QUESTION | Are you a dateless fashion/ beauty blogger?

Dateless Fashion bloggers
Five reasons why being an obsessed fashion/beauty blogger can prevent you from having a healthy dating life and keep you from meeting Mr. Right, or even Mr. Okay For Right Now.

You’re too busy attending events. Who has time to go on a date, much less find one when most of your days are spent previewing collections and attending launch parties? Let’s not forget when fashion week rolls around. When you finally have a moment to yourself, the only thing you feel like doing is sleeping. Oh, and don’t even think about meeting someone at any of these functions. They really don’t make for great meeting grounds for single men.

You appear too high maintenance. Many fashion/beauty bloggers are product junkies. You’re always receiving products to be reviewed and often find yourself buying items you’ve been dying to test out. To guys it can appear as if you are a high maintenance beauty product and clothes hoarder. You’ve watched Hoarders right? Yuck!

And keep in mind, many guys aren’t the biggest fans of make-up; foundation and lipstick seem to be the most hated. So when you are gushing about the latest matte foundation or that new lipstick color, you might very well be turning them off. Not to mention being caught on the train in the midst of retouching that bright fuchsia lip you love, he might be saying to himself, “Yea, she’s too much for me.” In other words: high maintenance.

You wear man-hating trends. Many fashion-obsessed bloggers often find themselves wearing and obsessing over the latest fashion trends. Well duh! But what many of us don’t realize is that some of the trends we love, men tend to shy away from because they don’t understand them. Harem pants and wedges may be two of the most disliked styles by guys. According to most men that I speak to, there’s nothing sexy about either of them. I even once heard a guy say that harems look like there’s a load in your pants. Eeek!

You travel in a female wolf pack. You are constantly brunching, lunching or having ladies nights out with your fellow blogging buddies. Yes it’s all fun! But ten single ladies hanging out together don’t make it easy for a guy to come over to spark up conversation. When you’re in a group and you find yourself gushing about the so and so eye shadow that just came out or what hair products you’ve been using while planning shopping excursions, it doesn’t leave much room for a mister to approach anyone.

He’s not sartorially dressed. You’re so obsessed with fashion that you’ve become picky about what you expect your guy to wear as well. When he approaches you looking a little less Kanye during Milan Fashion Week and a little more Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em during the VMA’s red carpet, you turn away, roll your eyes and possibly miss out on a great guy who just needs you to upgrade him a little bit. Perhaps it’s as simple as pointing him to your favorite men’s fashion blog.

So ladies, the next time you head out, maybe try substituting yours wedges for a pair of heels, your purple lip color for a skin tone gloss and maybe skip the all female excursions and venture out alone or with just one Fab Chick sidekick. It’s worth a try, don’t you think? Oh and I’ve been told to relax the eyebrow muscles and simply, SMILE.

You guys have any other ideas for a Fab Chick? (LOL)


Toya | The Limerick Lane 3.8.11  

I was dateless before I started blogging! :)

Frugal Flirty N Fab 3.8.11  

I luv this post!!!! I'm sure Mr. Right is Right around the corner!!!

Melanie (O So Chic) 3.8.11  

Nooooo...not the purple lip! Could that be the problem? Lol. I wear that almost daily. Boo to *boys* on the anti-wedges committee.

Pristina 3.8.11  

LOL! I love this post!! Lmao @ wedges. Men hate them so much.

Sandrine Charles 4.8.11  

and don't cross your makes you look closed off. venture to a coffee shop or cafe alone, bring some magazines, books and dressed works!

Unknown 4.8.11  

I found this both hysterical and true. My Girl About Town lipstick may not be the most approachable.

I may be single but I'm not giving my up wedges for NO man. Hmph #stuborn

great post!

TheSeventhDistrict 5.8.11  

This was a great post! I've always wondered how bloggers balanced blogging and relationships. I can barely find enough time to work FT, blog PT, with a full time boo. Its hard and he understands but sometimes I skip events for date night. I'm never disappointed :)

Anonymous 6.8.11  

Some of those things are true, some are a little off, ladies keep doing what your doing cause if a guy doesn't like or appreciate an ambitious and opinionated woman, the guy over at thinks it's HOT!