QUICK NOTE | OMG! August 1st?

I seriously can’t believe it’s August 1st already! In just four months many of you will be wishing for a white Christmas. As if we didn't get enough snow last winter. Ugh! I could really do without seeing another snowflake in my lifetime. Summer don't leave me!! But while everyone is starting to prepare their minds and wardrobes for fall, I shall take the remainder of the 54 days left in this season to continue to have a BLAST, THE FAB CHICK way!

In the meantime, get into Dee-Lite's Picnic In The Summertime. It's a cool track to add to a chill summer BBQ play list.  It's reminding me that I have yet to pack a picnic basket for a quaint picnic in the park, definitely on my summer to-do list.

What haven't you checked off of your things to do list for this summer?