Celebrating Bastille Day at The Phyto Universe

When you receive an invite to attend an event where you’re able to not only meet great women in the beauty and fashion business, but to get a chance to learn about great products and services, you’d be a fool not to accept. Misha’s definitely no fool, so to the Phyto Universe I headed after work.
In celebration of Bastille Day, Alès Group, the house to brands; Phyto USA, Lierac Paris Skincare, and Carcon Fragrances held an informational yet fun event outlining some great products.

What is Bastille Day?

Here’s a quick history lesson. It is the French national holiday, which is celebrated on July 14th marking their independence. Not enough of a lesson, head over to that little google bar to the right.

Now back to the fab stuff.

Let me start by saying how awesome of a space the Phyto Universe is.

I loved it.

Everything about the environment was serene. It’s a beauty sanctuary and retreat from the hustle and bustle of the NYC streets of Lexington Ave. I must visit again.

After meeting and greeting some of the attendees, we received a small French lesson from Laurel Holland. I only wish I could say I retained some of it. Perhaps I will try to learn more. Hmm. I must explore.

Quick beauty French lesson for you guys:

Skin = la peau
Hair = les cheveux
Moisturizer = l’hydratant

Shortly thereafter, we were given skincare tips, along with a few dos and don’ts by Lierac’s training director Catherine Raubiet.
She informed us that American women did not take the necessary time with skin care prevention like monthly facials, unlike the French. In France, young women as early as 14 years old received monthly facials. I wish I were able to get facials at 14 years of age.

Sixteen years later and I still don’t get facials as frequent as I should. I’m working on that.

Another difference she highlighted between the French and American woman was the dissimilarity of the way make-up is used. French women typically used make-up to enhance whereas here in America we are all about covering up. Hmm.

Interesting facts:
98% of women have cellulite and only 2% of men
30% of your skin will age due to genetics.

She also gave us a synopsis of some of the new products from the line. One of which I can’t wait to use. LIERAC PARIS DIOPTI DÉMAQ a gentle eye makeup remover.
Check out what it does:

-Rapidly removes eye make-up, even waterproof make-up
-Helps prevent lashes from falling out
-Restrengthens lashes
-Provides a sensation of freshness

All awesome contributions wouldn’t you say?

Look for this product to hit the LIERAC line this September 2010.

Another product that she discussed that caught my attention was the LIERAC Comfort Peel. It’s a 2 in 1 daily moisturizer and face peel treatment.

This I must try.

Celebrity hairstylist Julien Farel came up and posed what seem to be a mind boggling question: What do you look for in a product when you are purchasing hair products?

He stressed the importance of hydrating your hair, especially when heading into a pool. It’s important to wet your hair first, perhaps adding a conditioning product before hand.

He informed us that hair changes and is constantly changing as we change and mature. Which means, as your hair changes you need to change your products.

“You don’t want your hair to get addicted and the products you use loose its potency.”

Which makes perfect sense to me.

I definitely recommend the PhytoJoba Mask for dry hair. My mom and I both use it and love it! It’s definitely a product worth trying out if you have dry hair and you’re looking to regain some softness.
I also am a fan of the Phytodefrisant relaxing balm.

In conclusion, I’m glad I was able to attend this fab chick approved event to learn about a few great products. It’s one thing to see a product on the shelf, but it’s another thing to receive a bit of education to help you understand how that product works.
It was definitely a pleasure.

Shout out to ThisThatBeauty.com for subconsciously introducing me to the Phyto brand with that lovely and information blog of hers!


Unknown 13.7.10  

Great, well-written review of the event

Christina 13.7.10  

I love this post Mish! I had the Phyto hair mask sample from Rickys but never tried it. I think I will now due to all this NY heat.