BCBG F&F 30% off + MAC "To the Beach"
= Memorial Day Weekend Emotional Shopping

Friday was a tough day for me emotionally. Hell, the entire week was rough.

What’s the one thing I tend to do when I’m not in good spirits? You guessed it: I shop! I mean what else is there to do, eat? I guess I could’ve gone home, baked a cake and sat in front of my TV and ate the whole thing.

Yeah right, so not good for my figure.

Remember, I’m an emotional shopper. If you missed it, read about it here. The natural thing for me to do was to “throw it in the bag” a la Fabulous & The-Dream, on a much smaller scale, of course.

After leaving work for the Memorial Day weekend with a host of feelings and emotional baggage I’ve been carrying around, I decided; why not buy myself something nice?

After making stops in Bloomingdales and Zara and not being moved to buy anything, I ended up at BCBG MaxAzria.
There was a 30% off sale for Friends and Family for the whole weekend. My money was good as spent there as I tweeted to inform and remind my Twitter peeps of the sale.

My fitting room first round of try-ons

From there, I went to the MAC counter to get the new Opulash mascara. Hey, a girl can never have too much mascara, right? I mean, they all do different things. Come on, don’t you agree? Yes you do! So in the bag goes the Opulash.
Once I got there, I remembered the new “To The Beach” collection.

After glancing over and trying different items from the collection, I already knew what I wanted to buy. Since I was mentally trying to adhere to an imaginary budget I set for myself in my emotional shopping time of need, I only grabbed two things.
In the bag went the Sweet & Punchy eye shadow. Love the color! You’ll see why soon. And the Beach Bronze Body Oil went in right after. I have major plans with that shimmering body oil creation this summer! I definitely will be getting my glowy skin on!
Well here’s a pic of the eye shadow and mascara in action on me. What do you think? Fab? Unfab?
Well, after trying desperately to escape my woes by shopping, the emotional rollercoaster and struggle to get a handle on my emotional shopping continues. But hey, at least my make-up arsenal is looking fab for summer!