CLUTCH WORTHY | American Apparel Meduim Leather Carry-All

the elle files' fashion fete
Annika, Me, Sandrine at The Elle Files' Fashion Fete
Usually, I save my clutch action for nights out partying where my need to carry everything but the kitchen sink isn’t necessary. That’s when I’m able to wink, flirt with the bouncer and make a quick dash to the ride for wardrobe changes, like swapping out shoes.

If you were to peek into my clutch you’d see maybe a lip gloss, a credit card with a couple of bills folded around it, my driver’s license, keys and that’s about it. But again, that only works for nights out. I could never get away with packing that light and carrying a clutch during the day.

One, I carry way too much stuff. Two, I carry way too much stuff. And three, yeah, I just carry way too much stuff. But I found one that works for me for day. Go figure. Of course I still would need to lose a few items that would normally fit into my daily suitcase, aka my tote bag. The extra pair of shoes: sorry not this time. The spare cardigan: perhaps around the neck prep-style. And the Nylon magazine: eh, read you later.
american apparel meduim carry-all
American Apparel Meduim Carry-All $50
Thanks to American Apparel’s medium size leather clutch, I can pack light and not skip a beat during the day with a clutch. And get this, there’s even a bigger one. I might have to cop that ASAP!
PS. I personally know two other Fab Chicks who swear by theirs as well. Yup, those two up there. :-)


Pristina 9.5.11  

I LOVE the site's new look!!

MISHA 10.5.11  


Eclechick 15.5.11  

Awesome clutch! Keep me posted on the durability. I carry A LOT of stuff too and this may be the one. I like hobo clutches because of their different compartments, unforutnately they're still small.