Her Shoes vs Her Dreams
Which one would you choose?

How many times have you skimped and saved, or even neglected financial obligations to buy that dynamite pair of designer shoes?

I’m sure many of you have lost count by now.

When it comes to women and their designer shoes, there is no parting ways, no sacrificing, and no letting go. There may even be some skipped lunches for a few days to offset the cost of the season’s hot shoe. Point is, we will find a way to achieve that must have shoe.

The lengths many of us go to in order to strut fabulously are borderline crazy. I'm also guilty of the insanity.


But when my Twitter buddy Trasi, tweeted about letting go of one of her favorite pairs of Louboutins, I had to inquire!

Why would she do this?
Is she on the verge of homelessness?
Does she have another costly addiction besides shoes and coffee?

TheFabChick was on the case. I had to find out more.

Meet Trasi: a fab chick who loves her designer shoes. At least that’s what I thought.
I am an entrepreneur of sorts and author of Midwest Couture, a fashion and lifestyle blog launched in July 2009. This endeavor was initially meant to serve as an online resume while attempting to move from corporate big-box merchandising into fashion. While in career transition, my blog allowed me to rediscover a love for writing - then, after picking up a camera to better convey my style inspirations, a passion was born. Photography has become my serenity...a means of exploring the beauty I see in architecture, nature and everyday life through the lens. Now an aspiring professional writer/photographer, my days are consumed with networking for freelance opportunities and plans of starting a small business…my dream, one step at a time.

Now that we know a little bit about Trasi, let’s get to the matter at hand: the Louboutins she put on SALE!

Which Louboutin shoe did you put up for sale and WHY?!?!?!? WHERE?!?!?!?

I want to do this (start a small photography business) loan-free, so some sacrifices must be made – beginning with my petite collection of high-end stilettos. I recently parted with my coveted Louboutin black patent, peep-toe “Zeppas” on EBay. (Le sigh…)

Whoa! How did it make you feel putting them up for sale and how did you feel after they sold? I can’t imagine putting up my Louboutins up for sale. Sheesh!

Truthfully, it was agonizing - close to a month of indecisiveness before finally listing them. Although I felt sad…secretly wishing they would not sell, it was a smart decision.
Taking the risk to work for myself doing what I love is worth more to me than shoes.
(Another le sigh).

Do you have any regrets putting them up for sale?

Not at all, and I chose the “Zeppas” for a distinct reason… Roughly four months prior to the launch of Midwest Couture, these shoes were my reward for completion of a buying program while awaiting final placement. A good fashionista memory…remember having my eye on them for a while, saving Saks gift-cards from the holidays to help fund the purchase. (See told you guys, we will skimp and save for shoes!) Ironically, that ‘placement’ began a series of life-changing decisions and events that have lead me to who I am today. It was all too fitting.

Ah! How amazing is this story? It’s definitely inspiring to me.

I wonder if I could do what she did. How many of you out there could give up some of your prized possesions to help make your dream come true?


It’s not the shoe that makes the chick fab; it’s the decisions and choices while wearing them that makes her a Fab Chick!

Be sure to follow Trasi on twitter @MidwestcCouture and check out her awesome photography at blog.MidwestCourture.com.


Opé - Style Artist 29.7.10  

I understand, I have given up a lot more than shoes. I am glad that she is making wise choices. What you are willing to sacrifice shows your devotion and passion to succeed!

Good for her, she is on the way.

Anonymous 29.7.10  

That is awesome...sacrifice for success!!!!


Unknown 29.7.10  

It's so funny because last night Janique (herGoodyBag) and I were talking about things... mostly sacrifices women make for fashion. This included not paying utility bills, skipping meals etc. If only some of these gfirls knew that most of the celebrities they see wearing these high-end shoes do NOT spend the money on them - people give them to them (free advertisement). Beyonce is one of them, and she's said it.

If you have to risk losing your home and other necessities, for materialistic items, you shouldn't have it.