A Bit of MAC In The Groove Collection

MAC ‘s In The Groove helped to get me in a better mood.

After hearing the buzz from all my fellow twitter and blogging beauties, I decided to head to my favorite MAC counter to visit my friend and make-up artist to check out the new In The Groove Collection.

As always, Jihanne gives me the scoop on the new collections, shows me what colors work for my skin tone and gives me pointers on how to use the new products. She keeps me in the MAC loop with the low down on what to look out for from the brand. I love being in the know! What fab chick doesn’t?
Picking up on my funky mood, Jihanne instructed to me set in her chair, wipe my face clean of what I already had on it and proceeded to give me a mini fab make over with some of the items from the In The Groove Collection.
“Mish fix your face and let me do your make-up. I don’t like seeing you like this. When I’m done, go home, get cute, go hang out and feel better!”
In a nutshell she was telling me to just get In The Groove. And so I did.

While allowing me to vent, she was not only my make-up artist and friend, but she became my therapist who's fierce with a make-up brush.

She created an awesome look for me! I turned around, looked in the mirror and was happy with what she did! My frown immediately turned upside down into a smile. I'm infatuated with her laying the Go For It lipstick with the Chillin' gloss for my pout.

I loved it! Of course the picture doesn't do much justice. But what do you guys think? Do you like what she did?

Here's a list of what she used on my face.

Pigment = Teal
Mineralize Eye Shadow (Trio) = Calm, Cool & Collected
Eyeshadow = Typographic
Mascara = Opulash
Eye Pencil = So There Jade Powerpoint pencil
Eyebrow set = Show-off

Mineralize Skinfinish = Comfort
Foundation Studio Fix = NW50

Lipliner = Nightmoth
Lipstick = Go For It
Lipgloss = Chillin'

Now the fun part, going home to use what I purchased and recreating the look.

Has anyone tried or bought anything from the In The Groove Collection? What did you buy and how did you like it?


The Beauty Chick 12.7.10  

That lip combo is HOT! Love it!

UrbanGlamGyrl 12.7.10  

Very cute! I haven't purchased anything yet, but I plan to. I just realized that your name is Misha too, although I spell mine Meisha.

Anyone with the same name, must be a FAB chick... or an UrbanGlamGyrl in my case. LOL

Christina 13.7.10  

Gorg! Love the shadows. It looks vibrant against brown tones. Nice MAC!