard a guy say that harems look like there’s a load in your pants. Eeek!

You travel in a female wolf pack. You are constantly brunching, lunching or having ladies nights out with your fellow blogging buddies. Yes it’s all fun! But ten single ladies hanging out together don’t make it easy for a guy to come over to spark up conversation. When you’re in a group and you find yourself gushing about the so and so eye shadow that just came out or what hair products you’ve been using while planning shopping excursions, it doesn’t leave much room for a mister to approach anyone.

He’s not sartorially dressed. You’re so obsessed with fashion that you’ve become picky about what you expect your guy to wear as well. When he approaches you looking a little less Kanye during Milan Fashion Week and a little more Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em during the VMA’s red carpet, you turn away, roll your eyes and possibly miss out on a great guy who just needs you to upgrade him a little bit. Perhaps it’s as simple as pointing him to your favorite men’s fashion blog.

So ladies, the next time you head out, maybe try substituting yours wedges for a pair of heels, your purple lip color for a skin tone gloss and maybe skip the all female excursions and venture out alone or with just one Fab Chick sidekick. It’s worth a try, don’t you think? Oh and I’ve been told to relax the eyebrow muscles and simply, SMILE.

You guys have any other ideas for a Fab Chick? (LOL)


QUICK NOTE | OMG! August 1st?

I seriously can’t believe it’s August 1st already! In just four months many of you will be wishing for a white Christmas. As if we didn't get enough snow last winter. Ugh! I could really do without seeing another snowflake in my lifetime. Summer don't leave me!! But while everyone is starting to prepare their minds and wardrobes for fall, I shall take the remainder of the 54 days left in this season to continue to have a BLAST, THE FAB CHICK way!

In the meantime, get into Dee-Lite's Picnic In The Summertime. It's a cool track to add to a chill summer BBQ play list.  It's reminding me that I have yet to pack a picnic basket for a quaint picnic in the park, definitely on my summer to-do list.

What haven't you checked off of your things to do list for this summer?