SAY WHAT NOW | To Drink or Not to Drink

...yup that's me caught off guard drinking a corona...eek; don't cha like my teal nail polish though? :-)

Hi I’m Misha and I’m not an alcoholic but I do enjoy having a drink. Perhaps not just a drink but a couple. Alright, a few may be more like it. You got me. Yes, I like to moderately pile on the empty calories that alcoholic beverages pack on.

Granted, I’ve never really been concerned about my caloric intake nor my weight, that is until now. (Takes deep sigh.)  I am a Fab Chick of a certain age after all. (Age upon request if you ask nicely and is accompanied with a Starbucks gift card.) This only means that my metabolism that was once sky high is now making its descend back to earth.  Gravity is starting to affect me now, resulting in me watching what I eat more often and feeling guilty at times for my unhealthy ways. Well sort of, kind of.

But after reading an article online over at Women’s Health Magazine, I don’t feel too bad for liking to “put my drinks up” “blame it on the goose” “take shots, shots, shots, shots, shots” or for “drinking rum and Red Bull”.  Which are all lines from songs referring to alcohol in case I’ve lost you.  There actually might be hope for some of us cocktailers out here.  How about that, being able to drink and keep physically fit? 

Here’s an excerpt of that article that has me not feeling too bad for my cocktailing ways:
Researchers believe that the bodies of long-term moderate drinkers somehow adapt to metabolize alcohol differently than heavy or occasional drinkers. They use more energy, burning the calories in the drink—or even more than that—while digesting it, says Lu Wang, M.D., Ph.D., the lead researcher of the study and an instructor in medicine at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston. Researchers are still working out the specifics of how and why this happens, but they've figured out that for women who drink up to eight ounces of an alcoholic beverage a day, those calories simply don't end up as extra fat.
Whoohoo! Could this all be true? I can continue with my boozing ways and not have to let go of my waist? Be sure to read the complete article here if you are a drinker like myself. And remember to drink responsibly. Of course, it’s the Fab Chick way.


PS: I've have a slight love affair with Svedka Clementine flavored vodka after trying it out recently.  


Anonymous 20.7.11  

Whether its true or not... I'm buying it! It's making me feel good! LOL

Keep these coming darlin!