WEAR IT NOW | Hats On...

...random pic taken by Mougabe of me and Fab Chick Shanice...

When the days are extremely hot, extra humid and sweat insists on ruining the fab-ness that was once your hairstyle, why not throw on a cute summer hat? Whatever your hat style of choice, be it a fedora, boater or floppy wide brim, a summer hat can be the perfect solution for days when there just isn’t time to run to the salon for a quick do-over.  And we all know those visits aren't always that quick.  Who has time to miss out on fun for frequent salon visits?  Not me!  So hats on and keep it moving muchachas!  It's the Fab Chick way.
hats for fab chicks
(l to r:)NORDSTROM Dégradé Straw Fedora, ZARA wide brim hat, OLD NAVY Floppy Straw Fedora, MODCLOTH Vintage Orange Sangrita Hat
AMAZON.COM Large Brim Straw Hat, EUGENIA KIM Max feather-trimmed fedora, AKIRA Round Hat, MISS SELFRIDGE Straw Trilby
ANTHROPOLGIE Summer Plaid Bowler, GAP Chevron straw fedora, URBAN OUTFITTERS Straw Boater Hat, KATE SPADE NEW YORK Straw Fedora


Gigi 2.6.11  

i'm really loving #2, the wide brim hat. i need one in my life. also love the new layout & design

Kerissa 2.6.11  

Really cute but my head's too small.