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Style Scene Exhibit

Summer is THE perfect time for gathering on a rooftop with Fab Chicks. Perfect weather...good people...great conversation! Oh and of course a drink or two.

Style Scene Exhibit
Christina of LoveBrownSugar, Caprece of CapreceKnowsFresh, Me, Annika, Kai-Lee

And check out Caprece and I as we bask in chunks of vibrant color. 'Tis the season for color-blocking.

PS: Aren't we all loving the Tracee Ellis Ross a la Joan Clayton-esque oversized clutch she's carrying? Check here for the deets on that clutch-worthy bag.


thefatandskinnyonfashion 1.7.11  

You all look so pretty.

Maiah 6.7.11  

Lovely post - was at the event and definitely saw you all thanks to the colorblocking - love it! Now I'm off to buy that clutch :).

Great blog, looking forward to reading more!

style+saveur 7.7.11  

So upset I wasn't able to attend since I knew I was going to see all my favorite BSB's. Miss you dolls!

ally-J 8.7.11  

Love the clutch! Do you know where its from?

Sereeda (eclechick) 9.7.11  

Love your hair and your top.

Caprece 11.7.11  

We're looking so Fresh! :)

TheSeventhDistrict 13.7.11  

YES that clutch is everything! LOVES IT