It’s Personally Mine!
M Just For Misha!

What fab chick doesn’t love a cute piece of jewelry? Especially one that’s personally yours!

Accessories are very important to any outfit. They assist in expressing your personal style at times when your wardrobe maybe lacking a little statement.

Whether it’s a necklace your grandmother gave you that holds sentimental value or the ever so trendy YSL cocktail ring everyone is coveting, they both can create a personal touch synonymous with who you are.

If I must quote myself:
“Accessories often allow for more personality to shine through, letting your true personal style sparkle.” -Taken from an early Feb 2010 post It’s All In The Details…The Small Things Do Matter.
My personal jewelry statement of choice today happens to be a John Wind - Maximal Art Sorority Gal Gold Initial Bracelet, from the Personally Yours Collection.

I’ve always loved charm bracelets because they are a great way to add a girlie and feminine touch to any outfit.
How are you personalizing your style by accessorizing?


La:Dolce:Vita Fashion Fix 20.7.10  

You look great! I love that skirt.. As for personal style, I just wear what's comfortable, but not what's trendy. I think I stand out by not following what's in new or hot. I don't buy anything unless I feel unique and beautiful in it.

RRyan 20.7.10  

Styled beautifully! Love this post!

ree 20.7.10  

Love it!!
So gorgeous. I have a personalised John wind Pearl coil bracelet.
Have a look at this post if you like!!

Love your sentiments on jewellery


RevealingBeaute 21.7.10  

Ahhhhh! My fabbest chick ever, I love it!!! I've always loved myself some charm bracelets too. Chic & Classic!!!

-loving you fabulously..Frances

Anonymous 21.7.10  

That skirt is super the print!

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Miss Neira

Talking with Tami 8.9.10  

Gasp! My daughter has the T charm one too and I have the necklace, good stuff!

Mona "HotGirl" 4.11.10  

Love this Misha ;-) N "M" is for Money Making Mona ;-)