FAB THINKING | 4 Types of Guys to Stay Away From

Dating with The Fab Chick
In the fairy tales the princess had to kiss a frog before she got to see her prince. Apparently reality also has it that even us regular Fab Chicks will have to pucker up to a few frogs and toads before Mr. Prince Charming presents himself. Say it with me, UGH! How fricking annoying? Why can’t Mr. Right just show up on our doorsteps? I guess that wouldn't be reality huh? Well from experience, here are four types of frogs, I mean guys I would suggest no Fab Chick should date.

1. Mr. Pipe dreamer. He’s the guy with overly ambitious dreams. He’s is the guy always boasting about what he’s going to do, but you never see him doing anything in preparation of getting to those large goals he’s set. He spends his time creating an image that he’s about his business but at the root of it all, he’s just a good talker. A faker. He’ll make you think you’re dating Russell Simmons. Whatever. Don’t waste your time. You might find yourself putting your hard earn 9-5 salary into supporting him because he refuses to work since he has BIG DREAMS to focus on, of which no progress has been made ever.

On the flipside: Fab Chicks love guys who have aspirations and goals to do positive and major things, but we are more convinced of those things when we can actually see progress being made no matter how small they maybe. Right?

2. Mr. Angry man. The angry man is mad at the world for all his shortcomings. He’s mad at his mother, he’s mad at his father, he’s mad at the president, he’s mad at McDonalds. Everything and everyone you can think of, he has a problem with. Date him and he’ll lash out on you for all the things/people he’s mad at, thus making you one of the reasons he’s mad. And if he’s not lashing out on you, you’ll be stuck hearing him lecture about why he hasn’t done this or that. Ok sir, continue to blame the world for what you’re not doing, tell them why you’re mad, but in the meantime I’m out of here!

3. Mr. Social-networker. He’s the guy that belongs to EVERY single social network there is known to man. He spends his days and nights constantly checking, updating and commenting. He’s has a slew of shirtless pictures and randomly posts stuff just for the sake of getting a response. AKA the attention whore.  His whole life is based on his social-networking relationships. Date this frog and you will be competing with his status updating during phone conversations or evenings out on dates. You need to tell him some thing; you’ll just have to update your status and wait for a response.

4. Mr. Momma’s boy. We all know by now the damage dating a momma’s boy can have. He’s the guy that has relied on his mother to do everything for him. While you’re looking for a man, he’s looking for his mom to give him date ideas or even a few bucks to take you out. As if! With his mom in his ear you won’t be doing anything fun or lavish by any means. Can you say, cut the umbilical cord and grow some *bleeping* balls? And we know, as Fab Chicks we deserve to go out on fun and exciting dates! 

I could go on and on, but hopefully this little guide will help prevent some of you Fab Chicks from having to kiss a few unwanted frogs.  It won’t eliminate the tedious procedure we go through with dating, but hey, maybe a few red flags and warning signs will go off in your head the next time you meet a guy and he says, "I swear Obama is the reason why I refuse to look for a job and work." 


TheSeventhDistrict 13.7.11  

This is a good list! I couldn't agree with you more about the social networker guy. Major turn off...unless its for business purposes!

Caprece 16.7.11  

I'm referring every one of my single friends to this post. The last sentence had me cracking up!